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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 739 - Stupid Cow!

Chapter 739: Stupid Cow!

Martha was dumbstruck by Kiba's speech. She thought a man like him would be dispassionate towards the lives of others, especially that of fellow men.

But now she realized he did care about them.

He admired them for their roles as Good Husbands, Good Sons, etc.!

And now, he was brimming with righteous anger towards her. She had robbed the society of such Good Men, and for him, that was a sin that couldn't be forgiven!


Martha's eyes flickered with surprise, and she looked up.

The night sky was rumbling with endless bolts of lightning, bursting with a power that sent a shiver down her spine.

"No way!"

Martha looked at her body in disbelief. Despite being covered by a layer of ice, it was filled with goosebumps.

"I have summoned the power of Realm Treasure! It is he who should be terrified, not I!"

Martha reminded herself.

Kiba lifted his hand and made a grasping motion. A terrifying pressure descended, and the lightning rushed into his hand, turning into a golden spear.


Kiba swirled the spear, causing the pressure to rage out. The space was covered with webs of ice, but when he motioned the spear, lightning particles surged through them.

Martha's eyes squinted. She couldn't allow that to happen! The webs of ice was her Domain but he was trying to exert his authority over it.

The crimson ruby in her chest flashed brightly, and a burst of energy channeled into the webs. The energy moved to collide with the lightning.

Martha was waiting to see the result when her face drastically fell. The sharp sound of space being slashed followed from above her.


Martha was shocked. Kiba was above her, his spear slashing downwards to split her head into two.

Contrary to her thoughts, he didn't care about her Domain.

Martha reacted quickly. She was a warrior, and despite the shock, she managed to move back in the nick of time.


Blood splashed into the air.

Martha put a hand on her face, her eyes wide in disbelief.

She had retreated quickly, but the spear managed to graze her face, creating a slash on her beautiful cheek.

On other occasions, Kiba would be hesitant in damaging such a gorgeous beauty, but today he didn't care.

"You stupid cow! How dare you ruin my night?!"

Kiba's eyes flashed with anger, and he jumped forward, his spear aiming for her heart.

"You vile man! How dare you be angry when that's my right?!"

Martha gritted her teeth and slammed her sword forward.

"You torture women's ass, and yet you get so offended because I killed men in relationships?!"

An ear-piercing clang sound echoed as the sword met the spear. Black gravitational force boomed out from the clash along with flashes of lightning, merging together to turn into devastating shockwaves.

"Ignorant bitch, you lack the brains to understand the real role they served! How they benefitted the world!"

Kiba pursued his dream of bedding beautiful wives because they were married.

How could he not love the role of bringing a smile to the faces of husbands by putting a green hat on them?

But now?!

Over twenty candidates of Good Husbands were killed! Now, what good were his altruistic actions?!

The sex would feel so bland now!

And then there were thirty candidates of Good Sons!

With them not there to witness him helping their moms, how would he get the happiness he wanted?!

He didn't even want to think about the possible Good Brothers, Fiances, and Boyfriends!

Their loss made his blood boil.

"Oh no!!!!!"

Meanwhile, the grieving widows, daughters, and other women cried. The shockwaves were rushing outwards, consuming the sky and ground, disintegrating everything into oblivion.

It seemed like the end of the world, and the women felt they were done for.

While they missed their husbands, sons, and other male relatives, they weren't eager to join them so soon!

Savi's eyes flashed with determination.

"Force of Eden, protect them!"

She tapped on the pendant around her neck, a reward from Her Majesty for winning the recent championship of elite force.


Icy rays of light boomed out, enveloping Savi and the crying women.

Just then, the shockwaves reached them, but instead of obliterating them, they froze. It was like the rays were made of a power that couldn't be challenged.

"We are safe!" The women were relieved.

Savi wasn't so optimistic.

The pendant was powerful enough to protect her alone for a long time, but not many people. But she couldn't let these women die. They were innocents!

"Lady Martha needs to end the battle quick… otherwise, we are done for!" Savi prayed.

Martha's face twisted from rage.

How dare this lowly man call her ignorant and a stupid cow?!

She wasn't ignorant!

She knew many things about him and was also smart enough to defend her ass!

Martha pressed her sword against the spear. Kiba was a bit surprised as his spear was pushed back.

"Seems like that artifact of yours is very special," Kiba remarked with ease. "Though you aren't strong enough to channel its true power."

"Not strong enough?" Martha's lips curved into an evil grin. "Well, say that now!"


Suddenly, the sword released thousands of black webs, like a spider spinning out its web.

Kiba's expression changed.

Before he could react, the webs wrapped the spear of lightning and simultaneously surged out with terrifying gravitational force. It started pulling the spear from all directions, causing lightning to flicker out.

Kiba couldn't even act as the webs covered his hands along with the spear. He tried to pull back, but his hands were stuck, almost glued.π˜ͺ𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

He looked at Martha, his face filled with shock. Just as she thought he was impressed, he said something that made her jaw drop.

"Wow! Your webs are sticky like the real ones!" Kiba exclaimed. "Is your real form that of a spider?"

Martha flinched.

Just what was his tongue made of for him to be a smartass in such a moment?!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 739 - Stupid Cow!