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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 738 - Ignorant Woman!

Chapter 738: Ignorant Woman!

"Vile man, you are in for a surprise if you think Ass Breaker can best me!"

Martha declared, her sword pointed at Kiba.

Streams of energy emerged from the tip of the sword, but instead of rushing at Kiba, it channeled into her armor, concentrating in the area where the armor covered her butt.

Kiba's jaw dropped.

The energy surging from was extremely strong, something that reached a level VII Alpha. That meant she wasn't working for the mayor as an attraction!

But that wasn't what made Kiba's jaw drop.

The reason was what the energy did.

It enhanced the armor to defend her ass!

"No idea who she is and what she wants, but she's definitely serious!"

Kiba was shocked, to say the least.

He moved his vision from her butt to his pants, where his cock was trying to barge out.

"She's calling you Ass Breaker, and yet you want to help her! How could you be so selfless?!"

Kiba was moved.

Despite slander, his cock's determination to serve cunts and asses didn't waiver in the slightest.

Perhaps in this era of cynicism, only it could serve as a beacon of positivity and hope.

Martha didn't realize that, though. Her figure blurred forward, and she appeared before Kiba, her sword slashing out with everything she had.


The space in the sword's path ripped open, revealing a black rift that seemed to be a part of a black hole. Terrifying gravitational force burst from it, swallowing everything in its range, even light, causing the surroundings to turn pitch black.


The male guests at the party cried pitifully. The gravitational force seemed to target only them, pulling them into the rift.

Martha didn't care about them as they were minor targets. Her sword was about to hit the real target, but then her eyes constricted.

Like a puff of smoke, he disappeared and appeared behind her.

"Seems like you are really a warrior and not some cosplaying vixen! How exciting!"

Kiba grabbed her by the neck and slammed her face into the rift.

"Argh!" Martha grunted.

The gravitational force didn't affect her, but the insides of the rift were filled with ominous energy, and she felt like her face was smashed against a moving train. It was painful, but not anything she couldn't handle.

"Wait… this must be a diversion for his main move!"

She recalled the confidential videos from Female Empowerment University.

Kiba had pushed a teacher against the wall and attacked her with Ass Breaker from behind!

Martha's fine hair stood up in fright.

He must be attempting to break the defense around her ass!

But she couldn't let him succeed!

Not for her sake but that of the entire female race, which was depending on her!

She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes.

"Realm Treasure!"

Above her chest, a frosty yet crimson ruby appeared. Webs of crimson ice emerged from it, emitting a soul-freezing force.

Her rosy-brown skin began to cover with it, surging with a power that was at least Level VIII.

Kiba's eyes flickered, and he let go of Martha while jumping back. Just as he did, the space before him was covered with an ice web, freezing everything, even the black rift.

The male guests who were yet to be swallowed turned into cocoons of ice. The party that was supposed to bring them into the power hierarchy robbed them of their greatest treasure – life.

The female guests were horrified.

They weren't harmed by Martha's actions, but the males here were their companions. And now, in less than a minute, they were killed without even getting a chance to say goodbye.

Martha slowly turned towards Kiba, and the latter noticed the ruby-like artifact in her chest.

"How strange; it feels so familiar."

Kiba was baffled.

"And why does it feel that the ruby is not its true form? Maybe she's suppressing its true form as she couldn't handle its real power?"

Martha noticed his line of sight, and she scoffed.

"I didn't want to use it so soon, but I had no choice."

She pointed at the bulge in his pants.

"All because of that evil weapon of yours."

"Stop calling it names!" Kiba was offended. "It has feelings!"


Martha's eyes flashed with enlightenment.

"Now it makes sense! Ass Breaker is a Sentient Weapon!"


Kiba was left speechless.

Was this woman mentally challenged?

If she was, it was dangerous for her to possess such power!

After all, that made her incapable of understanding that with great powers came great responsibility!

"Sighs~ Not everyone is like me who uses their power for the greater good."

Kiba felt burdened, but what he could do?

Someone has to step up, otherwise who would take care of this world (and its beautiful women)?

Martha's eyes narrowed.

Why did he seem absent-minded?

Was he looking down on her?!

"Lady Martha!"

Savi – who was outside the estate so far- suddenly appeared beside her.

"What?" Martha eyed her.

"You have killed every man out here."

Savi said, her young face resolved with determination to speak.

"But you said only that man was the one you want to punish."

Martha snorted.

"Men are all the same," She replied. "By killing them here, I saved many women from sufferings."

Savi didn't dare retort her, even though she felt Martha was wrong.

How can one be killed for the crimes they have yet to commit? That's wrong, right?

In the distance, Kiba's eyes flashed with understanding as he heard Martha's words.

"You must be from Eden!"

Kiba guessed.

"That would explain your outfit and ignorance."

"Ignorance?" Martha tightened her grip on the sword.

"Obviously, you are ignorant."

Kiba pointed at the ice cocoons, his voice filled with anger.

"The ones you killed had families. They might have their shortcomings, but they were Good Sons, Good Husbands, and Good Fathers!

"And now by killing them, who would fill for their presence!? Who would take up the roles they left behind?!"

The female guests were moved, their eyes moistening up.

They had thought Kiba would have no regard for the men who brought their wives and daughters for him, but they were wrong!

Not only was he angry at their unfair deaths, but he was also defending them!

He even called them Good!

What a great man!

No wonder he had the power to shake the power hierarchy!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 738 - Ignorant Woman!