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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 737 - Ass Breaker!

Chapter 737: Ass Breaker!

The party began, with hundreds of celebrities, tycoons, and their families filling the mayoral estate. Douglas didn't bother to welcome, though, and strangely the guests didn't feel offended either.

It was because the party wasn't for them. But being here was an honor of a lifetime. Something every guest understood as they patiently waited for the arrival of the only guest that mattered.

Someone who can change their fortunes!

"Will he really arrive here?"

A CEO of a retail conglomerate wondered as minutes turned to an hour, but with no sign of the main guest's arrival.

For someone of his status, even a minute delay was enough to boil his blood with anger, but now he couldn't even dare ask loudly.

"He has to!"

His gorgeous wife replied while checking her makeup in a compact mirror.

"I have spent hours preparing for him!"

The CEO: "............."

If his wife had said these words a few months ago, he would turn furious, but now instead of anger, he was excited.

All because the key to changing his fortunes was his wife!

The CEO of a conglomerate might sound enviable to the masses, but he knew his status was worth nothing. In the high society, the only status that mattered was the one derived from power!

Money, fame, beauty, and everything else was worthless!

"The true power hierarchy has been rigid and static for a long time. Except for the Nine Great Families and the independent World Councilpersons, no one can find a place in that hierarchy… but that would change now.

"All thanks to Kiba!"

The CEO's eyes glinted with greed.

"He has broken the rules, discarded laws, and did things that are outright immoral, if not plain illegal! Yet the World Government not only turns a blind eye, but they don't even condemn him for appearance's sake!"

The CEO knew how outlandish this was.

Even Alphas who were revered as Gods wouldn't be spared from the World Government's might if they did something wrong.

That was how the World Government managed its fair and just image across the world.

Yet Kiba was a never-seen-before exception!

"This can only mean one thing… they want him to join the World Council!"

The CEO reached the conclusion everyone in the party had.

"He will be the next World Councilperson! A true king of the world!"

The CEO's hands shook with anticipation and fear.

"And every king needs a coterie, a loyal group of sycophants, and harem! And in return for their service, they get to enjoy his power!"

The CEO looked at his drool-worthy wife.

He had spent months researching how to get into Kiba's inner circle and realized the only path ran through his wife's cunt.

And he wasn't the first one to do so.

Before the era of evolution, influential men would gift their daughters, wives, sometimes even their daughters-in-law to pleas the monarch.

It was a sure-shot way of showing loyalty and securing a favor.

The CEO turned to his wife, and in a loving voice, asked, "You wouldn't forget me, right, dear?"

History was full of traitorous bitches who forgot their husbands and families after finding a place in the king's court.

He hoped and prayed his wife wasn't one of them.

If she was, she wouldn't be the only one to get screwed.

"Of course not!"

His wife assured him.

"I will remember you every time he takes me, reminding myself of how fortunate I am to have a good husband who helped me find true happiness!"

She added with a bright smile.

"And I will tell him that a good cuck--- man like you can be very useful!"

The CEO was relieved.

As long as his wife didn't forget him, his future was secure.


Suddenly, the winds turned sharp, and an awe-inspiring feeling washed over everyone, sending a chill down their spines.

"!" The CEO's eyes widened.

This feeling… could it be?!

"He's here!"

The CEO's wife jumped to her feet, squealing in joy.

Some distance ahead, Kiba emerged from a teleportation portal. He was dressed in a casual t-shirt and jeans, and as he stepped forward, the winds brushed past him, causing his golden hair to float.

"Oh my god! So handsome!"

The women yelped while the men swallowed.

Douglas was awe-struck but quickly regained his composure and rushed to welcome Kiba with the widest smile possible.

"Thank you, sir, for blessing this evening!" Douglas started with the utmost respect. "I was afraid you wouldn't find time, but you did. I'm truly fortunate."

"Oh please, you are the mayor. Can I dare not attend when you invite me to?"

Kiba smiled and offered his hand for a handshake.

"Please, sir, in front of you, I'm the servant, not the mayor."

Douglas smiled even more and carefully shook his hand. He then guided Kiba to the seat of honor.

"I have prepared a few attractions for you tonight," Douglas said politely. "So I'm sure you will enjoy the party."

Even as he spoke, two attractive waitresses stepped forward, carrying alcohol and snacks.

One was dressed as a pirate in a satin corset, while the other was in a red mini dress with glowing devil horns attached to her head.

"I have always admired pirates and devils."

Kiba remarked as the waitress leaned forward to serve him, showcasing their ample bust. The sexy pirate placed a grape between his lips while the devil nibbed his earlobe.

"And we have always admired the hero who would bring us to justice!" The pirate whispered as she shoved the grape in his mouth and sat on his lap.

She felt something hard rising against her ass and realized the justice was far near than she thought.

"Not even a minute, and that bastard mayor is stealing all the limelight!" The CEO muttered as he rose and asked his wife to step forward. "We have to show him who has the trump card!"

His wife nodded, her eyes filled with disgust at the waitress. They might think of themselves as lucky to play first, but they didn't know their worth.

They were only good as junk food. The quality item was her!

This wasn't her thought alone, though. Pretty much everyone believed the same.

They all started stepping towards Kiba, who was stuffed between the pirate and the devil. In no time, they surrounded him and started introducing themselves even though Kiba was occupied.

Douglas stepped back and smirked. Everything was going as per his plan.

"I finally get to meet the real hero of the world!"

A renowned actress, famous for her damsel-in-distress roles, pulled the pirate from Kiba's face and zoomed her lips on his.

She knew real men loved bold women, so now wasn't the time to act meek. She pushed the waitress in devil attire away and brought his complete attention to her.

"You do so much for the world," She said while rubbing her body against his. "Your body must be full of stress."

Kiba nodded and kissed her back.

The other guests were shocked.

They expected the waitresses to be sleazy, but not a guest, at least not the actress renowned for her innocent personality.

"Fuck, now isn't the time to think!" The mogul of a media empire realized. "It's time to act! It's now or never!"

He signaled his daughters to take the stage. His daughters fidgeted.

How can they be sleazy, that too, in front of so many, including their father?!

Or this was what he meant when he said he would help them earn Kiba's attention!?

The mogul was angered by their reaction.

Couldn't they realize time was of essence!? That they were competing with the world!?

"You ungrateful bitches, I know you are going to be fucked one day!" The mogul almost shouted. "So it makes no difference if it's in front of the world! Go and make yourself useful!"

His daughters burst into tears, and this only incensed the mogul further.

"Now isn't the time for this crying drama---! AAHHHH!"

Just as he started to shout, an invisible force hit him on the chest, slamming him on a tree hundreds of meters away.

His daughters were stunned, and so were the rest of the guests. They nervously turned towards Kiba.

"What happened to that noisy man?"

Kiba asked as the actress pulled his t-shirt up and slid her tongue over his muscular chest.

No one answered, even though everyone knew the answer.𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

"No idea, sir."

The CEO's wife gained the confidence to reply. She grabbed Kiba's hand and guided it to her covered breasts.

"But I know a way to make you ignore the noise."

Kiba nodded and squeezed her breasts. They were a handful, just the way he liked.

The CEO clapped his hands in joy.

His wife was the best! She knew how to grab the opportunity!

On the side, Douglas smirked in disdain.

"How low have these men fallen to sell their wives for power!"

He despised such men, but he was also grateful to them for bringing their wives. After all, they were his main attraction for the party, something that Kiba would undoubtedly enjoy.

"Hehe, they will be selling their wives, but I will be the one to earn!"

Douglas thought as more wives fought for Kiba's attention.

"He will know the role I played by organizing this party! And he will realize how useful I can be as an aide!"


Douglas was suddenly startled. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed his wife arriving in the party area.


Douglas' heart thumped loudly.

He had ordered his wife to stay in the hotel.

So why was she here?!

He recalled telling her how dangerous this party was!

"What are you doing here?!"

Douglas appeared before her and asked in a barely audible voice.

He didn't want to bring the attention of Kiba.

"I just wanted to check the party," Soumya replied innocently.

"…." Douglas clenched his jaw.

What a dumb bitch!

Checking the party might get her robbed of her clothes and him of his manhood!

"You need to leave!" Douglas ordered.

"Oh~ If it isn't Soumya!"

Just then, Kiba's voice emerged from behind, frightening Douglas.

He turned around and noticed Kiba was still on the chair, surrounded by sleazy women.

"S-sir, you know my wife?" Douglas asked.

"Of course, she's a regular patient of mine."

Kiba explained while fondling the breasts around him.

"Poor woman, she needs frequent medical care."


Douglas felt as if a mountain had collapsed on him. He dropped to the ground, his face turning as white as a paper.

The other men in the party smirked.

Wasn't he looking down on them for giving their wives and daughters to Kiba?

But what about him?!

His wife was a regular patient of Dr. Kiba!

Dr. Kiba!

Everyone knew what that meant!!

"What a loser!" The CEO thought. "Couldn't even take care of his wife!"

"Oooh! Lord!" His thoughts were interrupted as he heard his wife's moans. He turned around and noticed Kiba finger-fucking her.

The CEO's heart was crushed by this, but he knew this was for the best of his future. After all, medicine good for health was always bitter!

Soumya stepped past her husband and rushed to Kiba.

"Doctor! I knew you said you don't treat patients after clinic hours, but I need urgent help!"

She kneeled before him and rubbed the bulge that had appeared in his pants.

"Well, I'm bound by the Hippocratic Oath, so don't worry."

Kiba assured her. She smiled in relief.

The doctor was so kind!

… ... ...

The party finally started for real.

Women smothered Kiba with their curves, made him drink liquor by sharing it through their mouths, and gave special attention to his cock by teasing it through the fabric of his pants.

"That's enough of profanity!"

A voice thundered out of the blue, accompanied by a loud bang. Airwaves rippled out, and everyone except Kiba was sent flying into the distance.

Kiba was surprised, and he looked into the distance. A crater has appeared, and through the dust cloud, a woman in a warrior suit emerged.

"Another attraction but this time in a warrior outfit?" Kiba was really impressed. "That mayor sure wasn't bragging when he said I would be impressed."

But contrary to his thoughts, she was a real warrior.

It was Martha!

She pointed her sword at Kiba and said, "Your evil reign ends here!"

Kiba whistled.

He only noticed her outfit before, but now he saw her appearance and figure.

She was sizzling hot!

Even calling her hot was an understatement.

He was more than impressed.

"Didn't you hear me?"

Martha was taken by his reaction.

"Your evil reign ends here and now! Summon your best weapon and fight for your life."

Kiba was impressed with her dialogues as well. She has a personality, unlike the previous attractions.

He grabbed a bottle of liquor and took a sip while really looking at her.

He was sure she would be really fun in the bed!

Martha's eyes narrowed, and her gaze landed on his pants.

A massive tent has formed there, almost tearing the fabric.

"As expected, you have summoned the terrifying Ass Breaker!"

The drink flew out of Kiba's mouth, his eyes widening in disbelief.

Ass Breaker!?

Is she for real?!

"But you are in for a surprise if you think Ass Breaker can defeat me!"

Martha declared.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 737 - Ass Breaker!