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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 735 - Not For Long!

Chapter 735 - Not For Long!

In the video, Dr. Kiba thrust his meat rod into the puckered asshole of his kneeling patient, causing her mouth to emit a cry.

"That evil man!"

Martha pulled out her sword, and it rippled out with gravity, forcing everyone in the room to violently collapse.

Thankfully the gadgets here were enhanced with power Cosmic; otherwise, they would have shattered into ice fragments.

"Lady Martha! Stop!"

The head operator – Safira – begged as gravity broke her organs and shattered her bones.

"But that poor woman is in so much pain!" Martha shouted. "He's torturing her through that tool of his!"

Safira would agree to that.

Veins were popping on the patient's neck, so it was clear just how effective that doctor's tool was in inflicting pain!

"But you couldn't help her now, my lady! That video is old!"

Safira reasoned.


Martha flinched, her mind flashing with rationality.

She retraced the gravity and looked at the screen.

Safira was right. She was too late.

The woman in the video must have been tortured weeks, if not months ago!

There was nothing she could do now!

"Oh, doctor…please… don't…stop!"

The patient cried, her face turning strained.

Martha's face twisted from rage.

That helpless woman was requesting him to not do this and stop!

But instead of doing that, he was further burying it inside her!

"He is a sadist to continue like this!"

Martha thundered.

"If only Her Highness had killed him in the maze, this poor woman wouldn't be in so much pain!"

The nine operators agreed, but the last one didn't. She was a barely nineteen-years old female who had recently joined the control center.

"But it is the woman who is begging him to not stop! So how is he at fault?" She asked.


Martha and everyone in the room turned silent.

The woman's words carried pauses, so she might have meant 'please don't stop."

But surely that was impossible!

Not only was her face strained, but even her breathing was hard!

So, why would she beg him to not stop!?

Martha sighed and turned to the nineteen-old operator.

"Savi, you lack the wisdom!"

Martha said with disappointment.

"Thankfully, you are on Eden; otherwise, you too might have become a victim of that man!"

Savi lowered her head.

She was sure she was right, but then she was young!

So she reasoned her ignorance might have made her confident!

"Ahh…ohhhh doc!"

The woman moaned and wailed.

"You are going to tear my ass! It is too big!!"

Martha scowled and eyed Savi.

"You were saying something about him not at fault?"

Savi didn't dare raise her head and reply.

The nonstop stream of moans, grunts, and groans made it impossible for her to challenge Lady Martha's wisdom.

Clearly, the man was at fault!

"My lady, what you witnessed is nothing by that man's evil standards."

Safira said, bringing Martha's attention back to the screen.

"Our earlier reports concluded he only tortured women through the clinics he had established around the globe… but we now have proof of his other means!"

The screen flashed up with images of colleges, movie studios, fitness centers, beauty chains, and fashion stores located in different parts of the world.

"Everything is managed by a company called Happiness Inc! And its owner is that man who!"

The screen played secret footage from an all-female university campus.

The campus was vast with state of art facilities, but when Martha glanced at it, her chest heaved up and down in shock.

"What in the name of Creator is this vile place?!"

She barked.

"Female Empowerment University."

Savi answered, thinking it was the right opportunity to get back in her good graces.

"Female empowerment?!"

Martha stumbled backward; her eyes glued to the screen.

The students and teachers were dressed in various attires, from shirts to skirts to dresses, of varying designs and materials.

But they had one common feature.

They were completely sheer and nearly see-through!

The shape of breasts was visible and so was the butt!

Martha even saw the outline of the sacred regions which women should guard religiously!

"What empowerment is here?! They are dressed like savages!"

Only they would lack shame and etiquette to dress like that!

"But women can't be faulted! It must be that vile man's works! He must be forcing them!!"

Martha was sure.

That man was evil enough to torture a woman through her ass!

Making them roam almost naked was nothing for him!!

The video explored various areas of the campus, and Martha's blood turned cold from what she witnessed.

The students and teachers would grab and squeeze each other's butt and breasts as a way of greeting!

It was like a new way of hugging!

But that wasn't what made her blood cold.

It was the conduct of the Chancellor who was the only man in the campus!

Yes, that evil man named Kiba!!

Occasionally, he would conduct exams for students and sometimes even supervise the conduct of teachers.

And that involved actions that made the students and teachers emit shameful noises. They would thrash about, roll their eyes into the back of their heads, and so on.

"Has the education sector changed so much since my last visit?!" Martha was shocked.

She has checked the outer world and explored a few education facilities. While she hated the fact that men were there, she found the facilities reasonably good.

But now she was shocked by the changes in the education world!

Exams and supervision were conducted in ways she never imagined!!

"No, it must be that man's fault! The education system can't change so much in a few years!"

Martha reasoned while looking back at the screen where a teacher in her early forties was writing on a board.

Chancellor Kiba arrived behind her and slid her skirt up her ass, just enough to expose her translucent panties.

The teacher was startled but she didn't stop writing.

It seemed today was her inspection and Chancellor Kiba would check just how strong her concentration was!

Naturally it was to ensure the quality standards were high!

Chancellor Kiba ran a hand on the outside of her long, smooth legs, while his other hand reached for her tits.

"Oh, lord! Help me!"

The teacher exclaimed as a chill raced down her spine. His touches were far too magical for her body to resist.

"That vile creature! How dare he!"

Martha's eyes raged with bloodlust.

He was doing something that made the woman beg the lord!

One can only imagine just how bad things were!

Chancellor Kiba gave a tug to her panties, but they were clung tightly to her. A part of it was stuck in her crimson slit.

He gave it another tug, and the teacher yelped as the panties slid out of her. Her lips remained parted, and she let out a squeal as his fingers rubbed her pussy mound.

The chalk fell out of her hand and dropped to the floor.

"I-I'm so sorry, Chancellor! Forgive me!"

The Chancellor didn't seem to be in the mood of forgiving.

He slipped fingers deep into her slit, causing her to involuntarily spread her legs and bend against the board.

This seemed to be a signal of some sort, as five toppers rushed out of their seats and raced to the Chancellor.

Three kneeled down while the remaining two joined in kneading their teacher's breasts and tweaking her nipples.

The kneeling toppers opened Kiba's pants and did something that shook the very core of Martha.

One of them wrapped her lips around the weapon that tortured the poor woman's ass!

Second ran her tongue along the blue veins of the weapon, while the third opened her lips to suck those big balls!

"Oh, Creator! What sort of evil is going on here?!"

Martha grabbed her head in shock.

"Mouth is for eating and talking! But that man is making those women use it for…."

Martha stopped.

She didn't know what those women on their knees were forced to do with that thing!

If it was a reproduction organ, why was it in areas that have no connection to reproduction?!

Ass was hard to explain, and now even mouth!!

Why were those women bobbing up and down that rod and balls, and covering them with their saliva?!

The video fast-forwarded to the time when Chancellor lay down on the desk.

The teachers and students began to surround his rod with their breasts. Some of them even rubbed their nipples against his mushroom head.

"Nipples are Creator's blessings to nurture children! But this man is making women use them to nourish his…!!"

Martha was infuriated.

"My lady, this is nothing by that man's evil standards!" Safira started again.

"Stop saying it is nothing!"

Martha shouted; her rosy-brown face flushed with anger.

"And if it's really nothing, then tell me something that would be evil by his standards!"

Safira nodded and pressed on the keyboard. The screen flashed up with statistics.

"Stats?" Martha asked.

No stats could match the evilness of what she has seen!

"Not any stats!"

Safira corrected her.

"But highly confidential stats from a secret organization that is slowly acquiring power to challenge Kiba!"

"Power to challenge him!?" Martha was dumbstruck.

While she was angry enough to behead Kiba, she knew she lacked the power to do so.

After all, he had survived a confrontation with Ice Queen!

That meant he had enough power to acquire a seat in the World Council!

Something that made him one of the most dangerous people on the planet!

Yet an organization was acquiring power to defeat him?!

If such an organization existed, then she has to warn Her Highness about it!

"Just which organization is that?!" Martha asked.

"Cuckold United!"

"Huh?" Martha blinked. "What United?"

"Cuckold United!" 𝑖𝗻𝙣𝐫e𝙖𝗱. 𝚌𝗼𝓂

Safira repeated again.

"It's barely a few months old, and according to our sources, its inception began in Infinity Maze!"

"What?!" Martha was shocked.

"Yes, I don't know if it's true, but supposedly the founder of the organization was enlightened by Reverend Enchantia!"

Martha took a deep breath.



She was a legend! The guardian of Legacy Orbs!

There was no way she would involve herself in human affairs, right?!

"But it possible!" Martha thought of the secrets of Legacy Orbs which Her Highness shared.

She turned back to the stats on the screen and observed them. They were divided into three columns:

Men Cuckolded, Hearts Broken, Families Shattered.

The rows were divided into occasions, like the first date, engagement, wedding, honeymoon, baby shower, and so on.

"Is this real?!"

Martha didn't know what cuckolded meant, and since she hated men, she didn't care enough to know. But she cared about families as females were the building blocks!

And when she looked at numbers in that column, her heart pumped with fury.

"81,972 families have been shattered by Kiba!"

She pulled out her sword and stepped out of the room. She walked for a few more minutes and arrived before a gigantic door inscribed with ice runes.

"So not only does he torture women through that rod of his, but he even breaks the families! But not for long!"

She placed the sword in the keyhole, and the door started opening.

As it opened, dazzling rays of energy burst out, surging with an aura that could destroy an Alpha in body and spirit. But it didn't affect her as she was wielding the sword.

"My Queen, forgive me for I'm going to take the Realm Treasure without your permission…."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 735 - Not For Long!