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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 734 - Evil Man!

Chapter 734 - Evil Man!

The instant three cocks penetrated Katherine, the life as she knew shattered. She fell through the fragments of her life memories and sank deeper and deeper, finally collapsing over the massive cocks.

She thrashed about, her body jerking and shuddering in ways one couldn't imagine.

The cocks continued to slide in and out of her tunnels, while the rest continued to fuck her mouth and made her stroke them with her hands.

She noticed nothing, except for the heights of pleasure she was reaching with every movement of the cocks.

The experience of triple penetration was out of the world, something not even the most powerful drug could match.

If earlier she was an addict of Kiba's cock, she now became bonded to it. Every cell of her now forever craved the surge of pleasure it provided.

She would do anything for it.


She has now become his slave not only in name but also in spirit.

"Seems like THE MILF has turned into THE Gangbang Queen!"

The six Kibas high-fived each other.

"And she deserves a reward for it!"

Simultaneously, their cocks sprayed out a shower of white juices. Some splattered on her face, breasts, and shoulders, while the rest deposited deep inside her holes.

Slowly, it trickled down her glistening body.

"Phew~ I hope you are satisfied!"

The Kibas blurred into streams of light and merged into one. He stretched his hands while looking at her cum-covered face for a response.

Her expression was like that of an insane woman with her tongue lolling, and her eyes rolled up. But she did seem content and fulfilled.

"I'm glad I went to Desolate Blood Forest and met your daughter. If not for her, I would have never found you."

Seldom had he met a woman with whom he could have such a magical experience. And now he could experience it anytime he wanted.

All thanks to Sophia's help.

"Sophia wasn't wrong when she said she's a Good Daughter!"

Kiba praised, but Katherine was in no state to respond. But if she could, she would have agreed.

Her daughter was the best!

"My mom is the best!" Sophia exclaimed.

"Yes, she is."

Rebecca nodded once again.

For the last two hours, that was the only thing she did whenever Sophia repeated some wisdom shared by her mother, followed by claims of her being the best.

Rebecca didn't know, but subconsciously she was getting jealous of Katherine.

How lucky was she to have such a filial daughter who couldn't stop praising her!

And then there was her.

Unlucky in not only love but also in children.

Her elder son was cuckolded by the man she had no choice but to take help from.

Then there was her younger son with whom she reunited after so long, only to find him indifferent to her.

And finally, her daughter who was fighting death in that lab she couldn't access.

Rebecca could only sigh and glance at Sophia.

"If only I was half as lucky as her mom…."

She muttered despite her aloof personality.

"Did you say something?" Sophia asked.

Rebecca shook her head.

"Really? I thought I heard you say---"

Sophia trailed off and turned towards the elevator as it opened up.

Kiba and Katherine emerged from it.

Sophia jumped to her feet, her eyes turning wide in horror as she caught a glimpse of her mother.

Katherine was in a wheelchair, her face soaked in glistening sweat.

"M-mom?! Is that really you!?"

Sophia asked but received no verbal response.

It wasn't like she didn't hear her mother's cries repeatedly, but that didn't prepare her for her mother's condition.

Not only was she in a wheelchair, but her exhausted face had also written crazy all over it.

"Just what sort of thing has the villain made her summon to turn her like this?!"

She asked herself but couldn't think of an answer.


Rebecca's body flashed forward, and she instantly appeared before Katherine. She took her hands between hers and found them shaking.

"I'm so sorry!"

Rebecca apologized sincerely.

If not for her, Katherine wouldn't be like this.

"I will forever owe you for what you have done!"

Rebecca promised.

"And I realize just how lucky I'm to have a friend like you!"

Katherine broke into a radiant smile. She was exhausted, but her face glowed.

"No, it is I who should be grateful to have a friend like you."

Katherine whispered, her voice barely audible.

"If not for you, I would have never found out just how beautiful life can be!"

Rebecca was bewildered.

What was Katherine saying?

None of it made sense!


While Rebecca and Katherine chatted, significant developments were taking place in the most beautiful place on Earth.


The group of islands also called Heaven on Earth!

All because of its all-female population that legends claimed were full of gorgeous and sexy women!

On the centermost island where the palace was located, a woman in a warrior suit stepped into a vast room that seemed to be the control center.

Everything here was made of ice, even computer screens. But it wasn't ordinary ice!

Instead, it was elemental ice infused with power Cosmic!

And that made the technology here far too advanced even by the World Government's standards.

Ten women in icy-white dress operated the room, and when they heard the sound of heels, their hearts jumped to their throats.

Someone is here!

Oh Creator, please don't let it be her!

Anyone but her!

They prayed in their heart and slowly turned around.

"Lady Martha!"

Their hearts returned to their chest, and they sighed in relief.

The visitor was the second-most powerful entity on Eden and not the first!

For them, the small difference between the first and second was far greater than the gap between sky and earth!

Relived, they bowed to Martha.

She nodded at them and then stepped before the biggest computer screen.

"Is there anything important to report?"

Martha asked.

"No, my lady," The head operator answered respectfully. "Despite the impudent words spoken by the World Councilpersons, there have been no actions by them against Eden."

Martha nodded. She expected that much.

With the threat of Legacy Masters looming, the councilpersons wouldn't dare do anything that would invite Her Majesty's wrath.

"My lady, we have collected more information on the subject you ordered," The head operator added.

Martha's eyes narrowed.

The screen flashed up with the image of the one who not only clashed with Ice Queen but survived.


A man!!

Martha's eyes flared with killing intent.

Men were the cruelest of all creation, and one of them dared challenge her queen!

"Show me what you have," Martha commanded.

The head operator nodded and pressed on the screen.

Given the extraterrestrial resources Eden had along with the agents in the outer world, they could record information even Kiba couldn't imagine.

"My lady, what you are about to witness is something far more sinister than we ever imagined!"

The head operator said as a video popped up on the screen.

"Please be careful."

"It is just a video," Martha snorted.

She wasn't afraid of men or their evil methods; she had butchered thousands of them without breaking a sweat.

The video started…

Dr. Kiba was sitting on a chair, his expression dead serious. A frown appeared on his face, and he said, "Bring it up."

"Is this enough, doc?"

A kneeling woman asked as she raised her white butt up into the air.

Dr. Kiba grabbed it dispassionately and examined the soft buttcheeks.

"Not enough, but don't worry, I will manage."

Dr. Kiba spread the buttcheeks while rising to his feet.

Martha's mouth opened wide in shock.

What the…!?

That doctor was naked below his coat!

And what was that long, thick mass of meat he was grabbing and aiming at the woman's asshole?!

She has studied biology, including reproduction. But surely that long mass of meat couldn't be a male reproduction organ!

It isn't supposed to be that big or thick!


Yes, she has to be right!

After all, that organ was supposed to be put in the vagina!

Even as these serious thoughts ran into her mind, Kiba barged his cock into his patient's ass, causing her eyes to erupt with tears and her mouth to emit a cry.

"That evil man!"

Martha pulled the sword out of her sheath.. It erupted with ripples of gravity.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 734 - Evil Man!