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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 733 - Luckiest Woman In The World! (R-18)

Chapter 733 - Luckiest Woman In The World! (R-18)

(Warning: Heavy BDSM!) Katherine's eyes bulged outwards, and her heart froze.

Two cocks were inside her, stuffing her holes to the brim!

Even one was enough to turn her insane from orgasms, and now two...!!


A scream escaped her mouth as an orgasm of epic proportions hit her like a tsunami. Her vision turned blind, and her nerves buzzed with ecstasy.

"I thought I made myself clear," The first Kiba, who was underneath her, riding her pussy, said, "You aren't supposed to climax without my permission."

"Seems like she doesn't take your orders seriously," The second Kiba plowing her ass mocked.

Katherine was in a world of pleasure, but she could hear them. She wanted to tell them they misunderstood her.

She wouldn't dare defy Kiba's orders… but her body betrayed her.

No, it wasn't the fault of her body either, but that of the cocks inside her!

She wanted to say so much, but no words came out of her mouth. All that came out was her tongue, and it lolled out, dripping with saliva that dropped on the shoulder of Kiba underneath her.

"She is even throwing her saliva on me!"

Kiba underneath her was furious.

"She must be thinking I'm not her master but her servant!"

Katherine wanted to shake her head.

She wouldn't dare think like that!

She has accepted her status as a slave out of her own violation!

Alas, she had no strength to refute the baseless allegations.

"No reply means she agrees with you," The Kiba behind her grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. "She needs to be reminded what real pain feels like."

Katherine was frightened.

Pain…real pain! He has said that before!

A chill ran down her spine, and her skin sprang up with goosebumps.

She felt real fear from his words.

The fear was so high that, on their own, her pussy and ass muscles tightened around the cocks inside her, preventing them from moving in the slightest.

She didn't want them to assault her holes any longer!

She couldn't handle it!!

"After taking pleasure from us, she is now even preventing us from enjoying her holes!"

The Kiba underneath her was offended by her selfish actions.

"What a mean bitch!"

He grabbed her tits and mauled them like a savage beast. Her breasts were extra-sensitive, and she couldn't handle the mauling.

She tried to push his hands away, but this angered the Kiba behind her. He pulled her hands behind her back and leaned close to her neck.

"Tell me honestly, do you not deserve to be punished for your crimes against us?"

He asked while caressing the back of her neck with his lips.

Katherine wanted to say no, but she couldn't dare lie. It might be not out of her will, but she has committed the crime of going against their wishes.

With great determination, she mustered every ounce of her strength and said, "I deserve to be punished!"

Kiba, behind her, kissed her back and nodded. He appreciated the honesty and knew honest people deserved to be rewarded.


He slapped her face from behind, turning her cheek bright red.

Katherine was shocked.

He slapped her?!

No one had done that in her entire life!

Forget the husband she had cuckolded; not even her parents dared hit her when she was younger!

Even as she thought this, another slap landed on her other cheek.


One after another, ten slaps smacked her face, printing his fingers on her cheeks. Her cheeks burned with raw pain, but she didn't cry.

She deserved these slaps and more.

It was her punishment for being a bad bitch.

And she secretly knew they were for her good.

After all, pain was just a prelude to pleasure!

Her ass was the proof!

"Surely you don't think these slaps are your punishment?"

The Kiba fondling her breasts asked.

"Because if you do, then you are in for a surprise."

Katherine looked down, terrified.

Kiba waved his hand and the air concentrated between his fingers, turning into a silver ring.

Katherine was dumbstruck.


Surely it meant there was nothing to worry about!

She sighed in relief, but then her eyes squinted in fear. Kiba grabbed her left nipple and brought the ring close to it.

"Oh god!" Katherine cried. "He's going to pierce it!"

Her nipples were sensitive second to only her pussy and ass, and she knew just how painful this would be in her post-orgasmic glow.

Kiba didn't disappoint her. He carefully did the piercing, making sure the ring ran through the exact center of her nipple.

Katherine's eyes erupted with tears, and she bit her lips to divert her attention. She didn't want to scream and invite another punishment. 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

But the pain wasn't something she could have prepared for despite being an Alpha.

It made her feel her nipple was on fire, and she trembled violently. Her grip on the cocks loosened, and both Kibas smirked in unison.

They resumed their assault, fucking her like they owned her.

"Holyyyy fuckkkkkingggg god!"

Katherine cried and screamed from the terrifying cocktail of pain and pleasure. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and she started moaning.

"Oooohhhh, don't stop…!!"

Juices poured from her cunt like a fountain, wetting his cock inside her and the balls underneath her.

Feeling this, the Kiba underneath her couldn't help but wonder, "What type of sicko enjoys such a fucking?!"

"A sick fuck like her!" Kiba, ramming her ass, answered.

Katherine nodded amidst the hardcore fucking.

She was sick, degenerate, and a married slut!

Not only was she betraying her husband, but also her daughter who hated Kiba!

That fact only made her more excited. She closed her eyes and synced her hip movements with the cocks inside her.

"These married holes are for your pleasure alone!"

Katherine exclaimed as she reached unbelievable heights of pleasure.

"So fuck them to your heart's content! Tear them if that's what you want!! Make me the luckiest woman in the world!!!"

"If that's what you want, then sure."

The Kiba underneath her grabbed her ring piercing and pulled her nipple. She jolted from pain and opened her eyes.

There was another cock dangling before her!

Third Kiba has appeared!

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Third Kiba asked.

Katherine responded by devouring the cock between her lips.

She took him as much as she could and then started moving back and forth, coating it with her saliva and massaging it with her tongue.

"You were born for cocks!"

All Kibas exclaimed together.

Katherine couldn't reply with her mouth full, but the tremors in her ass and pussy made her answer clear.

There was nothing like an airtight woman!

She went from one peak of pleasure to another, the orgasms showing no signs of ending!

"It seems you could handle a few more!"

With a swish sound, three more Kiba appeared. Katherine froze in shock.

Three more cocks?!

She didn't have any holes to spare!!

But she couldn't keep them waiting!

She grabbed two cocks and started stroking them while her three holes serviced the cocks inside her.

She has discovered her hidden ability: Gangbang Queen!

"What about me?" The remaining Kiba asked.

"Mmmmm!" Katherine sucked the cock in her mouth and murmured.

Sorry, but she had no hole or hand left!!

"Well, her magical cunt should be capable of taking one more cock, right?"

The Kiba enjoying her ass pointed out.

"Yes! It should be!" The Kiba underneath her agreed.


Katherine paused, her body climaxing in sheer terror.

"N-no! I can't take two monsters inside my cunt at the same time! Right?!"

Katherine muttered, but with her mouth full, all it came out was as gibberish.

"Seems like she agrees as well!"

The last Kiba kissed Katherine on the head and proceeded to join the fun.

"Obviously, she does!" The Kiba drilling her asshole spanked her butt cheeks and said. "She asked us to make her the luckiest woman in the world!"

"Well, then we can't disappoint her!"

The Kibas fucking her ass and pussy made considerable concessions to make space for another cock in her cunt.

Katherine finally became the luckiest woman in the world…

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 733 - Luckiest Woman In The World! (R-18)