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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 731 - Her Place In Life!

Chapter 731 - Her Place In Life!

Sophia's eyes blazed up, but she didn't pounce on Kiba like she would have done before. She had witnessed his strength multiple times and today finally understood how futile her actions were.

"I need to grow stronger!"

Sophia clenched her fists tightly, causing them to buzz with strands of energy.

"Only then would I have the strength to face this devil and rescue women in the tower!"

The blaze in her eyes was replaced with determination.


It wasn't just the fate of the women in this tower that was in danger, but the entire planet.

No…it was even worse!

The villain wouldn't be satisfied with human women and alien women of the Celestial Elysian Plane for long!

No other species of women would be spared!

Then the whole universe would be threatened!

"Women would be enslaved, men would be tortured… but knowing this villain, he would label it as saving the universe!"

Sophia broke into a sweat.

The fate of the entire universe was now on her shoulders, but she knew her limitations.

She wasn't strong enough to bear the load.

But she knew someone who was!

She moved her gaze from Kiba to the door leading to the lab where the love of her life was.

"In ancient mythologies, evildoers were always slain by a destined man! And this villain is far evil than those evildoers!"

So only an extraordinarily kind and generous man can defeat the villain!

And it was bound to be Zed!

He hated evil and respected women.

He was the exact opposite of this scoundrel who was brainwashing them and making them chant, 'I will be fucked!'.

Yes, there was hope.

"Zed, you need to grow strong enough to challenge this villain!"

Sophia prayed in her heart.

"You are our last hope against the evil!"

Kiba blinked at Sophia.

What happened to her? Didn't he provoke her enough to act?

"Are you alright?" Kiba asked with concern.

As Kiba, he might have a sweet antagonistic relationship with her, but as Zed, he loved her. This was especially true after yesterday's night where he turned her into his woman.

Sophia snorted in answer. She stepped to the side and sat down.

She refused to give the villain any more chances to provoke her.

Kiba blinked again.

Something was definitely wrong with her!

On the side, Katherine was speechless.

She knew her daughter well… actually very well, even before yesterday's night when they committed incest.

So knowing Sophia's personality, she was definitely thinking in a direction that would lead her to pain!

"Oh sweet child, the villain has already won!"

Katherine thought in her heart.

"But worry not, your mother would soften the blow when you realize the truth!"

Letting out a soft sigh, she turned to the woman who gave birth to the villain.

"We should rest as well," Katherine told Rebecca.

The latter nodded and sat down. Katherine proceeded to do the same, but Kiba stopped her.

"What's wrong?" Katherine inquired.

"I need your help… well, not me exactly, but Kirstie."

"What!?" Rebecca jumped to her feet.

"Don't worry, it's nothing serious," Kiba assured her before turning back to Katherine. "You have the ability of Life & Death Gate, so…."

Rebecca's eyes narrowed.

Life & Death Gate.

Legends have it that the gate could revive dead, transfer living into the domain of death…

"Ok… what do I need to do?" Katherine asked with all seriousness.

She has become close with Rebecca and would do anything for her.

"Come with me," Kiba replied.

"I will join you as well," Rebecca stepped forward.

"No, what I wanted to do with Katherine requires extreme focus."

Kiba explained.

"And we can't afford even slightest distraction."

"..." Rebecca didn't like this, but she nodded in understanding.

"Relax, I will handle everything!"

Katherine tapped on Rebecca's shoulder.

"I'm counting on you," Rebecca whispered.

Katherine smiled and left the corridor with Kiba.

? ? ?

A few minutes later, they arrived on another floor. They stepped into a vast room, and the door behind closed on its own.

Katherine turned to Kiba, who looked back at her with seriousness. She realized things were more serious than she had thought before.

"Should I summon Life & Death…"

Katherine began to ask but then stopped in sheer shock.

Because out of the blue, Kiba clawed his hands on her dress.


He ripped the fabric of her dress apart, causing the buttons to pop off in the air. 𝐢𝙣𝓃𝘳𝙚𝐚𝙙. 𝓬𝐨𝑚

Katherine's mouth widened to form an "O," but before she could even exclaim, he shredded her tights and the lingerie underneath.

"You have already summoned everything I want."

Kiba's hand slid between her thighs, and his fingers disappeared into her slit.


She gasped, and he curved his fingers inside her, causing her knees to buckle.

"And you know what to do, don't you?"

Her cheeks flushed at the question, but a glassy lustful glint flashed in her eyes.

"Yes… I know what to do!"

She whispered and looked at the massive tent that had formed in his pants. Just the sight of it turned her wet.

She knew what she had to do on the very day they met!

But she was high and haughty. That's why she wasted two years before realizing what her body was made for.

Kiba felt his fingers inside her turning wet and slick.

"It does seem you do."

Kiba looked at her massive, succulent tits.

They were second to only the divine jugs of Suzane, but they were divine themselves, especially the nipples.

They were hard and stiff, in fact so pronounced that it seemed obscene. She was turned on far more than he expected.

Katherine couldn't wait any longer. She leaned her face close to Kiba's and proceeded to kiss him.


Before her lips could collide with his, she yelped in pain.

Kiba has grabbed her face tightly.

"I like your excitement, but not your manners. It seems the time with Zed has made you forget your place."

He pulled his lubricated fingers out of her cunt and shoved them into her anal ring.

"Oh my fucking god!"

Katherine's eyes widened, and her buckling knees began to shake.

Kiba remained expressionless.

He clenched her jaw, causing her mouth to hang open, and he spitted into it.

She swallowed, like it was the most obvious thing to do.

"Perhaps you forgot what you promised in Infinity Maze, with your husband as the witness."

Katherine's pupils constricted.

It was in Infinity Maze that she realized the errors of her ways and succumbed to his charms.

It was there that he pulled out of her the moment she was about to experience the biggest orgasm of her life.

He did so by claiming he was the villain, and he didn't have any right to be inside her.

And to get him back inside her so that she didn't become crazy… she claimed he has every right!

All her holes were his! His alone!

She promised he owned every part of her body!

And just when she proclaimed him as the owner of her body, her husband had appeared, catching her in the act!

"Do you remember now?" Kiba asked.

Katherine tried to nod, but with her jaw grabbed and her ass jammed, she couldn't.

"Now, do you wish to go back on your words?"

Kiba let go of her face and ass and proceeded to take a seat near the window.

"Don't worry, if you do, there would be no consequences. We will only end things between us."

Kiba added while resting his face on his hand.

Katherine was shell-shocked.

She knew he has a dominating side, but never expected to experience it herself.

"Well?" Kiba looked at her.

Katherine gulped.

She knew her answer would decide her fate.

If she said no, she would forever lose the happiness her body craved!

But if she said yes, she would become his servant forever!

No, not a servant but a slave!

Slave and her?!


She was an aristocrat of the highest order! Her words could topple cities and change the world order!

So how could she accept being a slave?!

But if she did, she would no longer have any free will!

He could order her ANYTHING, and she would have no choice but obey!

Could she really give her free will for sex?!

Was she that degenerate!?

Has she fallen that low?!

"Yes! I meant what I said back then!"

Katherine answered without any hesitation.

"And what exactly did you mean back then?" Kiba asked.

"That you own every fiber of my existence!"

Katherine replied without nervousness and hesitation.

"You own not only my body but my very soul!"


Kiba looked at her with amusement.

"What does that makes you?"

"A degenerate slut!"

Katherine answered excitedly.

"A loyal bitch who would do anything for her master!"

"Well, if that's the case, what are you doing on your feet, bitch?" Kiba asked.

Katherine dropped down to her knees like the bitch she was.

She has finally realized her place in the world.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 731 - Her Place In Life!