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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 730 - Villains Tower

Chapter 730 - Villain's Tower

"Quick! The slots are limited!"

Chloe exclaimed like there was no tomorrow.

"Book now, or you would lose the chance to experience the thrilling S&M Ride!"

"...…." Rebecca was stunned.

As an aristocrat of the highest order, she has never met a salesperson, much less hyperactive like before.

If that wasn't enough, she was selling her some dodgy ride.

And given what she now knew about the "businesses" run by Kiba, this was most likely related to sex!

That shameless man… first he cuckolded her elder son, and now his underling was asking her to book a slot for sex!

How dare he!?

Fiery red particles burst out of her body, causing the temperature in the lobby to rise tremendously.

Chloe fell back, her body breaking into a sweat.

"What's going on?!"

Chloe muttered, but then her eyes twinkled with realization.

"Is she getting so excited about the prospects of S&M Ride that she couldn't control herself?!"

She had seen many powerful women acting bossy before the ride started but then coming as changed persons!

"She would be the same!" Chloe thought excitedly. "No one can escape Chairman's charm!"

Rebecca could feel her thoughts, and they infuriated her. She didn't lose her temper quickly, but today's events had pushed her beyond the edge.

The red particles around her surged forward, ready to burn Chloe into oblivion, but just then, Katherine warned her telepathically.

"Don't forget why we are here!"

Rebecca flinched.

If she killed the underling, that would anger Kiba… which in turn would endanger Kirstie's life!

She pulled the particles back and suppressed her aura.

"Hehe, trust me, you will soon be grateful to me!"

Chloe said, not realizing how close she was to losing her life. In her excitement of finally selling one slot, she beamed with joy.

Sophia was dumbstruck.

"Can someone tell me what's going on here!?"

Sophia moved her gaze to Rebecca and Katherine, but neither answered her.

"That was just the lady in red's excitement speaking!" Chloe explained. "S&M Ride is just too magical for a woman to resist!"

Sophia winced and subconsciously glanced at the broken projection screen.

The recorded projection showed Kiba as a doctor, treating a naked woman by examining the place between her thighs.

The fine hairs on her body stood up, and she jerked her head back.

"That's Doctor's Care!" Chloe misunderstood the reaction and explained. "The slots there are fully booked, but I can make an exception for you!"

"I have a boyfriend!"

Sophia declared with love.

Zed was all she needed and wanted!

"Don't worry, the Chairman doesn't mind!"

Chloe added with a confident smile.

Most women who arrived here had a better half, but the generous Chairman didn't mind taking care of them even then.

He was that kind.

Sophia's eyes flashed with an icy glint.

"That villain doesn't mind you say?"

Sophia's body surged with cyan energy, and she slammed her fist on the screen.

"Well, then he wouldn't mind this as well!"


The screen disintegrated with a loud bang. Sophia didn't stop there. Her body flashed in all directions, and in an instant, every wall and ceiling was broken apart.

Everything here was looted, and she wanted to give some semblance of justice to those robbed.

Chloe was taken aback.

Is this young lady crazy?!

How can she call the great Chairman a villain!?

"No! You can't break things here!" Chloe finally noticed the destruction.

Sophia refused to.

Rebecca stepped forward. She couldn't allow Kiba's properties to be destroyed while Kirstie's fate lay in his hands.

"It's fine; let her vent."

A voice like a nightingale spoke, surprising everyone, even Rebecca and Katherine.

Katherine's eyes narrowed, and she looked at her own shadow.

From it, another shadow emerged and rose up, turning into a beautiful woman.

"Lady Eva!"

Chloe was alarmed. Eva was at the top in the heirachy within the tower, and she never appeared here… so why now!? 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

Eva looked at Sophia as the latter channeled out beams of destruction to obliterate the tower's foundation.

"Kiba got under your skin, didn't he?"

Eva broke into a smile.

Sophia didn't reply. She launched the beams, but to her shock, the beams had no effect.

"What you destroyed was allowed to be destroyed."

Eva pointed at the destroyed portions. They were reverting back to their former shapes as if going back in time.

"The other things aren't, so destroying them is impossible unless your mother and Lady Rebecca step in."

Rebecca glanced at her without any response.

"Lady Eva!" Chloe called her out. "You needn't be here! I have almost sold the slots to them!"

"I'm afraid they aren't the customers you think they are," Eva clarified politely. "But don't worry, it won't affect your promotion."

"Not customers…!" Chloe was baffled but also relieved. The reason she was doing marketing with such fervor was her upcoming promotion.

And the only way to get is to get more customers for Happiness Inc!

If she got the promotion, she could rise to the first floor and experience the nirvanic joy along with countless benefits!

Eva turned to Rebecca and others and said, "Follow me."

Rebecca nodded and followed her. Katherine pacified her sensitive daughter and joined Rebecca.

Soon, they stepped into a glass elevator.

"I take that you know the villain very well."

Sophia said as the elevator started.

"You can say so," Eva replied with an amused smile. "We go a long way back."

"Then don't you ever want to punch him really bad?" Sophia asked.

"Well, no," Eva answered. "Though I'm aware of many women like you who did."

"Did and not do?" Sophia's eyes widened.

On her side, Katherine fidgeted with nervousness.

"Were they murdered by him!?" Sophia asked

"No, they didn't get murdered, but worse."

"Worse?!" Sophia was alarmed.

Eva nodded.

She leaned close to Sophia and whispered, "They joined the Dark Side!"

"The Dark Side?!"

Sophia was confused, but then realization dawned on her.

"You mean Kiba!?"

Eva nodded.

"Oh god!" Sophia exclaimed. "Just half an hour ago, I saw him using mind-control abilities on Kirstie! He must have used those abilities!"

"Well, for the ones who joined the dark side, it wasn't mind-control…." Eva took a pause before adding. "But it was a control, nevertheless."

Sophia was confused, but Katherine stopped her from asking further questions.

"Mom, you look nervous."

Sophia finally noticed her mother's nervousness.

"No, I'm just tired," Katherine replied. "And I would appreciate some silence."

Sophia didn't believe it.

She was going to enquire further when she heard echoes so powerful that they passed through the elevator.



I will be fuckedddd…..

The elevator was passing through the twenty-first floor, and when the floor above arrived, Sophia got the shock of her life.

Hundreds of naked women were in various erotic positions, chanting one mantra.

"Yes, I will be fucked!"

"What the hell…!?" Sophia rubbed her eyes and ears.

"Ah, the Floor of Yogic Confidence."

Eva explained as the elevator moved past the floor.

"Due to various experiences in their lives, many women lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem. So, Kiba built that floor to help those women."

Sophia was stupefied.

Chanting 'I will be fucked' in erotic positions can help in building confidence and self-esteem?!

"That shameless villain… he's not building confidence, but rather brainwashing innocent women!"

"Technically, confidence is a form of self-brainwashing."

Eva corrected her.

"Kiba is doing that on their behalf. So is there anything wrong with it?"

"No, I mean yes…no…"

Sophia didn't know what to say.

Eva's words made sense, but they shouldn't!



Sophia was jerked from her thoughts by a tring sound. The elevator opened up, bringing them to the floor where the lab was located.

"We are at our destination," Eva announced and stepped out.

Sophia followed Eva in a stupor.

They arrived in the vast corridor and stopped before the door of Lab I.

"Claudia, inform him," Eva said.

[[I already have, Lady Eva.]] Claudia's voice rang on the floor. [[He will be here in a minute.]]

"So the AI's name is Claudia?" Katherine asked.

Eva nodded.

Rebecca stood silently, trying to look past the door to see her daughter, but achieved no success. The privacy mechanism here was too strong.


In a blinding swirl of light, Kiba appeared through teleportation.

"Worry not, Kirstie is in safe hands, and her condition has stabilized."

Kiba informed Rebecca before she could enquire.

Rebecca sighed in relief.

As expected of Zed… he didn't disappoint.

"It will take a few hours, so I'm afraid you can't see her till then," Kiba added.

Rebecca nodded. With such risks, Zed couldn't afford to be distracted in the slightest.

Kiba was obviously lying. It was his doppelganger that was treating Kirstie and not his other persona. But he couldn't let her know that.

He turned to Katherine and said, "Wow! Even the MILF is here!"

Katherine pretended to be furious while internally once again rejoicing at the familiar term. She was the MILF he wanted!

Rebecca was further relieved. Katherine was holding back her anger for her sake.

"Thank you…" Rebecca whispered to her.

Katherine nodded with a clenched jaw.


Kiba brought his eyes to Sophia. He expected her to make some comment but was then surprised to see her in a state of stupor.

What happened to her?

He could only conclude that she was in a state where he should treat her kindly.

So like the gentleman he was, with a happy smile, he exclaimed:

"Now now, if this isn't the shameless pervert in my humble abode!"

Sophia's eyes blazed up…

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 730 - Villains Tower