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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 729 - Happiness Inc

Chapter 729 - Happiness Inc


Surrounded by Rebecca, Sophia, and Katherine, Kiba looked at the ruins of his alter ego's home and sighed.

The battle had ended, at least for now.

"I sensed a frightening power in Valley of Fire. So Lord Harley would survive… and he would return with a vengeance."

Kiba lifted his head and smiled.

Lord Harley would be far stronger in the real world than the mental world where he was defeated, which meant the outcome in the real world would be hard to predict.

"But then again, unpredictability is the real fun of life!"

Kiba broke into laughter.

He wanted Lord Harley to surprise him, push him into the corner…

"But more than that, I want his mother to surprise me with her virgin cunt!"

On the side, Rebecca and others were shocked by his sudden laughter.

The outcome of the battle has been bitter… So why the hell is he laughing like this?!

"He is turning crazy!"

Sophia concluded with horror.

"Oh God! Now the world would have a crazy, sadistic villain!"

Katherine: "...…"

Rebecca's eyes crisscrossed, and she tapped on Kiba's shoulder.

"Yes?" Kiba turned to her.

"Kirstie's condition is deteriorating, and she doesn't have much time left."

Rebecca pointed at her unconscious daughter.

"So I would appreciate it if you could postpone your laughter for later and help me reach Zed."

She would have left by now had she known where her son was. But since she didn't, she could only swallow her anger at the one who turned her other son into a cuckold and ask for his help.

"Ah, sorry, I blanked out…."

Kiba smiled wryly.

The thought of a good pussy had made him forget why he was here.

"The lab here is destroyed…." Kiba said.

Rebecca's heart sank. She had forgotten that in the chaos.

With the lab gone, her daughter's fate was inevitable.

"But worry not, Zed has a backup lab in my place…."

Kiba added, once again igniting hope in her heart.

"Where is it?" Rebecca quickly asked.

But before her question could reach his ears, he grabbed Kirstie and disappeared in a blinding flash of white light.


Rebecca followed the heat signatures of teleportation and turned to the western side of the city.


Flames burst on her body, and she shot there like a comet.

Everything happened in a split second, so fast that Sophia didn't even notice Kiba leaving, much less Rebecca. But Katherine noticed everything.

She grabbed her daughter's hand and followed after Rebecca.

…. .... ..... ..... .....

A second later, they stopped before an insanely long tower.

The exterior was made of glass panels, and when looked at from a distance, the tower seemed to be in the form of a bolt of lightning.

"No way!" Katherine was startled. "The tower is blocking my perception!"

"Mine as well."

Rebecca landed on the ground and stood before the entrance of the tower.

"I know he teleported here but don't know on which floor."

Katherine nodded in understanding.

Given everything she knew about Kiba and his true form, she shouldn't be honestly surprised either.

After all, the tower was his real home. So privacy and safety were the utmost priority.

"I guess then we can only find out traditionally."

Katherine said with a forced smile.

"And you don't need to worry any longer. Kirstie must be with Zed by now."

Rebecca let out a faint sigh and agreed. She stepped forward, and the entrance slid open to welcome her in.

Katherine and Sophia followed behind, stepping into the lobby.

Everything was ethereal, far better than a seven-star hotel could ever dream of. The ceiling glittered with stardust, and the walls shifted between multiple art-like phases.

Just the lobby alone was no less than a grand royal palace.

"This must be where he invested all the wealth he stole from Desolate Blood Forest!"

Sophia exclaimed.

"If the auction house owners saw this place, they would be weeping!"

Katherine and Rebecca ignored her words.

"No one ever weeps here!"

A sweet, charming voice announced, startling Sophia. She looked ahead and saw a blonde in her mid-twenties emerging out of thin air.

"Because this is the headquarters of Happiness Inc!"

The blonde remarked with pride.

"And the only time one might cry is by not able to handle the boundless happiness provided by our Chairman!"

Rebecca was baffled, and so was Sophia, but not Katherine.

She knew about Happiness Inc and agreed with every word spoken by the blonde.

"Who are you!?" Sophia asked.

"Chloe," The blonde proudly introduced herself. "I have the responsibility of handling every new guest!"

"We are not guests," Rebecca said in a neutral tone. "Take us to Kiba at once. It's urgent."

"You want to meet Chairman! Obviously, you are guests then!"

Chloe corrected her with a smile.

"But I'm not surprised by your urgency! Everyone is eager to meet him and gain happiness!"

Rebecca's eyes narrowed.

She didn't know what type of organization this Happiness Inc was. But she has a feeling this happiness wouldn't match the traditional definition.

"Sadly, the Chairman has 66669 pending appointments, so urgent hearing is impossible!"

Chloe flicked her hand out, and in response, the shifting walls morphed into life-like projections of the subsidiaries under Happiness Inc.

"But luckily for you, you three meet our quality standards, so I can try for an Urgent Pass!"

Chloe added after a short pause.

"So you would have to wait only for a week! So be quick, book an appointment on whichever category of happiness you want!"

Sophia was amazed.

There were categories of happiness?!

She couldn't help but glance at the walls to know more.

"Oh my god! What shamelessness is this!?"

She closed her eyes the instant she caught a glimpse of the projection.

The glimpse was of a fantasy garden filled with magical ambiance. But there was a big but!

Next to a waterfall, a woman was lying naked, and Kiba was "massaging" her with oils and… 𝑖𝐧𝓷𝓇𝙚𝙖d. c𝚘𝐦

Sophia didn't dare recall that scene further. It was too shameless!

Chloe was shocked by Sophia's reactions.

Did she not like Fantasy Massage available on the 16th floor?


Everyone loved that!

"You must be close-minded but worry not!"

Chloe reassured her with a smile.

"We have Naughty Butterfly Chrysalis to open you up!"

The projection began to change, but then it started to tremble. No, everything began to shake violently.

Chloe turned to Rebecca and saw her aura leaking out. It twisted the space around her, causing the surroundings to blur with extreme heat.

"Don't waste our time. Take us to Kiba now."

Rebecca commanded.

"Such a strong voice and even more powerful aura! I'm sorry I misunderstood you!"

Chloe took a deep breath and joined her hands.

"But I know now! You aren't here for Fantasy Massage but for S&M Ride! It's on the 69th floor!"


Rebecca flinched.

She didn't expect such a reaction even after leaking a bit of her power.

Was this girl crazy?!

Or just too duty-minded to realize the danger she was in!?

"And luckily for you, the slots there are empty!"? Chloe added excitedly.? "Quick! Book an appointment now!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 729 - Happiness Inc