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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 728 - Bad Son!

Chapter 728 - Bad Son!

Lord Harley screamed as his skull was cracked from repetitive hammer strikes. Now the source of his mental projection came in sight, and Kiba ruthlessly banged the hammer there.

The world inside Source Crystal started trembling, and unbearable pain surged into his real body in Valley of Fire.

"Stop, you evil bastard!"

Lord Harley barked.

His mental projection was on the verge of disappearing. And if it disappeared due to Kiba, his real body would suffer unbearable consequences.

Bang! Bang!

Kiba smiled and struck down again.

"You vile son of a bitch! I commanded you to stop!"

Lord Harley forgot his personality and cursed non-stop.

"That's not the way to talk to your Motherfucker!"

Kiba shook his head in disappointment.

How can a future Good Son behave so disrespectfully?

He was going to fuck his mother.

So instead of cursing him, shouldn't he be crying from joy?

"Sighs~ Humans are hard to understand."

Kiba injected more power into the hammer for a final strike. This would end what little control Lord Harley still had on this world and free Kirstie.

Lord Harley was alarmed. He refused to accept this.


He screamed, the mental energy in his projection twisting sharply.

"!!" Kiba's expression changed, and he swiftly looked down.

The tentacle-like veins that were pinned to the ground by giant thorns shook violently.


Like an active volcano erupting after millennia of rest, the veins burst with a blazing inferno. The thorns turned to dust, and the inferno blasted upwards, engulfing everything.

In the real world, Kirstie's body started shaking heavily as if undergoing a seizure.

Rebecca, Katherine, and Sophia's faces fell drastically.

"What's going on?!"

The hope of things changing for good disappeared, replaced by despair.

In the world of Source Crystal, the raging inferno twisted, taking the shape of Lord Harley's face.

Kiba appeared within it, surrounded by a protective force field. But the fire fuelling the inferno was strange, and it started melting the force field, injuring Kiba alongside.

The world, too, was being injured. It was now a matter of minutes before everything was reduced to cinders.

"You left me no choice…" Lord Harley said, his eyes blazing. "But to end everything in this manner."

"Wow! You really are an old fox!" Kiba smirked. "I expected nothing less!"

Lord Harley was astonished. He didn't expect Kiba to behave like this.

There was no escape for Kiba's mental projection to the real world with the inferno engulfing this world.

Yet he was smirking?!

Lord Harley didn't dare underestimate Kiba by assuming this as stupidity.

"Well, I also have been preparing to end everything!"

Kiba's eyes flashed with a golden glow.

"So let's see who does it first!"

In the real world, the sky above Valley of Fire began to darken with stormy clouds. A figure engulfed in golden glow emerged, his arrival complimented with thunderous booms.


Powerful tremors rippled out of him, causing everything to rumble. The protective barriers protecting the valley began to crack apart.

A few miles away, in the House of Hestia, everyone was shocked.

"Such powerful aura!" Flame King exclaimed as he looked at the figure in a golden glow. "It feels familiar!"

"Obviously, it would be familiar to you!"

His wife, Velma, nodded with a bright smile on her face.

"After all, the source of that aura is the owner of your wife's cunt!"

Flame King's face turned stark white.

Then it was Kiba!

The one who made him forever cuckold on Valentine's Day!!

In the Valley of Fire, Kurtis was barely clinging to his life. With his vitality transferred to Source Crystal, he didn't have much strength left.

Suddenly, the fine hair on his neck stood up as he sensed a boundless power from above.

"What's this sense of crisis?!"

He looked up, but he couldn't see through the ceiling of black fire in his weakened state. But he knew, whatever it was, it was terrible.

He quickly turned to Lord Harley, but the latter had his eyes closed, his consciousness injected in the Source Crystal.

"There's doom awaiting us!"

Kurtis shook Lord Harley.

"Wake up, you old bastard!"

Lord Harley might have almost killed him and his daughter, but with the Blood Contract, he couldn't let any harm come on him.

In the Source Crystal World, Lord Harley's face twisted as he clashed with Kiba. The latter was on defense, doing his best to push against the mighty inferno.

But there was no escape.

The fire was seeping through his defenses and breaking into his projection. His body was turning dark from injuries.

But this brought no relief to Lord Harley as he felt Kurtis' emotions through the mental link. He realized what Kiba meant when he said he was also planning to end this.

"You could even use your power in the real world?! That's impossible!"

Lord Harley couldn't believe this.

"Well, before coming here, I left my real body outside… what you are seeing is just the consciousness of my doppelganger."

Kiba replied with a smile.

"You know, just in case you behave like a Bad Son and try to stop me from fucking your mother the way she deserves."

Lord Harley didn't waste time in showing shock or fury.

He had underestimated Kiba despite not wanting to, but there was no time to regret it.


The inferno flames concentrated into a pillar of fire and struck out.

If the doppelganger's consciousness was destroyed, the real body would suffer a powerful bow. And that will stop him from attacking Valley of Fire!

Kiba's lips curved up into a sadistic smirk.


His defenses collapsed, and the pillar hit him, and the impact began to turn him into ashes.

But he didn't cry or scream. Instead, he broke into laughter.

"Hahaha! Next time you use the Source Crystal, remember it could be used to reverse track you!"

Kiba's laughter turned weak.

"See ya~ Good Son."

Just as the last part of him turned to dust, his real body finished launching the attack.

"NOOO!" Lord Harley cried.

A thick bolt of lightning broke out of the dark clouds and slammed into the Valley of Fire.


A deafening boom followed, and the ceiling of fire split apart to make way for lightning.

"Oh no!"

Kurtis cried just as lightning blasted into Lord Harley. The shockwaves hit him mercilessly, breaking his flesh and bones.

Lord Harley's fate was even worse. If his consciousness wasn't occupied, he could have easily blocked the lightning, but now that he couldn't, it slammed into his very soul.


He collapsed to the floor, his body turning as dark as charcoal. The Source Crystal in his hand was simultaneously reduced to atoms.

This pulled his consciousness back into his body, but he could only scream in raging fury.


Alas, he couldn't even vent as the backlash of mental defeat hit him. His eyes turned listless, and he fell unconscious…

Taking advantage of his state, the unique ability of the lightning started taking effect. He began to disintegrate…

Fortunately for him, he was in the Valley of Fire. The valley awakened from its slumber and released its might.

But by then, the attacker had disappeared.

The valley could only take Lord Harley and Kurtis into its embrace… protecting them from certain death.

In the place where Zed's home was, the Cosmic Embodiment deactivated, and Kiba appeared next to unconscious Kirstie.

"Phew~ That was hard."

Kiba wiped the sweat from his face and placed Kirstie down. He was exhausted.

"Are you alright?!"

Katherine's body flashed forward, and she caught him as he was on the verge of falling.

"Mom! He's the villain!"

Sophia was startled by her mother's concern for him.

"You should be concerned about the victim and not him!"

Katherine: ".........….."

Rebecca ignored the conversation and checked the body of her daughter.

"Her stats are awful…."

She muttered and then looked at Kiba.

"What happened to her?"

Kiba sighed and looked in the distance.

"A Bad Son targeted her…."

"Bad Son?!" Rebecca was startled, and so were the rest.

"Yes, a Bad Son…"

Kiba nodded before sighing again.

"Why couldn't every son be like Olly?!"

….. .....? ....

In the State of Avalon, Olly was dancing with his fiancée, Kriti. The music was slow, and they were having a great time.

As the tempo changed, a favorite tune of Kriti arrived. It became Olly's as well, for he sensed an opportunity to kiss her!

Slowly, he brought his lips close to her, and she closed her eyes in anticipation.

The time has come to take the next step!

But the kiss didn't happen.

At the most crucial moment, a chill raced down his spine, and he froze.

"Danger! That devil is definitely nearby!!"

"Poor dad!!!"𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 728 - Bad Son!