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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 727 - Shocking Lord Harley!

Chapter 727 - Shocking Lord Harley!

"Your mother is a 100+ years old virgin! Her cunt must be really tight, right!?"


Lord Harley was stupefied. After the shocking revelations he made on his great mother – the founder of House of Hestia, he didn't expect such a question.

"Am I right?"

Kiba excitedly looked at Lord Harley. Seeing the stupified look, he knew the answer was a big yes!

"Thank you, mom, for giving me birth in this era of fine cunts!"

Kiba has no soft spot for Rebecca, but now he was grateful to her.

If not for her, would he know of the fine cunt he had enjoyed so far and the ones he missed until now?!

"And thank you, Soverigness Hestia, for waiting for me for so long! You will be aptly rewarded!"

Kiba started dancing in extreme joy, and he even sang epic songs praising the "great cunt" of hers.

"?????? Oh, sweet cunt! ????? ?????? Your 100+ years of prayers would be answered soon!?????? "

"?????? The drought would end, and a new era will arise! ?????? "

"?????? The rain of bliss would follow winter of cream! ?????? "

"?????? Oh sweet cunt, just wait a little longer….?????? "

Kiba sang and danced, unbothered about the waves of fire floating around him, waiting to crash.


Lord Harley was dumbstruck. He had lived long and experienced many downs and highs. But nothing prepared him for Kiba's reactions.


It wasn't like he didn't know what sort of person Kiba was, but this was too much even then!

But had he known Kiba was Zed, his old heart would have collapsed. After all, the cunt Kiba was praising belonged to his great grandmother!

Yes, Rebecca's father was a child of Sovereigness Hestia. She might not have given birth directly, but the biological link was pure.

And yet Kiba now desired her cunt!

"Does he not remember his goals any longer?"

Lord Harley couldn't help but wonder. This was the inside of the Source Crystal! And not some disco bar!

Wasn't he here to rescue Kirstie's consciousness?! So why was he now lusting after some pussy!?

"Oh, you old fool!"

Kiba replied amidst his song.

"Hole is the only goal!"


Lord Harley started at Kiba but then broke into laughter.

"Fufu! Perhaps you are right, but you wouldn't live to pursue it any further! You will die with this girl."

He flicked his wrist out, and the waves of fire crashed down.

"Actually, I won't."

Kiba lifted his foot and stomped down.

"For my goal is holy."

Lightning flickered out from the point of impact, and the bright red space around it violently collapsed. The waves followed suit, sinking into the depthless rift.

Lord Harley was surprised.

Kiba's powers seemed to be stronger than before. But this shouldn't be possible.

After all, this wasn't the real world – it was an intangible dimension with no materialistic existence. Here the powers of the physical body wouldn't matter!

Only the power of the mind did!!

"Tell me something."

Kiba pointed his hand at Lord Harley and made a grasping motion.

"Even now, is your mother as hot as her statute under which Constance dropped her clothes?"

Before Lord Harley could respond, the space seemed to twist, and the concept of distance disappeared.


He was thousands of miles away from Kiba, but now within his grasp!


Lord Harley exclaimed. His control over the world was transferred to Kiba!

"You mean your mother is unbelievably hot? Nice!"

Kiba's eyes brightened.

"You are a Good Son! Here is your reward!"

Kiba smashed his hammer into Lord Harley's jaw, and it shattered, and nerve-wracking pain burst into the mental projection.


The hammer sent screaming Lord Harley into the never-ending sky. Pain flooded every bit of his consciousness, but his thoughts weren't on pain.

It was on Kiba.

How the hell could he be so strong?!

No… the question was, how could he be so weak in front of Kiba!?

If they fought, he would be at least equal to Kiba, if not stronger!!

Yet now… the disparity in their strength was as vast as the distance between them!

It didn't make sense!!!

"I can make sense if you want. This is the least you deserve for the good news you told me."

Kiba appeared before Lord Harley. The latter flinched and summoned the tentacle-like veins running through the world.

Just a few minutes ago, they had pushed Kiba into retreat. And now, with them back, the tide would be in his favor again!

"Actually, that was a dumb thing to do. You just let go of your trump card."

Kiba waved his hammer, and flashes of golden glow burst out. They were the thorn protrusions on the hammer surface, and as they swept out, they began to multiply and expand, reaching shocking heights.


One vein after another was pierced and pinned to the ground.


Lord Harley's eyes bulged.

How can the power gap reach such an unfathomable level!?

It didn't make sense!

"If we were in the real world, you could have perhaps defeated me. Who knows, even succeed in killing me…."

Kiba explained like he promised to.

He wasn't underestimating himself. It was just that he knew an old fox like Lord Harley would have countless means.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have control over the strongest family that dictated the workings of the World Government!

"But to control Kirstie, you had to use a device that's largely a mental world. And I have plenty of close calls in such worlds, almost got my brain fried."

Kiba smiled at the memories of Ksitgarbha and other telepaths. They tempered his mental powers to an extent even the Cosmic Spark couldn't.

Of course, there was another reason why he could pull the control from Lord Harley in such a short time.

Source Crystals had an affinity with descendants of Hestia. He might not have the blood of Hestia in his present form, but the mental link was ever-present.

The combined factors worked like a charm for Kiba. He tightened his grip on the hammer and floated above Lord Harley.

"But then again, this is for good, right?"

Kiba infused his energy into the hammer.

Lord Harley blinked uncharacteristically.

He was getting bullied! So, what exactly was good about this!?

"You aren't perceptive enough!"

Kiba shook his head in disappointment and started hammering Lord Harley's skull with blows.

Bang! Bang!

This might be just a mental world, but the blows were real, and so was the pain.

Bang! Bang!

In less than a second, Kiba hammered down a thousand blows with utmost precision.


Lord Harley released a hellish cry. His skull cracked apart, but the insides weren't filled with brain mass. Instead, they were filled with an orb of mental energy.

Kiba didn't stop. He rained down blows.

The pain Lord Harley now felt could no longer be described in words. It was an agony of epic proportions.

"Bastard! Stop!"

He lost his elegant fa?ade for the first time and swore with boundless rage.

"Now now~ Be respectful to your motherfucker!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 727 - Shocking Lord Harley!