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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 726 - Wait! Answer An Important Question!

Chapter 726 - Wait! Answer An Important Question!

Just as Lord Harley turned, he saw the hammer closing to his face, barely an inch away. His eyes narrowed, but he didn't panic.

Sou! Sou!

From the ground, tentacle-like veins emerged and coiled around the hammer, stopping it from banging into his face.

"Wow! So quick!"

Kiba exclaimed, but he wasn't really surprised.

It was Lord Harley and not some random Alpha that could be caught off guard by the rapid turn of events.

But Kiba wasn't the type to accept failure.

So, the instant the tentacles coiled the hammer, he kicked out, aiming for the place where Lord Harley's thighs joined.

Ashlyn loved kicking that place, and since she wasn't here, he decided to do it on her behalf.

After all, that was true love.

And since Lord Harley was far older than him, he couldn't be disrespectful by not giving everything he had.


Now Lord Harley was shocked.

He had acted faster than lightning to block the hammer but spent a bit of energy in the process. Now there was no time to react that fast.

He tried to twist his body and summon more tentacles, but it was too late.


The kick successfully landed, sending a burst of terrifying energy into his crotch. His mouth flew open, and he let out a horrifying scream.


Lord Harley dropped to the floor, his eyes popping out.

He has never suffered such pain in his extraordinarily long life, and he couldn't handle it.


Kiba was pleasantly surprised by Lord Harley's screams. Even he didn't expect such a result.

"I think I made Ashlyn proud!"

He mentally patted himself on her behalf.

What he didn't know was that the Nutcracking Demoness would have been jealous of his achievement.

Because even her victims didn't suffer such a tremendous amount of pain!

And the credit went to Lord Harley's present body.

Because this wasn't his real body, but only mental projection. This should have been a blessing, but it turned into a curse.

After all, pain was nothing but a signal to warn the mind, the very aspect this projection represented.

And the kick to the most sensitive zone sent signal directly to the mind without any dilution by the physical body.

What should have been tragically painful even for the physical body now turned a hundred times more powerful.

Lord Harley snapped his teeth and lifted his head to look at Kiba.

"You are good…! Argh! No, you are excellent!!"

Despite the pain, he didn't lose his calm and genuinely praised Kiba.

Simultaneously, the tentacle-like veins running through the length and breadth of the Source Crystal's World burst out.

Kiba's eyes flickered.

These veins were the control of Lord Harley over Kirstie's consciousness, but now they left her consciousness and rushed in his direction.

Kiba shot back while dodging them. There were far too many of them, and he couldn't avoid them without creating a safe distance from Lord Harley.

That's what Lord Harley wanted.

He needed a minute to neutralize the pain, and he couldn't let Kiba take advantage in that time.

Kiba obviously knew that, but there wasn't much he could do now that the element of surprise was over. After all, this wasn't the real world where he could manifest his power Cosmic and twist the reality to his liking.

He stopped thousands of kilometers away from Lord Harley and scanned his surroundings for the first time.

There was nothing but bright red space.

"So this is the inside of a Source Crystal… not what I imagined."

Years ago, when Rebecca gave Zed Hope's Source Crystal, he had studied it. But he couldn't get much information as her crystal was incomplete.

That wasn't surprising as she was "the daughter of Kiba and not Zed" and naturally lacked the Hestia bloodline.

"But I was right in my initial guess. Source Crystals are a form of control, and their copies exist!"

He had studied inheritances from Celestial Elysian Plane that dealt with "source" and learned a bit about De Rose Empire's research.

"Hope would be fully immune from their influence, but I can't say the same for my other form…!"

Kiba's anger rose.

Unlike others, he never chased after power or immortality. Because he was satisfied with his freedom to do as he pleased.

Now that freedom was potentially at risk.


With a loud whooshing sound, the tentacle-like veins protecting Lord Harley rushed back into the ground.


Kiba turned and noticed Lord Harley rising to his feet.

"You were wrong," Lord Harley said with a smile on his face.

"Huh?" Kiba thought of what he had said so far. "About you being an unwanted product of condom failure?"

"Fufu! That as well, but I'm talking about what you said before that!"


Kiba was surprised.

When he put Kirstie into sleep and protected her from Lord Harley's further control, the latter had wondered who he was.

It was the exact moment he appeared in this world and answered: "The best fuck your mother ever had!"

Kiba placed a hand under his chin and said, "That hurts. Did your mother say I wasn't her best fuck?"

Lord Harley shook his head and replied, "No, but I know you didn't fuck her."


Kiba was genuinely curious.

"Wait! Don't tell me you are some pervert that spies on his mother's bedroom!?"


Lord Harley again shook his head before replying.

"I'm a child of Soverigness Hestia, and, I am aware of her history. She has never touched a man."


Kiba refused to believe it.

"Is she some sort of Virgin Mary?"

Lord Harley nodded his head and explained, "Every child of hers was created instead of being given birth to. So you were wrong on both counts."

Kiba was dumbstruck.

He has said everything to taunt Lord Harley, but rather than being offended, the latter was calm and patiently explained why Kiba was wrong.

"This is rather awkward… so you were produced in a lab?"


Lord Harley nodded and released his mental pressure. Now that all misunderstandings were clear, it was time to teach Kiba a lesson for his impudence.


The mental pressure turned into incorporeal waves and swept at Kiba from all directions. It was backed by his control over the world of Source Crystal.


Kiba shouted, startling Lord Harley.

"I have an important question left!"


Lord Harley stopped the waves and nodded.

"Your mother is a 100+ years old virgin! Her cunt must be really tight, right!?"

Lord Harley: "..............."

"Oh Creator!"

Kiba excitedly rubbed his hands.

"Just how good it would feel to have a virgin MILF!?"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 726 - Wait! Answer An Important Question!