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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 724 - Kiba Vs Kirstie

Chapter 724 - Kiba Vs Kirstie

Everyone was stunned by the arrival of the devilishly handsome man. Ravishing charm oozed out of him like radiance from the sun, and Katherine couldn't help but gulp at the sight of his chiseled body.

It was breathtaking.

Despite being in the middle of a battle site and the risk posed by Kirstie, she felt wet between her thighs.

She wished there was no one here but her so that she could pounce on this handsome specimen and ravish him to her heart's content.

On the side, her daughter's eyes turned wide as she looked at the golden-haired man, but it wasn't from excitement.

"There's no doubt! It is The Villain!"

Sophia exclaimed.

"Only he can be shameless enough to arrive half-naked while closing his pants!"

Katherine flinched, and so did Rebecca.

The latter because she recalled Kiba stealing her daughter-in-law and doing shameless things with her in front of everyone.

There was no doubt, he deserved the title of The Villain.

"The voice feels familiar…." Kiba turned towards Sophia and gasped. "Oh my! It is the Young Pervert!"

He noticed Katherine next to her and added, "There is even the MILF! How surprising!"

Katherine was internally excited.

He called her THE MILF.


Sophia didn't sense her mother's excitement. Her body brimmed with dazzlingly bright cyan energy, and she shouted, "Stop calling me that!"

She punched out in the air, causing cyclonic ripples to boom out, thoroughly destroying everything in their path as they reached Kiba.

"If I don't call you by your name, then what should I call you with?"

Kiba asked while shifting to the side.

The ripples grazed past him and slammed into the spatial storm in the distance.

Sophia huffed in anger, but Kiba pretended to be oblivious. He suddenly remembered something important and turned towards the teleportation portal.

"Hey, Zed, don't take advantage of the mayor's wife while I'm gone."

Kiba warned.

"I'm going to deal with your mess, so better be grateful instead of lusting after that good wife."

Sophia's eyes flooded with anger. She knew Zed had teleported where Kiba was, and based on everything she had heard, there was a naked woman on the other side.

The love of her life was sharing a room with a naked, mature woman!

But she wasn't worried about that. She knew what sort of man he was.

So, the reason for her anger wasn't the naked woman but the innuendo implied by Kiba.

"Zed isn't like you! He never takes advantage of anyone, especially a woman!"

Sophia protested with righteous anger.

"In fact, he respects women the most!"

"......" Katherine broke into a cold sweat.

"Oh my, sweet summer child…."

She was worried for her na?ve daughter.

"Your heart is going to be break when the winter arrives."

"Really?" Kiba started to turn back to Sophia, but just then, a volcanic amount of heat blasted at him.

He lifted his hand and waved it, causing the heat to deflect to the side and crash on the teleportation portal. The teleportation beads melted into oblivion, and the portal faded.

Kiba then turned towards the one who attacked him.


"Didn't I say I'm not into overly hot stuff?" Kiba asked.

Kirstie ignored his question and disappeared. At the same instant, she appeared behind him, her fire hand reaching for his neck, ready to reduce it to a pulp.

But when her hand grabbed the neck, there was nothing but thin air. He has disappeared like lightning in the night sky.


Kirstie quickly swirled around, feeling he would appear behind her and attack her like she did.

After all, the back was the biggest blind sport even for an Alpha.

But he wasn't there.

"Hi, looking for me?"

He appeared to her right and asked.

She decided to respond by shooting back and simultaneously attacking him. But before she could act on her thoughts, an elbow viciously slammed into her ribs.

The flames bathing her scattered, and a force ripple visible to the naked eye swept into her.


A cry escaped her mouth, and she was sent rolling to the ground. She crashed like a burning meteorite, pulverizing the surrounding.

But she didn't stay there for even a moment. Just as she crashed, she shot back at Kiba, leaving behind a blinding streak of fire.

In the distance, Rebecca couldn't stay still any longer. She has an inkling of Kiba's strength, and even though Kirstie's strength was increasing and might catch up to him, she was afraid of mutual destruction.

"Don't interfere."

Katherine grabbed her hand. Rebecca's eyebrows creased, but Katherine didn't ease her grip.

"You are a mother and, as such, can't be rational when it comes to your daughter. But unlike you, Kiba has no such restrictions."

Rebecca pulled her hand, but Katherine tightened her grip and said, "And don't worry, he won't kill her."

Rebecca paused and stared at Katherine.

How could she be so sure?

"Don't you remember Kirstie praising Kiba just yesterday?" Katherine asked.

Rebecca winced. She remembered that, and she knew her daughter had met Kiba before he stole Steve's bride.

And based on what she heard from Kirstie's maid, they had become friends of a sort in the short time they met.

"See my point?" Katherine released Rebecca from her grip.

Rebecca nodded, and Katherine relaxed. Given Kiba's strength, he would notice Kirstie wasn't in control of her functions.

So there was hope that he would help her.

Katherine concluded by adding, "And if we have judged him wrong, we can intervene."

Rebecca agreed and focused on the battle.

Kirstie, surrounded by a sea of fire, shot at Kiba.


Kiba's aura erupted, and brilliant arcs of lightning spread from him. Simultaneously, another Kiba emerged from him and rushed into the direction of the spatial storm to deal with Section IV.

The remaining Kiba charged at Kirstie.


Two extremely destructive forces – lightning and fire – crashed into each other, causing a frightening detonation to rang out. Shockwaves swept out like an army of galloping horses, obliterating everything in their path.

As this happened, Kirstie threw hundreds of punches and thousands of kicks, powered by heat that could scorch the sky and consume the earth. Alas, her speed was no match for Kiba's, and all her attacks passed through his afterimages.

But she wasn't concerned. Her powers had increased dramatically by then, and she roared at Kiba like a ferocious dragon.

Kiba's eyes narrowed.

The energy in the surrounding turned erratic and began to swirl all around him. In a split second, ten swirling seals of fire emerged, locking him.

Sweat began to ooze out of him as if he was in the middle of ten suns.

Even the seals absorbed the lightning surging from him as if they were the original source of all forms of powers.

The seals released scorching radiance on Kiba, submerging him in a temperature that not even an Alpha of his caliber could handle.

"For someone who has recently gained the powers of an Alpha, you sure learned a mystic technique in no time."

Kiba mused as he released the lock on his powers. The other Kiba had managed to act before Section IV fully opened, and with that done, there was no reason to hold back.


Holy glow erupted from him and cut through the scorching radiance.

With a whooshing sound, bright pairs of wings burst out of his back, and he transformed into his Holy Form.

"I guess this just confirms that you are being controlled by someone really powerful."

Kiba said as the golden staff appeared in his hand.

Rebecca, Katherine, and Sophia's faces fell while Kirstie smiled. She smiled because her puppet master wasn't worried.

Kiba could never find who was controlling her! Nor could he do anything to severe the strings!!

She motioned her hand, and the ten seals moved in a formation to deal with Kiba.

Holy Form or not, she would defeat him at all costs, even if it meant the loss of her life.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 724 - Kiba Vs Kirstie