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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 720 - Premonition?!

Chapter 720 - Premonition?!

Agatha pretended she didn't say anything about his father and reacted like she wouldn't tell him what she found amiss. She was sure he must have a reason for him to stop her, and so she followed his lead.

She kissed him with everything she had, tantalizing him with pleasure. Her arms went to the back of her dress, and she pulled the zip down.

The dress dropped to the floor, followed by her bra, exposing her ripe breasts. Simultaneously, she pulled her lips from his and slid her hand into his pants.

Her hand flared up as she found his cock. It was seething with heat, and it throbbed excitedly.

"Someone seems very happy to see me naked."

Agatha grinned and started pumping the hard cock, just the way he liked.

Kiba smiled and closed his eyes.

As she pumped his cock back and forth, he mentally connected with the Legacy Orb left by the Cosmic Emperor.

Besides the memories of his future-self, the orb also had what the Cosmic Emperor called False Memories. So far, he didn't know their role, but now he had an inkling of their use.

If he was right, it was to deceive himself.

He could use them to make himself "forget" the information he learned, and act in a fashion that wouldn't strengthen the time loop.

While he didn't learn anything about the future from the orb, he has learned something that his future-self wouldn't have learned until later.

And it was from Agatha. In Cosmic Emperor's timeline, she would be in deep slumber, so she would never tell him what she found amiss.

Now she did in this timeline, at least partly. That was enough for him to conclude what she would have said.

And it was beyond horrifying for him because it hinted of a conspiracy of disastrous proportions.

A conspiracy he couldn't deal with now. Not without risking the consequences he wasn't ready to face, yet.

"Make me 'forget' what she said… make me 'believe' I never thought of what she said."

Kiba commanded the Legacy Orb, and in response, the orb glowed brightly. Starlight dust swept out and flooded into his brain.

The last ten minutes of his memories were "changed'.

Now Agatha never asked him questions regarding his birth, the prophecy, and his father's sacrifice for him. These memories were now replaced with her slowly arriving in the lab, teasing him with her divine body, and then giving him a slow, passionate kiss.

Kiba opened his eyes and looked at her. She looked back at him while increasing the pacing of her strokes.

She pumped him rapidly, moving her hand from the tip of his cock to the end of his shaft.

"I like these strokes, but I know a place where I would absolutely love them."

"I think I know that place!"

Agatha smirked and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his torso. Kiba slipped his hands behind her to cup the curves of her ass.

"I'm ready," Agatha closed her face to his and whispered. "Are you?"

Kiba answered by thrusting his fat cock into her entrance. She yelped and let out a sexy moan.

Kiba absolutely loved her pussy…

? ? ?

Sometime later, he transformed into Zed and teleported back to the house on the other side of the city.

"You are back."

Rebecca's voice entered his ears as he stepped out of the library. He glanced at his mother and internally sighed.

"Yes, apologies for the delay," Zed replied with a bittersweet smile. "There were few issues I needed to deal with."

Rebecca nodded in understanding. Alas, she didn't know that she didn't understand him at all.

"Anyways, now's the time to carry out the final operation on Kirstie."

Zed said as he stepped past her and walked into the portal leading to the main laboratory. She followed him, while subconsciously recalling what she saw last night:

Zed fucking Katherine while Sophia licked her mother's pussy.

It was the most shocking scene she saw. Even the act of Kiba cuckolding Steven in front of her wasn't that shocking.

Rebecca shook her head. Her son's sex life wasn't something she needed to be concerned with!

"While it is shocking that he committed such an act, given his disposition… but this just confirms he's the son of Zerenski."

Rebecca subconsciously reasoned.

Given her silent and cold personality, it was hard to believe she would think of such an act, and that too justify it.


Her thoughts were broken by Sophia's exclamation.

"Where were you?"

Sophia jumped on Zed and hugged him.

"I was worried when I didn't saw you after waking up."

Zed smiled and hugged her back.

"I'm sorry, Sophia."

Zed apologized sincerely.

"I have no excuse other than that I caved into my selfish desires."

Sophia was confused, but then again, she felt she knew him.

So, given his personality, he must have gone to help someone! Yet he was apologizing and saying he went for selfish reasons!!

Oh god, the love of my life is hopelessly kind!!!

He would call himself selfish even when he went out to help.

She hugged him tightly and said, "There's no reason to apologize! What you call selfish is kindness in everyone's dictionary!"

Zed smiled.

She sure was right.

He was only being kind when he spent time with Eva and Agatha. There was no selfishness involved.

Not at all.

"Brother!" Kirstie called him out.

Zed brushed away his thoughts and broke the hug.

"You seem healthy, young lady."

He said while stepping before her.

Kirstie beamed at him brightly.

"All thanks to you, brother!" She said and pulled him beside her. "I could now walk!"

Zed broke into a smile. He was glad to see her improvement. i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

In this world, there were very few people like her who deserved all the happiness.

And how could they not?

After all, they knew the greatness of Kiba!!

? ? ?

In the State of Avalon, there was someone who also knew the greatness of Kiba. And that someone suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

"What's going on?!"

Olly jumped up from the sofa, his face ashen.

"Is this again a premonition warning the arrival of The Devil?!"

Olly started shivering as he trusted his premonitions.

And he has good reasons to! Because whenever he got such premonition, something terrible happened… at least for him and his poor father!

"Is Dad going to be cuckolded again!?"

Olly's face lost all traces of blood.

"Oh god! I don't want to help that devil in cuckolding my dad yet again!"

Across the sofa, a young woman in her early twenties was bewildered by Olly's actions.

Just moments ago, they were having a nice chat, and now he was acting like he saw the devil!

"Are you alright, dear?" The young woman asked.

Olly turned to her. He has seen her countless times, but he couldn't help but thank God for making a woman like her whenever he saw her.

Because she was a female fatale with curly blonde hair and light brown skin!

She has a figure to die for!

And luckily for him, he didn't have to die, for she was his fiancée!

"Yes, Kriti," Olly replied with a forced smile. "I was worried for dad for no reason."

"Don't worry!"

Kriti pacified him with a warm smile.

"Your mom is there to take care of him! And besides, he also has a good son like you!"


Olly broke into tears. That was why he was worried.

He was a Good Son, after all!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 720 - Premonition?!