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Chapter 59 Luck?

A few hours later, Irina entered her brother’s room.

"Brother, how are you?" Irina sat on the bed next to Monto. She caressed his wounds gently but Monto remained silent.

"I am sorry," Irina applied some cream on his wounds as she continued, "But please understand I did everything for protecting you."

Monto’s expression turned ugly.

"Slapping me multiple times in front of everyone is your definition of protecting me?" Monto was incensed. She has already humiliated him as it is but now is even justifying it as protecting him?!

Irina sighed deeply seeing her reaction of her brother. She put away the medicinal cream and in a serious tone asked him, "Do you know who is Zed?"

"Of course I know!" Monto has collected information about Zed after the embarrassing episode.

"If you truly knew then you won’t be angry. Instead, you will be trembling in fear for your behavior," Irina bitterly remarked.

"Trembling? What a joke. I know he is a slum dweller who got lucky and became rich," Monto stated the information he has acquired, "I also know he is studying at Royal Heart Academy and owns a luxurious villa in Nature’s Harmony Neighborhood at eastern area of the city. How is this supposed to make me tremble in fear?"

How can the gossip industry not work when an ex-slum dweller owns a 50,000 sq. foot villa in an area where only the rich lives? Can it remain a secret when such a person study in the number one academy in the city?

Monto was easily able to inquire knowledge about Zed’s villa and academy record through his contacts and the rumors on the internet.

"This information is enough to make you tremble in fear but alas you are truly brain dead," Irina was tired of her brother’s behavior. She might be his sister but she was also the leader of Soaring Sky Gang.

"Sis, you---" Monto quickly became silent after seeing the anger on his sister’s face. He didn’t dare throw any more tantrums.

"Let me ask you a very simple question," Irina was aware of her brother’s personality so she knew she has to enlighten him otherwise he will do something stupid.

"Question?" Monto asked.

"Yes," Irina nodded her head and continued," Suppose an orphan kid is carrying golden ornaments in a market. What do you think will happen to the kid and his ornaments?"

"Isn’t it obvious? That kid will get his ornaments snatched by the grownups. As for the kid...he will be interrogated by the others on how he gained such ornaments." Monto couldn’t understand why will she ask him such a simple question.

"Now replace the kid with Zed, and replace the ornaments with the villa & bank balance. Tell me what should happen?" Irina asked in a patient voice.

"That’s..." Monto understood what Irina meant. What should be the fate of Zed who is carrying so much wealth without any influential background?

"Will you say Zed living in a civil society will mean he will be protected from thieves?" Irina continued.

"N-no...the greed of people is hard to control. Murders and robberies happen every day. Even the government officials will try to embezzle the wealth by dubious means," Monto answered with a surprise expression evident on his face.

"Yet Zed is alive and flaunting his wealth without any care in the world. Why is that?" Irina asked.

"I...he was lucky," Monto refused to believe what his sister was trying to imply so he said, "Maybe no one truly strong tried to target him."

"Really?" Irina wasn’t surprised by her brother’s stubbornness, "You think the gangs and officers will leave such a big fish alone for so long? Wouldn’t they try to take action as soon as possible afraid the others will catch this big catch?"

"Sis, I..." Monto wanted to continue but he didn’t know how.

" Maybe the gangs and officers are truly blind so they didn’t notice Zed and his wealth at all? Or maybe they took pity on him since he was from a slum so they thought to let the kid live his life? Is this what you want to say?" Irina asked in a loud voice.

"O-of course not," Monto’s voice was faint but he still continued, "All of what you said is just a guess. Some people are born with great luck as an ability so it is not too far stretched to say..."

"You are thinking I am just guessing?" Irina was disappointed in her brother. With a sigh, she continued, "Do you know what decide the survival of a gang?"

"Strength!" Monto answered confidently.

Irina wanted to slap her brother again. If she didn’t know it better she would have thought he was adopted.

"Why was I cursed with you as my brother?" Irina massaged her forehead as she continued, "Strength is important but not what decide survival. Survival depends on knowledge..."

Monto was angered by her sister’s words but he didn’t dare say anything. Still, he couldn’t help but ask, "Knowledge on what?"

"Knowledge on what type of people you can never offend," Irina’s expression was serious as she continued, "You think I will tremble in fear after seeing Zed’s face just because of my ’guesses’?"


"I feared him because I have done my homework on survival as a gang leader," Irina’s voice was heavy.


"Yes. Do you know the similarity between Eastern Sky Gang, Tiger Might Gang, and Greedy Wolf Gang?"

"Those gangs no longer exist..." Monto didn’t dare believe what his sister was trying to imply, "Are you saying they were wiped out by Zed? He might be strong for his age but that’s it...there is no way..."

"I never said Zed is responsible. Perhaps he is a part of some influential group or he has a powerful backer," Irina clarified.

"Sis, you have to be wrong," Monto tried to reason. From what he knew, Eastern Sky Gang and Tiger Might Gang, they were murdered in cold blood but the style of killing was different in both cases.

As for Greedy Wolf Gang, their headquarters was destroyed by a chemical blast. The police inquiry said the gang was making some dangerous explosives when the blast occurred.

"Accidents can be created to avoid suspicion. Anyways, the point you missed is that all these three gangs were active in the eastern part of the city where Zed lives," Irina continued, "You know how strict we gangs are when it comes to the regions we control."

Monto: "....."

"Most importantly, all these groups were wiped out only after Zed started living there. You truly think everything I have said so far is all a coincidence?"

Monto: "...."

"Not only gangs, but even many corrupt officials in that part of the city have died. Some were murdered while others died in strange incidents, with the police finding nothing in their investigation. You think even this is a coincidence?"


"Anyone who might take a fancy to his wealth has died in one way or another. If you still think this is coincidence, then I am sure Zed’s ability is related to luck," Irina concluded by a final question, "Then what do you think will happen to those who fancy his life?"

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