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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 58 Unexpected Conclusion

Chapter 58 Unexpected Conclusion

Half an hour later, Zed and Jessica found themselves at an underground basement. The walls looked crude with no paint but they seemed to have survived the test of time. What caught Zed’s attention were the motion sensors and cameras inside.

"Seems like your boss is truly serious about his job," Zed wasn’t stingy with the praises. The group remained silent as walked further inside the basement.

"Their boss is a woman named Irina," Jessica corrected Zed.

"Oh?" Zed pretended to be surprised. Actually, he has his guesses when he heard the fatty ordering behalf of his ’sister’ but he still wanted to confirm if the sister was the main boss.

"Zed, I will request their boss for you so please allow me to do the talking," Jessica was truly worried Zed would be killed. She couldn’t understand Zed’s actions so far.

"Sure, if possible if don’t want to die," Zed said.

"Where is your arrogance from before?" Monto couldn’t help but be excited thinking how he will kill Zed.

"If you harm Zed then I will never help you," Jessica stepped in front of Zed. She thought only her use as a healer could be used as a bargaining chip.

"I have heard your brother has just started the school. It will be terrible if he was hit by a car on his way to school," Monto said with a smirk.

Jessica felt her determination wavering. They have always used her family to make her do their biddings. Once she has tried to use the help of the police but the police just moved her in circles. Later on, she learned that the gang has bribed the police officers.

"I meant what I said! If you harm Zed, I will not help you ever!" Jessica said resolutely. She knew this was the time to fight back otherwise this will never end.

"Bitch, you won’t shed tears till you see your brother in a coffin?" Monto gritted his teethes in anger. He has never seen her so determined.

"What about your friends?" Jessica hit back," Could you afford the costly treatment from hospitals regularly?"

There was regular face-off among rival gangs which will result in causalities. Jessica could help them in reducing the causalities but if she refused?


Monto’s eyes were filled with fury. This bitch has never talked back before! But today she was warning them with consequences?!

Zed was surprised by Jessica’s words and determination. He didn’t think she has what it takes to fight back since her family was under threat.

"I guess she always knew her value to the gang but never spoke due to her fear of her family’s safety," Zed thought with a smile," The incidents at the academy made her realize she has to step up for her rights otherwise the bullying would never end."

Perhaps she has always known this but lacked the courage to take the first step.

"Why the fuck are you smiling?" Monto couldn’t handle the attitude of Zed.

"You didn’t mention smiling was forbidden," Zed answered. He noticed an empty seat around and made himself comfortable.

Monto wanted to attack him but Zima stopped him.

"Let us inform Irina first," Zima reasoned. He then ordered Jessica to follow them in the other room so that she can heal their comrades.

"Unless Irina guarantees me Zed’s safety, I am not going to help you at all," Jessica was adamant in her decision. She sat in a seat opposite of Zed.

Monto and Zima controlled their anger and took their leave.


In a room some distance away, Zima explained the situation to a woman who appeared to be in her thirties. She was blessed with a gorgeous body and creamy pale skin tone.

"Sis, we can’t let Jessica win otherwise she would get out of our control," Monto explained his stand.

Irina nodded her head. If they allowed Jessica to take a victory once then her demands would rise.

"That kid will die," Irina made her decision. She has to let Jessica know that she lacks any bargaining rights by killing this kid. She was sure Jessica will have no choice but to help for her family’s safety.

"Let me meet the kid who dared to harm my brother," Irina walked towards the room where Zed and Jessica were sitting.


Jessica noticed Irina walking towards them while Zed was ignorant since he was sitting in opposite direction.

"Jessica, you got some guts to demand safety of a man who harmed my brother," Irina loudly said.

"Irina, you are wrong. Monto attacked him first," Jessica explained.

"Shut up!" Irina threw a threatening gaze towards Jessica.

She then walked towards the chair where Zed was sitting. She really wanted to see what type of man has influenced Jessica.

"Sis, kill him!" Monto was laughing from behind.

"Am I going to die?" Zed turned his face back and saw a woman walking towards him. Zed thought she was rather sexy which made him feel sad for he planned to kill everyone here.

"Yes! You are going to regret your every decision!" Monto couldn’t control his excitement, "Sis, kill him slowly!"

Monto then noticed something strange. His sister was struck on the spot like a statue.


Irina’s face was pale. Her entire body was precipitating heavily as if she has seen a ghost.

"y-you are Zed," Irina muttered in disbelief.

"I am," Zed nodded his head," and you must be Irina. I wish I could say it is a pleasure to meet you but honestly, it isn’t."

Irina felt her scalp numbing with pain. Quickly she turned her body around, and without any warning, slapped her brother. The slap was so heavy it made Monto roll in the air for some time before falling on the ground.

Everyone in the room has their eyes wide open with shock. Wasn’t she supposed to punish Zed and not her brother?


Zed was also surprised by her actions but then quickly he thought of something.

Outside, the hovercraft was still in stealth mode with its laser guns aimed at the vital areas of the building. Claudia saw the turn of events, through the cameras she has hacked, which startled her.

[[I guess there is a smart person in a group of idiots.]] Claudia remarked. She put the weapons on standby and continued to monitor the situation.


Irina landed a kick on Zima who was some distance away. Zima collided with a wall and coughed up blood mixed with his few teethes.

"What is going on?" Jessica was shocked by the turn of events. Why was Irina beating her subordinates?

The others who were in the room were horrified.

What the fuck is going on?

Irina turned towards Jessica and said, "I have punished my brother and my subordinate so I hope there is no bad blood between us. I hope you can continue to help us."

Jessica couldn’t understand the change in the behavior of Irina.

"Sis, what are you doing?" Monto angrily asked.

"Shut up you idiot," Irina made a threatening gesture towards him.

"Jessica won’t be helping you," Zed suddenly spoke.

"Z-Zed, please understand the deal is good for her as well. We are paying her so she is not in loss either," Irina tried to reason.

"Pay?" Jessica was surprised. When was she paid for helping them?

Irina quickly understood the situation seeing Jessica’s reaction. She slapped her brother again.

"You embezzled the money I gave you to pay her?" Irina wished her brother was dead. In any relationship, it was necessary to have some goodwill even if the foundation lied on fear.

"Sis, I thought it was a waste to pay her---"

"So you embezzled the money?" Irina landed another slap on his face.

"You can punish your brother later," Zed left his chair and said, "First pay Jessica what you owe along with the interest. Then make a digital confession absolving her of any guilt for all the help she gave you."

Jessica was surprised by Zed’s demands. Not only was he demanding money but also a digital confession. A confession which can help to prove her innocence if anyone checked her background and found criminal links.

"I understand," Irina grudgingly agreed. She went away to an adjacent room for preparing the settlement.

Zed noticed Monto’s sorry state but he could pretty much judge the type of hate and malice Manto has for him and Jessica.

Zed gave a glance to the camera and faintly muttered, "There are too many insects here."

Outside, Claudia read the lips of her master through the cameras. Quickly, a small mechanical wasp flew out from the hovercraft and entered the basement undetected by the motion sensors.

Manto couldn’t understand his sister’s behavior today.

Why was she so kind to this bastard and that bitch?

He touched his face to feel the swollen cheeks and the blood leaking from lips. Suddenly he felt something stinging on his neck from behind. He turned around and saw a wasp quickly fleeing.

"Motherfucker, even insects are stinging me today!" Monto cursed loudly.


Ten minutes later, Zed and Jessica were outside the building. There was a suitcase in Jessica’s hand but she didn’t dare believe the contents inside.

Is everything over just like this? It was far too easy!

"I am free from now..." Jessica muttered.

"You are," Zed nodded and said, "You can focus on your studies without having to worry about anything."

"thank---nevermind. I won’t be thanking you from now," Jessica gave a rare smile.

"That will be great," Zed agreed and then said, "Give the digital confession to Felicity tomorrow so that she can tie up the loose ends with the help of her father. If you have told her before she would have handled the situation in no time."

"I understand, "Jessica knew they were her friends so there was nothing wrong in taking their help.

Some distance away from them a red hovercraft was waiting.

"It is late so let’s go," Zed told her. Quickly they sit inside and left the area.


"Zed, can I ask you something?" Jessica’s voice was low.

"Sure," Zed’s attention was on the road ahead.

"Are you acquainted with Irina?" Jessica asked the question which was pestering her. She thought they were definitely connected otherwise why will Irina behave in such a way?

"Nope. It was the first time I met her," Zed answered.

"What?" Jessica was shocked.

"I have no reason to lie," Zed said.

"I didn’t mean you were lying," Jessica apologized and said, "Are you perhaps a member of some mafia or government group?"

"...nope. Your imagination is quite rich though."

"Then why will she behave in such a way after seeing you?" Jessica no longer felt any awkwardness while speaking to Zed.

"I don’t know but I do have a guess if you are interested," Zed said.

"Please tell," Jessica requested.

"Irina is a professional in her job," Zed answered with a smile. i𝘯n𝚛𝑒α𝚍. C𝐨𝓶

"What does that mean?"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 58 Unexpected Conclusion