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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 57 Dont Kill Me Here

Chapter 57 Don“t Kill Me Here

"You are a true trouble magnet," Zed spoke as if he was stating a fact. He was now sure why felicity got so well with Jessica. She has always loved trouble and most likely her sensors have detected Jessica’s trouble magnet ability.

Jessica’s face was red with embarrassment. She was shocked by Zed’s words given the present condition but then she thought his words were true.

"I am sorry," Jessica apologized. From Zed’s conduct so far, she knew he won’t leave her. He would definitely help her but this made her feel worried.

Zed suffered internal injuries just due to summoning his fire domain and that too without attacking someone, so what about now facing a gang of five mutants? They might not have terrifying abilities like zed but surely their battle experience would make up for shortcomings.

Most importantly this gang was one of the strongest gangs in the city and from what she knew, the gang leader was a fierce mutant named Irina.

"Don’t take our patience for granted," The chief of five men warned Zed. The gang has been patient so far but this kid didn’t know the meaning of getting lost.

"I should tell the same to you," Zed was as calm as ever.

"Zima, let me deal with him," a fat man who has been silent so far said.

"Monto, don’t kill him though," Zima agreed at the proposal. He was sure Monto could deal with a brat like Zed given his inborn strength.

"I will spare his life but I won’t spare his annoying face," Monto clenched his fist and with a speed not suiting his body, he threw a punch at Zed’s face.

Monto grinned fiercely as he saw the punch landing on Zed’s face but contrary to his expectations, his punch passed through Zed like a stone passing through a curtain of water.

The Zed in front of him turned into water vapors and disappeared into thin air.


"Watch out!" Monto heard a warning from behind but it was too late. He found a hand, engulfed with fire, clenching his throat. The fire was seething but it didn’t burn Monto as if it was waiting for its master’s permission.

"N-no please," Monto felt the scorching heat on his face. He was sure the fire could burn him in no time.

"You should never underestimate your opponent," Zed released his grip on Monto’s neck.

Monto was pleasantly surprised but then next moment he felt a kick landing on his balls!

"Aahhhhhhh!" Monto fell loudly on his knees gasping for air. His face turned pale and his eyes were filled with tears.

"Oops!" Zed politely bowed towards the fallen opponent and said, "I applied extra force by mistake because I thought you are very strong."


How am I being strong is related to kicking me on balls?! 𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

You didn’t even have to use such an underhanded attack when I was already under your grip!

Monto wanted to curse loudly but currently, he couldn’t even handle the pain much less curse.

Zima’s expression was heavy. He couldn’t understand how Zed dodged Monto’s punch. That punch looked simple but it was both fast and heavy.

Jessica’s eyes were wide open with surprise. She couldn’t help but marvel at Zed’s master on fire so well that he could manipulate the opposing element of water. She was sure Zed transformed the water vapors into a doppelganger just a moment before Monto threw the punch.

Zima commanded the other three to support Monto and bring him back. Zed allowed them to do as they please while waiting for their next reaction.

Monto gulped down a mouthful of water and then looked at Zed with a vision full of hatred.

"You are going to die," Monto said with a voice filled with fury.

"I am? Here I thought you were going to spare my life," Zed’s face was full of sadness.

"You!" Monto gritted his teeth. Earlier he has claimed he was going to spare his life, but now this bastard was intentionally poking at his sore spot after defeating him.

"You won because I underestimated you," Monto said.

"O course!" Zed nodded his head, "Otherwise how can I land a kick on you?"

"Shut up!" Monto turned his face at Zima and said, "Kill him!"

Zima was hesitant. He was sure they could defeat their opponent if they attacked together, but he was having a bad feeling after seeing the relaxed attitude of Zed.

"I am commanding you on behalf of my sister," Monto ordered once again.

"Excuse me!" Zed waved his hand to get their attention," Please kill me somewhere else. Here is a residential area, so people might call the police if you murder me here."

Zed then pointed at his hovercraft and said, "The hovercraft has outer cameras which record everything within its vicinity and store them in a cloud storage. If you kill me here then the police would definitely find evidence. No matter how influential you are... you won’t be able to go scot-free with all the evidence."

The group has their mouths wide open with shock.

Is he stupid?

No! He has to be a moron!

Otherwise what type of person will tell others the perfect ways to kill without arousing suspicion?!

"How about killing me at your headquarters?" Zed explained further after finding no response from the group, "I am sure you won’t have to worry about disposing of my body there."

Jessica was dumbfounded by Zed’s words as well. She was sure Zed wasn’t a fool but then why will he insist on going to a devil’s lair?!

"Jessica, we have made them wait for us so long," Zed waked Jessica from her trance-like state. Then he once again spoke to the group, "You said you were in a hurry, so let’s go. Jessica can heal your friends while you kill me."

Jessica: "..."

" The deal can’t get better than this!" Zed concluded.

"He is brain-dead!" Monto muttered.

Zima was silent. He was sure there was something amiss but couldn’t exactly pinpoint out what.

" Most of our friends, including my sister, are there so why are you hesitating?!" Monto was incensed," Let us take that fool with us and complete his wish."

Zima reluctantly consented after making sure Zed didn’t carry any traceable item.

Claudia was monitoring the entire situation through the sensors of hovercraft. She saw Zed and Jessica being ’taken away’ by the gang.

[[The world lacks in many things but definitely not in idiots.]] Claudia made a remark to herself.

She activated the stealth mode of hovercraft and followed her master.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 57 Dont Kill Me Here