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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 56 Trouble Magne

Chapter 56 Trouble Magne

"There is something in the city which can exterminate us all!" Rhea’s body trembled as the gray particles on her body fought with the energy from the blood-red crystals.

Poseidon found those words hard to believe but he knew she has no reason to lie. Was their strength not even enough to defend themselves against that existence?

"Urgh!" Rhea’s face turned pale as she tried to control the corrosion inside her, "There is something definitely wrong with the future I saw. That man could perceive my existence and even attack me. How is it possible for someone in future to attack someone from the past? Unless..."

Rhea thought of something horrifying but quickly she brushed off her guess.

"No! That should be against the very laws of the universe! Not even those from my home world can do that thing! But then..."

She looked at Poseidon and said, "My duty is to guide you and not order you. If you still want to take action then I won’t stop you."

"You have every right to order me," Poseidon bowed towards her and said, "I don’t want my ambitions to destroy the smile of my family and the people of Atlantis."

"Good," Rhea sighed deeply, "I need to have some rest."

"I understand," Poseidon took his leave.

------------------------- 𝒾𝓃𝓷𝘳e𝗮𝒅. 𝐜૦𝒎

Thrill Park, Delta City

1500 miles above the ground, one man and two women were falling downwards. They were wearing the standard diving instruments excluding parachute!

One of the women has a very excited appearance while the rest two were on verge of crying.

"Enjoy the fall instead of being a pussy," the woman enjoyed the air passing by her and eyed the man with contempt, "I wouldn’t have to do this if you weren’t so introvert. Just what type of man shed tears of joy because some celebrity is going to become a father?"

Zed wanted to cry but has no tears. He regretted his actions in the cafeteria when the news of Kiba becoming a father was released.

How was he supposed to know Felicity would book a thrill ride for him?

Another woman beside them also wanted to cry, "Felicity, I wasn’t even there so why am I jumping with you two?"

The woman felt her luck was good with her making friends with Zed and Felicity but now she realized she was happy far too early. After the academy was closed, Felicity invited her for a ride.

How was she supposed to know the ride would mean a free fall from 1500+ miles above the ground?

"Jessica, this will make you strong," Felicity answered without caring if her words made sense or not, "Anyways, just enjoy."

Zed saw the ground getting nearer and the fear he felt increased. If he was Kiba then he wouldn’t mind falling from earth’s orbit but not as Zed.

If Kiba was a man with wings then Zed was someone whose wings have been chopped off. It was like a police officer knowing he was not wearing armor while finding himself a target of a thief with a gun. The fear he felt was rooted due to this knowledge instead of real life and death crisis.

"Daniel, you are going to pay a price soon," Zed tried to divert his mind by blaming Daniel, "You think you will go scot-free after creating so many problems in my life?"

"Ahhh!" Zed screamed as he saw the ground almost some 10 miles away from him.

"What a disappointment," Felicity waved her hand and a cushion of flowers sprouted from the ground upon which the three fell.

Zed and Jessica sighed in relief knowing they were alive while Felicity remarked how boring it was.

"Felicity, I am feeling unwell so I have to return home," Zed knew she will try to find more exciting rides so he tried to make an excuse.

"I have an appointment as well so I should leave," Jessica adjusted her glasses after removing the diving instruments.

"No way! I have a good ride in my mind!" Felicity ignored their words of protest.

But it seemed the gods were in Jessica and Zed’s favor as suddenly Felicity’s phone range.

"Dad?" Felicity felt a headache after seeing the caller name. Grudgingly she picked up the call.

"I am helping Zed with a treatment," Felicity answered on her phone call," so no, I can’t come back and leave him for death."

Zed felt his mouth twitch. He wanted to complain to her father but he didn’t dare. He knew she would make his life far worse if he did that.

"What do you mean there are guests?" Felicity was annoyed but quickly she was excited, "You promise to allow me to go to the jungle? Good! I am coming back now!"

Zed: "...."

Felicity put her phone back and said, "Some guests from the government are arriving so I have to leave for their welcome."

Jessica knew Felicity’s father was a senator so she wasn’t surprised by her words.

"There would be more guests in the upcoming week," Felicity started cursing loudly, "I want to kill the fucker who created that scene in the wasteland. Couldn’t he (she) have done it in another city?"

Zed: T_T

Jessica was surprised by her words so she asked, "scene in the wasteland? But wasn’t the golden lightning created due to a missile test?"

"No. Dad said that the missile test was just an excuse to fool commoners. There is some huge secret, but from what I know a high-ranking scientist is probably responsible," Felicity answered.

Seeing the look of disbelief on Jessica’s face, Felicity continued, "Don’t trust the news or what others tell you. Even the history class was more of propaganda."

As a daughter of a senator, she knew the way the world worked.

"Most likely there is going to be an investigation in the wasteland. Then there is that missing low-level scientist and her team," Felicity said the details she knew.

Zed has a nonchalant expression throughout. He wasn’t worried about the investigation because he and Claudia have cleared all evidence which could lead up to him.

"In the worst case scenario, I will just leave the city," Zed was confident in his ability to survive the upcoming ordeal.

"Anyways, I have to leave," Felicity turned towards Zed and said, "it is late so you accompany Jessica to her home."

"T-there is no need. I will take a bus," Jessica felt her heartbeat racing.

"He is rich so I doubt driving his car for some extra miles would be a problem," Felicity’s decision was final.

"N-no I don’t want to create a problem," Jessica said.

"It is not a problem," Zed didn’t mind giving her a ride. He also knew he has no choice in this matter just like Jessica.

Zed opened the door of the hovercraft and allowed Jessica to take a seat first. He sat on the driver’s seat and quickly put on the gear.

Jessica was nervous thinking whether she should start a conversation or not.

"Who is in your family?" Zed started the conversation himself.

"My mom, dad, and a younger brother," Jessica was glad Zed took the initiative first.

"That’s good," Zed nodded while his attention was on the road ahead.

"What about your family?" Jessica asked.

"My parents died when I was young so I live by myself," Zed gave an excuse. Only Felicity and Agatha knew the truth in this world.

"I am sorry I shouldn’t have asked," Jessica apologized.

"It is not an issue," Zed smiled and said.


"We have arrived," Zed parked the hovercraft outside a building and accompanied Jessica outside.

The community was rather congested with buildings sticking close to each other. Zed looked around and thought the area was rather poor but still far better than the slums.

"Thank you," Jessica wanted to invite him to her apartment for a cup of coffee but she didn’t know how she should ask.

"If you really want to thank me then just stop thanking me," Zed didn’t found it was a big deal to give her a ride. He lived the life of Zed for multiple reasons but one of them was to experience things he couldn’t as Kiba.

Jessica found the will to ask him for coffee but then she noticed a familiar group of people some distance away.

"Z-Zed, see you at the academy," Jessica hurriedly said.

"Hmm?" Zed noticed the group of people as well. From their clothes, they appeared to be members of some local gang.

The group of people arrived in front of Jessica and Zed.

"Why are you late today?" one of them asked Jessica.

"i-i was with my friends," Jessica tried to explain.

"Are your friends more important or the life of my friends?" the man asked in anger.

"I didn’t know you needed my help," Jessica nervously said.

"You are coming with us now," the man said. He noticed Zed’s gaze so he turned his face towards him and said, "Do you have any problem with us?"

Jessica wanted to explain but she was stopped by another member.

"Not really," Zed said totally relaxed.

"Then why are you staring at us instead of getting lost?" The man didn’t like the attitude of Zed.

"I was just curious if I have seen you somewhere. You see I have met quite a lot of gangs in my last few years," Zed explained.

From the conversation between this men and Jessica, he could judge the situation. Jessica’s healing ability would definitely be a boon for a local gang.

The group of men in front of her was rather annoyed by the laid-back attitude of Zed.

"If your curiosity is satisfied then get lost," The man felt Zed was unappealing to the eye.

"I can’t as the duty given to me is not yet finished," Zed pointed his finger at Jessica and said," I have to accompany her to her house. So far I am outside the building so how can I get lost?"

"Do you want to die?" Another man couldn’t control his anger.

"I don’t want to die but what about you?" Zed curiously asked.

That man wanted to punch Zed but the man from before stopped him. He has noticed the hovercraft of Zed and knew a person who could afford such a vehicle isn’t ordinary. Perhaps he has an influential background and the man didn’t want to create unnecessary trouble.

"Consider your duty as accomplished," The man said, "Jessica is with us so don’t butt in our matters."

"Is that so?" Zed looked at Jessica and said, "There is something I really want to tell you."

"What?" Jessica was confused. What type of words did he want to say in such a situation?

"You are a true trouble-magnet. "


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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 56 Trouble Magne