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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 53 Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

Chapter 53 Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

Vienna lied down on the bed exhausted. Her face was full of sweat but there was a look of satisfaction. It was not every day her lover caressed her body like a goddess and then make love with her like crazy.

Kiba was exhausted as well. He always found it surprising that he never gets tired while fighting enemies but a beautiful lady can weaken him in a span of an hour. He loved this type of weakness rather than being full of energy while fighting enemies.

"The love of a woman's pussy on my cock and the taste of her nipples on my mouth is all I need," Kiba mused as he looked at the gorgeous body of Vienna one last time.

White rays of light surrounded Kiba and he disappeared from the room along with his clothes. Ryan, on the other hand, found himself teleported next to Vienna without his clothes!

He looked at Vienna in anger but deep down he loved her truly. He knew he couldn't blame her for enjoying the sex with Kiba. Even he was turned on by seeing her ravaged by another man so how could he blame her?

Ryan removed her blindfold and looked her in the eyes. Vienna quickly hugged him and said," My love you were amazing!"

Ryan smiled cheekily and said, "I'm glad you liked it."

How he could tell her that the man who satisfied her is not him but a stranger? That would be an ultimate blow to his pride and heart!

"Liked? Honey, I loved it! Next time I will allow you to fuck me in the ass if you continue to remain as good!" Vienna said with a smile. She didn't want him to perform as badly as before.

"Of course!" Ryan readily agreed.

"Honey, I love you!"Vienna moved forward and gave him a deep kiss.


Kiba was standing on the terrace of a building opposite to the staff quarters where Ryan's apartment was located. His vision passed through all the obstacles and saw everything that happened between Vienna and Ryan.

[[So you spared him?]] Claudia's voice came from his watch.

"The world is full of hatred and malice but I don't have to be same as the rest. I believe reciprocating hatred in kindness and love," Kiba answered in a profound tone.

[[Basically, you cuckolded him.]] Claudia wasn't fooled by her master's words. She knew just how kind-hearted her master was. He was the type who will never spare anyone who carried malicious intention towards him. If not, then Lisa would have been alive now instead of floating as ashes.

The only reason he didn't kill Ryan was that Ryan truly didn't carry dangerous notions against him. He might have attacked him behind but that was more due to anger at the insults.

"Claudia, often we judge the one we know just because of earlier prejudice. Did you know the relationship between Ryan and his wife turned stronger than ever?"

Claudia felt his words made sense but she didn't let the words influence her thinking. She knew it far better than anyone just how good he was with twisting words to fool others. Back then in the wasteland, she has listened to the words he spoke to Lisa before killing her. He has practically brainwashed Lisa by using 'nature' and 'true happiness'. (Chapter 30)

"Claudia, I provided Vienna with warmth when she was all alone. Her husband ignored her but I couldn't see the injustice so I let go of my hatred against him and helped her," Kiba said with a sigh. He continued to make justifications because he took the silence of Claudia as a sign of his first win against her.


"In the end, I even allowed Ryan to take away the fruits of my hard work. I am the darkness that engulfs the evils but let the light take all the credits," Kiba's voice was full of melancholy. He was like a hero who has helped countless people but never stopped to take any credit.

[[....]] If Claudia has a human body and human expressions, then she would be rolling her eyes at him.


Ryan slowly closed the door of the bedroom so that the sleep of his wife is not disturbed. As he reached the living room, his attention fell on the food basket because he noticed something gleaming.

Surprised, he checked the food basket and found a crystal card in between the fruits.

"A business card?" Ryan muttered. In the present era, rich and powerful organizations didn't use conventional business cards. Instead, they would embed the contact details and other miscellaneous information in a crystal card.

The card can also be used to send a message to the card owner so it was hot in demand but the production cost was far too high, so only the rich could afford them.

The crystal card was blank but when Ryan tapped on it, words appeared on the surface: 'Kiba - President of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.'

"%#~!" Ryan threw the card on a wall and muttered god knows how many curses.

The crystal card showed no trace of damage. Instead, a recorded holographic projection was activated after the card fell on the floor.

"Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that the pleasures of your wife are the most important thing in your life," An ash-blonde woman appeared in the projection said, "To help a husband achieve this goal, our company provide the best service the industry has to offer."

Ryan was stuck on the floor in disbelief.

Is this for real?!

There is an industry for such things?!

"Our company's president firmly believes in quality control which is why he personally handles each case. If you are a husband looking for ways to pleasure your wife, then nothing can be better for you than Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. Press 'Contact Us' on the screen now to provide your wife with the ultimate joy!" The blonde woman pointed her finger at a panel on the screen.


"If you are an existing customer, please know that you can't unsubscribe to our service," The blonde woman's face looked solemn as she continued, "Our company is very strict in its reinforcement of rules and guidelines."


"Our company believes in full transparency, unlike our fraud competitors. If you wish to know the rules and guidelines, please clic.k here," The blonde woman in the projection pointed a panel next to 'Contact Us'.

Ryan couldn't help but become curious. He clicked the panel the woman asked him to.

"Please read the following rules and guidelines carefully," The blonde woman's image disappeared after saying this, and now the projection was occupied by a large screen full of text:

1. Eligibility - You can subscribe to our service only if your wife is a beauty. We understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but our definition of beauty means your wife is hot and sexy. She should be slender and gorgeous blessed with godly assets. Only the best among the best would be eligible for our service!

2. No racial discrimination - We accept requests regardless of the ethnicity of your wife as long as she qualifies #1.

3. Suggest A Friend - You can suggest the wife of your friend provided she qualifies #1. As a sign of service to our holy cause, you are eligible for a monetary reward! Suggest your friend's hot wife now!

4. Lucky Draw - We understand that many husbands out there are unaware of the holy service we provide for their wives. To overcome this, our company president will select lucky wives himself! Husbands have no right to refuse!

5. Video Service - We believe a husband has the right to see the services we provide to his wife. You can request video on demand and in some cases, we even allow the husbands to watch their wives being pleasured in-person.

6. Withdrawal of Service- You can't unsubscribe to our service. The company, on the other hand, can withdraw the service if your wife no longer meets our criteria #1.

7. Motto & Rewards - Our president strictly believes in the saying: 'Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'. True to our motto and our non-profit venture, all the harvest would be reaped by the husbands! You can lay back and enjoy the fruits of our president's hard work!

8. Quality - Pleasure to your wife is guaranteed! Our president has various methods to get the job done!

9. Fee - Zero charges!

A few minutes later, the wall of text disappeared and the ash-blonde woman reappeared in the projection. With a sweet smile, she said, "You can see just how liberal our company is! Subscribe to our service today!"


"Contact us now! "


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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 53 Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.