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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 52 Making Out With Vienna

Chapter 52 Making Out With Vienna

Vienna lied down naked on the bed with her eyes covered by a blindfold. She was rubbing the oil on her large breasts followed by the lips of her pussy.

Ryan could no longer pretend to be not interested. He knew just how lucky he was to get such a hotwife. He moved his hand above her breasts but before he could touch, he felt a horrifying force from behind. It was like he was an iron needle attracted by a giant magnet.

He fell on the floor a few meters away from the bed. He tried to stand but then he felt as if he was pushed by a gigantic mountain.

\"What is going on?\" Ryan couldn’t believe the sudden turn of events. He was a powerful strength type mutant but now he couldn’t even stand?!?

He gritted his teeth and transformed his skin into metal. With his new strength, he pushed against the invisible pressure. Alas, it did him no good. The metallic skin was torn apart like a cube of butter sliced apart by a hot knife.

He fell on his knees again with blood leaking from every part of his body. Suddenly, he felt the pressure disappear just as the door of the bedroom was opened.

Shocked, Ryan turned his face back and saw a shirtless man in the late twenties slowly walking in. He has golden hairs and his pupils were a strange combination of gold and blue.

\"Kiba!?\" Ryan muttered in disbelief. He has seen the images of Kiba on TV this morning so he could easily identify him.

Kiba gave him a smile and said, \"Apologies for the usage of force earlier but please understand I can’t allow you to touch a woman I am about to make love with.\"

Ryan was horrified by Kiba’s words. He quickly turned his face towards the bed and saw Vienna was still playing with her body.

She didn’t hear the sound from my falling on the floor or Kiba’s words? No! She didn’t even felt the vibrations from my falling!

\"What have you done?\" Ryan didn’t dare believe Kiba’s words from earlier. He was here to make love with his wife?!?

\"Just minor space isolation so that the lady is not disturbed,\" Kiba answered as if it was nothing but Ryan was shocked.

Space isolation?

Any ability related to space is rarest of rare!

No! This is not the time to think of his ability but of his motives!

\"Kiba, get out of my house!\" Ryan angrily warned but he wasn’t confident of his own threat. Kiba was known as one of the strongest mutants in the city so how was he supposed to defend against him?

Kiba ignored his words and moved towards the bed. Ryan gritted his teeth and threw a punch with his full strength on Kiba. The punch was strong enough to destroy an entire building but it stopped before reaching Kiba. It was as if a thick wall has appeared between the punch and Kiba.

\"Now that is not the right way to behave,\" Kiba remarked with a smile, \"I’m a gentleman so I will answer you with kindness.\"

Dark red balls of light appeared around Ryan and they quickly merged with his body. Ryan realized with a shock that the injuries he suffered previously were healed.

\"W-why will he heal me?\" Ryan was dumbfounded.

\"Now you can have the fun without worrying about the pain,\" Kiba answered in kind intention. His smile was like a sage helping a mortal to the path of enlightenment.


Before Ryan could think further, he heard Vienna’s voice as if the space isolation didn’t hinder her.

\"Honey, I understand you might be suffering from the aftereffects of the experiment, so I don’t mind you using the pills.\"

Ryan almost coughed up a mouthful of blood. In the present age of mutants and technology, many mutants would undergo further enhancement in strength through experiments but that would often result in dire consequences on the body. Ryan has undergone one such experiment and there were times when he would suffer problems below but not today!

\"Honey, you can even use pleasure-enchanting pills if you want,\" Vienna once again said after hearing no response from Ryan. In the present age, various pills have developed to make the lovemaking more pleasurable. Vienna thought her act of blindfold was already enchanting enough but feeling no response from her husband, she thought she should allow her husband more opportunities. Pleasure-enhancing pills can transform the body of its user so that the lovemaking never gets old.

\"What a lovely wife you have,\" Kiba could hardly control himself any longer after seeing the lovely lady naked. He just wanted to lose himself in those perfect tits.

\"If you dare I----\" Ryan couldn’t even complete the threat as he suddenly felt a sucking force from a wall behind. He was struck to the wall in the next moment! Like that wasn’t enough, the metal rods came out of the wall and cuffed him.

Ryan applied all his strength to break away but the shackles turned more powerful with his struggle.

\"How can this be?!\"

How can one person have so many overpowered abilities?!? 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

This is not fair! If this goes on...No! I can’t think of what he will do to Vienna!

\"The shackles will automatically open when your mind is no longer affected by hatred. Remember love is the key to every lock,\" Kiba’s explained patiently.

Ryan’s eyes were burning with anger at every word of Kiba. He has never seen such a shameless man in his life. He wanted to fuck my wife but now he is talking about hatred and love?!?

\"Come on baby. I’m alone,\" Vienna’s sweet voice came again.

\"I can’t let the lady suffer from loneliness any longer so please excuse me,\" Kiba gave a polite bow to Ryan before taking his leave.


Kiba removed his clothes quickly and sat on the bed next to Vienna. From her beautiful eyes to her long and slender legs, she was a true beauty through and through. He drenched her naked body with oil and started rubbing her feet lightly. Vienna was surprised by the sudden downpour of oil and massage but quickly there was a smile on her face. She did feel the hands massaging her were different but then she thought her lover has taken in transformation type pleasure-enhancing pills.

She threw away the unnecessary thoughts and focused on the relaxing sensation on her feet. The blindfold has enhanced her sense of touch so she really enjoyed the gentle rubbing.

A minute later, Kiba turned her body around and made her lie on her chest. He proceeded slowly from her thighs to her juicy ass. He rubbed her tight ass; the more he rubbed the harder his dick got.

His hands enjoyed fondling the sweet ass and he wished this moment would last forever. Vienna, on the other hand, was feeling a new sense of calmness and wellbeing besides the wetness in her pussy.

\"I wish you would do it every day,\" Vienna muttered with light moaning. Her lover has never shown such caressing for her body before, but today she realized just what she has missed all her life.

Ryan, who was stuck on the wall, could perfectly hear her every word and see her every action. The expression of joy on her face angered him but there was a part of him that enjoyed seeing her in another man’s hand.

Kiba spread Vienna’s juicy ass wide and poured more oil on it. He rubbed her ass cheeks and then moved down to her pussy. Slowly he slid his fingers inside her wet pussy. Vienna started releasing more moans of pleasure.

Kiba removed his fingers from her pussy and licked her juice from his finger. Satisfied, he turned her body around and lowered his head on her tits. He sucked on her nipples while one of his hand fondled her ass. Vienna has her eyes closed but this only increased the sensual pleasure she was feeling.

He cupped her left breast towards her face. She moved her tongue towards her nipple to lick and felt Kiba’s tongue joining her. She felt the taste of oil and Kiba’s tongue when she licked her nipple. Soon her and Kiba’s tongues swirled in each other.

She closed her hands around him and could feel his body was different but she didn’t even bother to think. As they kissed deeply, she could feel his raging hardon touching her belly.

She slid her hand down to feel his cock and was surprised by the length and thickness. Vienna’s heart raced as she imagined what it will feel inside her.

\"Eat me,\" Vienna begged. She wanted to feel her lover’s tongue inside her before he pounded her without any mercy.

Ryan snapped his teeth in anger but he could do nothing. Without realizing it, his dick has gone hard from seeing his wife pleasured by another man.

Kiba moved down Vienna’s body and licked her clit. She grabbed the bedsheet tightly as Kiba’s tongue entered her pussy. His tongue licked every corner of her pussy like a hungry beast while his hands fondled her breasts.

The dual pleasures soon made her reach climax.

\" have become far too good today,\" Vienna said huffing. It was the first time in her life she achieved orgasm just because of her pussy being eaten.

A few minutes later, Vienna dropped on her knees and said, \"Let me massage you with my mouth and return the favor.\"

Kiba slowly shoved his dick in her pretty mouth, all the way down her throat. She worked her mouth up and down on his cock like a vixen. In between, as she bobbed up and down, she licked his shaft in her mouth, glistening it with her warm saliva.

After sucking him hard, she lied back on the bed and spread her pussy wide so that he can fill her all the way.

Kiba wouldn’t refuse an invitation. He rubbed his cock on her wet slit and then entered into her. Her back arched and she moaned loudly.

\"Ohh fuck!! Just what have you taken today?!\"

Just the mushroom head stretched her pussy wide. She trembled as more of his cock penetrated her.

\"Haaa! GOD!\"

A few meters away, Ryan could see the ecstasy on Vienna’s face. He could hear her releasing moans of pleasure as Kiba hammered into her.

Without any warning, the shackles of metallic rods freed him. Ryan was free from the wall but he could feel space was confined. He felt his dick turning rock hard at the sight of his wife taking Kiba’s cock inside her.

Ryan opened the zip of his pants...


Bending Vienna over the bed, Kiba grabbed her tits as he slowly slipped into her pussy from behind. He pinched her nipples hard as his cock enjoyed her tight, little pussy.

She no longer felt it was lovemaking. He was fucking her. It was raw and animalistic, each thrust more powerful than before. She squeezed out more slippery juices as he slammed to her deepest end, pushing her cervix.

\"Oh fuck!\" she gasped, \"It hurts... but it feels so good!\"

Soon the pacing of his strokes increased in her soaking wet pussy, and minutes later, Vienna released a loud moan of pleasure as she reached climax.

\"I’m cumming!\"

Kiba felt her orgasm but he continued to pound her at a faster pace.

\"Release it all on my face!\" Vienna begged when she felt her lover was about to climax. He pulled out at the very last second and unloaded all over her gorgeous face.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 52 Making Out With Vienna