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Chapter 51 Duty!

"Thank you," Jessica was anxiously biting her lips as she continued to heal him. She couldn’t understand why Zed will go to such an extent for helping her.

Zed didn’t say anything. He has obviously lied when he said that his current state was due to the usage of fire domain earlier.

The truth is he has used the power of Cosmic Spark to awaken Jessica’s abilities completely. He has summoned very low power but even that became a very huge burden for his current form to handle. This was precisely why Cosmic Spark gave him his Kiba form to use its power.

A few minutes later, Zed told Jessica to stop healing him. His internal injuries were healed but he was still exhausted.

He turned his face towards Ryan and said," You were saying something, right?"

Ryan’s expression was unsightly. He has a hard time believing the change in Jessica’s ability but he knew what he saw was true. He has challenged Zed to prove his claims of "there are no trash abilities in this world but only trash teachers."

Zed has proved his words in front of the entire class and assistant trainers. Ryan could hear the sounds of discussion among students and trainers alike. He knew his reputation would be sullied after the words spread.

"Trash, in the end, is still trash," Zed made a final remark and turned back.

Ryan’s eyes burned with fury. He dashed towards Zed and threw a punch on his back.

Zed fell on the ground with a loud thud. Everyone was caught off guard with the situation and it applied to Felicity as well.

"You dare!" Felicity’s eyes were radiating green light.


The ground was torn apart by gigantic roots. With sonic speed, they arrived at Ryan and pierced his thighs.

"Bitch!" Ryan’s skin turned into metallic. He ripped apart the roots in no time.

"You are going to pay a price," Felicity spread her hands apart and then suddenly brought them close.

The branches of nearby trees rapidly expanded in size and they rushed towards Ryan. Ryan jumped up to dodge the branches and arrived in front of Felicity.

"Stop otherwise I will---" Ryan stopped in middle. He saw strange green vines appearing from Felicity’s hands aiming at his head! He tried to jump back but the vines were much quicker than he thought.

"Ahhh!" Ryan was able to protect his head but his arms and shoulders were pierced.

"I tried to show mercy on you," Ryan gritted his teeth. He could have punched Felicity but he didn’t afraid of her background. How could he have known she will pay his ’mercy’ with an attack?

"Show mercy to your mother," Felicity clenched her fist and more vines appeared from the ground nearby.

"Felicity, stop," Zed stood up from the ground by Jessica’s help. He knows Felicity is strong but he also knew Ryan couldn’t be underestimated. He was an ex-military and a strong strength type mutant. Zed was sure Ryan wasn’t using the full extent of his ability before.

Felicity was still adamant but Zed quickly calmed her.

"I am fine and he has already paid a price," Zed’s voice was magnanimous. The injury he has taken wasn’t light but his voice was full of kind intention.

"You are far too kind for yourself," Felicity made the vines disappear. Zed gave a hollow laugh but deep in his eyes, there was a sinister glint.

Jessica offered to heal Zed again but he refused by saying, "There is no need since help is arriving."


"It is here."

A red hovercraft suddenly arrived in the training field. Alex and Jamie’s expression was of envy.

"It is the latest S class," Alex was annoyed.

"That bastard is sure rich," Jamie muttered. They were rich but they couldn’t afford to waste money as Zed did.

"You are going home?" Felicity asked. She wasn’t aware of the lab in his house but she knew he has advanced treatment room.

"Yes. I will come back later on so don’t worry about me," Zed reassured her. He sat in the hovercraft and left.

Jessica saw the hovercraft disappearing from her sight.

"I will certainly repay him."


The hovercraft was modified by Claudia so she could control it perfectly well.

[[Sir, should I provide the treatment?]] The hovercraft has the facilities for emergency treatment.

"No need," Zed has a smile on his face. His body started transforming into Kiba.

As he transformed, the wounds on his body rapidly healed. When the transformation completed, all signs of exhaustion were wiped out.

Both Zed and Kiba’s form shared the same body. This was why Kiba’s sense of crisis automatically activated during his meeting with Hank in White Angel Corporation and made him wary of confronting Sky Fiend Group, even though this ability belonged to Zed and not Kiba.

Similarly, his Zed form can tap into cosmic power as well but obviously to disastrous consequences since his body couldn’t handle the burden.

Both forms shared everything including exhaustion and injuries. It was just that injuries and exhaustion of Zed form were nothing for Kiba form.

[[What will you do?]] Claudia asked.

"Sleep for an hour or two for now."

[[Of course. Your sleep wasn’t complete.]]

"All thanks to you for waking me so soon in the morning."

[[Who was the one who reached home at 4 am in the morning after going on multiple ’adventures’?]

"...I was just kidding," Kiba’s felt a headache when he argued with Claudia because he never won against her. He perfectly knew what she meant by adventures!

[[What about Ryan?]]

"I’m going to tear him to pieces," Kiba’s voice was cold. Earlier he planned to forgive him by sleeping with his wife but not now after he was attacked from behind.

[[That will be too much of a punishment]]

"Wake me when he reaches his home during the lunch break."


A few hours later at the staff quarters of Royal Heart Academy.

Ryan opened the door of his apartment. His injuries were already healed but his mood was still bad. The pain of the body was nothing compared to the pain of losing his reputation.

"Honey, you are back!" A woman in the early thirties hugged Ryan. She has dark hairs with a fair complexion. She has covered her body with nothing but a towel.

"Vienna, you took a bath now?" Ryan asked. He could feel her soft but large tits touching his chest.

"Yes, but why is your expression so strange?" Vienna could see the signs of exhaustion on her husband’s face.

"Bad day at work. I am in no mood for talk," Ryan walked towards the bedroom for rest.



White rays of light appeared in the living room of Ryan’s apartment. Soon the light converged into Kiba.

"Nice apartment," Kiba mused inside his heart. There were motion sensors in the apartment to sense any intrusion but for him, it was very easy to hide his existence from them.

He picked an apple from the food basket on a table nearby. He took a bite and walked around to find Ryan.

He heard the voice of a woman from a room nearby. The room was locked but Kiba’s vision easily entered the inside of the room.

The scenes he saw made his mouth wide open and his dick as hard as a rock.

"Honey, maybe I can turn your mood around," Vienna removed the towel. Her pink nipples were begging in to be sucked.

Ryan was lying on the bed. With an annoyed voice, he said, "I’m not in the mood now."

Vienna wasn’t displeased. She took a bottle of oil from a shelf nearby and poured the oil over her breasts. She rubbed the oil on her perfect bouncy breasts followed by the lips of her pussy.

Ryan wanted to refuse but then she gave him an even more enchanting offer. She took out a blindfold and covered her eyes with it.

"You can do anything you please now," Vienna’s eyes were covered. As if to entice him further, she cupped her breasts in her hands and licked her tits.

Outside, Kiba gulped down the entire apple in one go.

"No! Kiba, you are here for revenge!" He told himself but then he cleared his thoughts, "Revenge is nothing but a sign of hate. One mustn’t be blinded by hate!"

His vision was still on the perfect curves of Vienna. He could imagine the softness of her breasts and the warmth of her pussy.

"During the history class, the professor said about the sacrifices of the past heroes. If they could sacrifice their lives for the world’s freedom...can’t I even sacrifice my hatred for my duty?"

"There is a woman waiting to be loved! A man waiting to become a cuckold! But here I am blinded by hatred!"

"How can I be so selfish and run away from my responsibility?"

Kiba’s eyes were firm. Without any hesitation, he opened his shirt and moved towards the bedroom. 𝑖𝗻𝗻𝑟e𝒶𝗱. 𝒄𝑜𝑚

Duty comes first!

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