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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 50 Awakening

Chapter 50 Awakening

The students had a hard time believing the extent of Zed’s ability. He was a student like them but yet on a completely different scale. A mutant with fire ability can control the element of ice just because he has gained ultimate control over the fire?

"He is a monster," Alex said in disbelief.

"How can a slum insect have such power?" Jamie muttered.

"We need to change our plan for dealing with him," Alex said. Jamie nodded his head.


"Jessica, now you have to learn that the power of healing can create destruction you can never imagine," Zed took in a deep breath and crouched down, "Life and death always coexist and same goes for creation and destruction."

Zed touched the grass on the ground. Icicles started appearing on the grass surface and the grass was on the verge of death.

"Fire is known as an element of destruction but in small amounts, it is an element of life," Zed turned his head up and said to Jessica.

Jessica nodded her head in understanding. Fire in the form of heat was vital to living beings.

Zed released the heat he has absorbed from the grass back. The grass soon regained its luster. 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

"Everything is about knowing just when the power of life turns into destruction," Zed released fire from his hand and the grass started withering away.

Jessica understood what Zed wanted to tell her. Earlier the grass was dying because it lacked warmth but now it was dying as well since the heat it absorbed was far beyond its capacity to handle.

"Do you realize what I wanted to tell you?" Zed stood back. He was exhausted but he did his best to hide it.

"If I use the power of healing beyond the handling capacity of an individual then it would result into..." Jessica didn’t dare believe her guess. Ever since she was little she never used her powers beyond the required limit.

Felicity could understand her predicament so she stepped in and said, "You never experimented your powers as such because of your parents and teachers words. I am sure they would have told you that your job is done after you have healed an injury, so you never tried experimenting on what will happen if you used your powers even after a wound was healed."

"Have you tried your ability on someone who has no injury or wound?" Zed asked her.

"No," Jessica was feeling incompetent with her not realizing such a basic thing.

"You don’t have to feel bad," Zed smiled and said, "Your thought process is influenced by others from the very start so it is not surprising for you to not experiment."

Jessica looked at Zed in surprise.

"The only way for you to become what you want is to never let the thoughts of others matter to you," Zed concluded.

"I understand," Jessica said with a smile. Zed was enchanted by her smile.


"You sure are an expert in selling crap," Ryan’s voice awakened Zed from his trance.


"Jessica, you think your ability will work in the way Zed said? If you truly think then you are truly stupid," Ryan said with scorn. If using healing power for destruction was so easy then wouldn’t the world government know? Ryan was sure Zed was just selling nonsense and captivating a stupid girl.

Sure Zed might be talented in his own ability but that didn’t mean he was an expert in teaching others? Could he know more about abilities then the teachers?

Zed just smiled at Ryan’s words. In this world, very few would dare claim to possess more expertise in the field of mutant research.


During the mining expedition four years ago, he has heard Castor Damon hypothesizing Cosmic Spark was the power source of the world from where the strange meteorites originated. With the twist of fate, Zed was able to fuse with Cosmic Spark and become Kiba. The powers he gained were such that he could defeat even the strongest mutants without using his full power.

But at the same time, the existence of Cosmic Spark worried him. It was a cosmic entity which powered an entire world so how can a human fuse with it without any side effects? This thought leads him to the path of research on the human body and studying mutation.

The Cosmic Spark gave him the ability of Cosmic Manipulation! It can allow its user to create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire. With this ability, he was able to gain the required knowledge in the span of months. Later on, he created Claudia and established the underground laboratory to carry out emergency treatment and even perform experiments.

Alas, the knowledge he gained was only applicable to mutation created by Divine Particles and not Cosmic Spark. Even though his lab has some of the best-advanced equipment out there, they weren’t able to feel the presence of Cosmic Spark much less analyze it. So his knowledge on Cosmic Spark was basically zero except for the hypothesis he has heard from Castor Damon.

The only thing he knew for sure was why his body would transform into Kiba form when he wanted to use the power of Cosmic Spark. His Zed form wasn’t strong enough to bear the pressure of cosmic power so Cosmic Spark gifted him another form which can handle the burden.

If Zed form was a pond than Kiba form was an ocean. The difference in both forms wasn’t only of quantity but also quality. Zed was a simple mutant form powered by the mutation caused by Divine Particles while Kiba form was powered by Cosmic Spark itself.


Zed might not have been able to gain any knowledge of Cosmic Spark, but he has gained skills to compete with best scientists out there when it comes to normal mutants. Some ten minutes ago, he has read the detailed DNA report Claudia has sent him on Jessica. He was able to judge that Jessica can use her ability for destruction which is why her what he said.

But there was a big obstacle...her ability wasn’t fully awakened, so even if she tried her best, she wouldn’t be able to use her ability for destruction. Just continuously releasing her healing ability on a target won’t result in destruction.

The only way to solve this predicament was to stimuli her powers from outside. World Government, aristocratic families, and mystic organizations had the equipment to carry out this process but not Royal Heart Academy.

Luckily for Jessica, she has met Zed.

"Jessica, regenerate the grass I burned," Zed ignored Ryan.

"Yes," Jessica crouched down and put her hands above the grass. From her palms, white light released which fell on the burned portion of grass. In no time the grass has recovered.

"Continue to use your power," Zed said. Jessica nodded her head.

Everyone’s attention was on Jessica. The students didn’t dare think her ability wasn’t trash.

Five minutes went past but the grass remained same. Ryan released a sigh of relief and same went for others.

"I knew it! She was just a trash!" Alex remarked.

"Zed was spouting nonsense," Jamie loudly remarked.

Jessica continued using her ability but deep inside she was feeling nervous. It has been a long time but nothing happened.

Was Zed really wrong? No! It doesn’t matter! He has already helped me enough!

The entire time Zed has his eyes closed. He was trying to recover from the fatigue he was suffering due to his earlier usage of power.

A minute later, he opened his eyes. There was a tinge of gold in his blue pupils. An invisible golden light released from his eyes and pierced the heart of Jessica.

"Ahhh!" Jessica suddenly felt her blood boiling. It was as if hot oil was mixed with her blood. She gritted her teeth and continued releasing her ability but the pain was heart-wrenching.

"What is going on?"

"Why is her body sweating?"

"Hang on! The grass is changing!"

The grass was mutating! It was expanding but then suddenly it started decaying.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Ryan couldn’t believe his eyes. How can the grass grow and then decay?


Zed fell on the ground with a loud sound. His face was pale and there was blood leaking from his mouth.

"What happened?" Felicity quickly gave support to Zed.

"Don’t worry," Zed wiped the blood on his mouth with the back of his hand, "Using the fire domain earlier took a toll on my body."

Felicity didn’t find his excuse plausible since he has never suffered such consequences before. Not to mention why will he suffer now even though he used the domain ten minutes ago?

"Let’s go to a hospital," Felicity said.

"I have just overdrawn myself so don’t worry," Zed tried to calm her.

Jessica quickly arrived next to Zed. She has no time to take joy in her newfound ability after seeing Zed’s condition.

"Please allow me," Jessica put her palms on his face. His body quickly absorbed the white light like a sponge absorbing water.

She sensed the injuries he has suffered from inside and it made her shocked.

"You are having internal injuries?" Jessica said. He has paid such a heavy price when he summoned the fire domain?

"Thank you."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 50 Awakening