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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 49 Domain!

Chapter 49 Domain!

"Always remember that there are no trash abilities in this world but only trash teachers," Zed said after wiping Jessica’s tears. He cleaned her glasses with his shirt and gave them back.

*beep* Zed’s cellphone ringed suddenly.

"Hm?" Zed opened his cell phone and was pleasantly surprised by the message on the screen. The message was from Claudia giving details on Jessica’s blood scan. When a student joins the academy, they will have their blood scanned by the academy in order to study DNA.

Claudia has hacked into academy server years ago so for her to retrieve blood report of Jessica was a very easy task. The analysis Claudia done on the DNA report was far more advanced than what the academy was capable of. Except for world government and few mystic organizations, there was no one with more expertise in the field of mutant research then Zed and Claudia.

"Jessica, I meant what I said and Felicity agree on this as well," Zed said with a smile after putting the cellphone. Felicity nodded her head in agreement.

Jessica felt her eyes turning moist again but this time it was due to happiness. She was touched by the gesture of Zed and Felicity’s.

She has been bullied ever since she joined the academy due to her humble background, but today she found there were people who cared for her! People who stood for her instead of taking pleasure in her misfortune! She felt she has found a friendship in her classmates with whom she has only known for a few hours!

"You are a strong girl so don’t cry," Felicity placed her hand on Jessica’s shoulder. To be honest Felicity was impressed by Jessica’s courage.

Jessica has suffered scorns from the time she has joined the academy but she never gave up. She was bullied every day but she never thought of leaving the academy! Felicity admired Jessica’s courage of not giving up when the chances were never in her favor. Just how many people can display such courage in an environment where everyone is against them?

"Thank you but now you two will be in trouble because of me," Jessica nervously said.

"Trouble? I have always liked trouble and I have always wanted Zed to have troubles!" Felicity made light of Jessica’s words. Zed felt his mouth twitch. Others might think she was joking but he knew better.


"No arguments here," Felicity stopped Jessica from continuing. She turned her face towards Ryan and said, "You are obliged to help every student but here you are acting all mighty in front of a student who asked you for help. Some teacher you are."

"Obliged? I am here to train students who have abilities for combat and self-preserving. She has a trash ability of healing so how do you expect me to train her?"

"You could have said it nicely that you lack the talent to help her instead of insulting her in front of everyone," Felicity said.

"Well, how can you expect him to do that?" Zed started talking before Ryan could respond, "A trash teacher can only blame his student for his own lack of skills."

"Makes sense," Felicity nodded her head in agreement and said," This is the only way for a trash to feel he is not a trash."

"You...bitch!" Ryan pointed at Felicity, his body trembling in anger. He has tried his best to restrain his anger against her but she continued to taunt him. He has planned to handle Zed Can anything be more humiliating for a student then being insulted in front of everyone?

"Bitch? I am a bitch so what about it? Does that changes what you are?" Felicity has a mocking expression on her face as she continued, "Answer me you shit eating pig."

Ryan’s face turned green. He felt like strangling this little bitch but then he took in a deep breathe. He knew he would regret his actions if he harmed Felicity who has such a powerful background.

The students were speechless by Felicity’s words. They couldn’t believe how a fine lady like her can use such unelegant language.

Seeing Ryan was not giving any response, Felicity turned her face towards Jessica and said, "We will help you with utilizing your abilities."

"Thank you," Jessica said. She didn’t think Zed and Felicity could help her since even a teacher has said her ability was trash.

How can one use the ability of healing for combat or self-defense? But she didn’t state her doubts. She was grateful to Felicity and Zed for the current help and it didn’t matter to her if they couldn’t help her with her ability.

"No need to thank us. We both find the academy boring anyways so helping you will help us relieve our boredom," Felicity said.

"Hahaha," Ryan started laughing loudly.

"Pig, why are you laughing?" Felicity asked.

Ryan pretended he hasn’t heard the word ’pig’ and said, "You will help her to use her trash ability for combat? Isn’t that a joke?"

"Shit head, have you forgotten what Zed said a moment ago? There are no trash abilities but only trash teachers like you," Felicity said in a mocking tone.

"Oh really?" Ryan turned his face towards Zed and said, "Brat, prove what you said otherwise your life is going to turn into hell."

Ryan’s face was unsightly but he said his words carefully. He knew he could only get out of this embarrassing situation by proving Zed wrong. He was confident that Jessica’s healing ability can never be used for combat.


Suddenly the entire training field was surrounded by a curtain of fire. Even the sky above the field was covered with a dome of fire.

The expression of students and assistant trainers turned into panic. They felt as if they were confined to a palace made of fire. The fire felt like a raging tornado which could burn everyone to ashes at any second.

"W-what happened?"

"What is going on?"

Alex and Jamie’s body were trembling. They looked around and noticed everyone’s expression was of panic but there were two exceptions!

Felicity was standing with a nonchalant expression.

"It can’t be Felicity! She has the ability to control plants at the molecular level!"

They turned then their face towards Zed who was standing in a relaxed manner. He was like a person hanging out in a garden.

"It is Zed!"

"He is a fire Elementalist so it is definitely him!"

"I know he is an Elementalist but this is going beyond the scope of common knowledge!"

Generally, a mutant blessed with fire element ability can throw fireballs, surround oneself with fire and use it for physical attacks, or even manipulate fire in small areas. But now the entire field of a 1km was surrounded by fire! The fire in the sky felt more like lava instead of fire.

Ryan’s expression was ugly. He looked at Zed as if he was a monster.

"You can form a domain?" Ryan asked in disbelief.

Zed didn’t answer but others were shocked by Ryan’s words.

Domain! An area under which the user has absolute control: I make the rules! I make the threats! I’m the God!

"It is impossible for it to be a domain!"

"But Sir Ryan said it himself!"

"Only strongest of the mutants can manifest their abilities into a domain!"

"Zed is just 21 years old! Surely he can’t be responsible!"

Alex and Jamie felt their soul tremble. They were planning to teach Zed a lesson but now they felt it was laughable. Zed was a student like them but his expertise in his ability has far surpassed even teachers!

This is often associated with the master of the domain!

Zed waved his right hand at the dome of fire above and made a grasping motion.

A gigantic fire vortex appeared from the dome of fire. Quickly the fire vortex was descending towards the ground.

"What is he doing?"

"Is he crazy?"

"Does he want to kill us all?"

"STOP!" Ryan loudly shouted but the vortex of the fire was already upon them. Everyone’s bodies were sweating heavily and they were having a hard time opening their eyes.

Jessica was trembling with fear. She couldn’t understand why would Zed summon a fire vortex.

"Jessica, he is doing it for teaching you so don’t close your eyes," Felicity said in a relaxed manner.

"Teaching me?" Jessica stammered. What can she learn from a fire vortex which was about to engulf all of them? Even if she wanted to open her eyes it was far too difficult with a fire vortex above her.

"You think he will kill us?" Felicity asked with a smile. She was the only one who wasn’t sweating or closing her eyes.

"Of course not but--" Jessica stopped. She suddenly felt a cooling sensation as if she was in a winner region.


She opened her eyes in disbelief. There were small droplets of ice in the air but a few meters above in the sky the vortex made of fire was still present. The thing which shocked Jessica, even more, was that the vortex of the fire was expanding albeit slowly which in turn made the ground even colder.

How is this possible?

"Domain means having ultimate control over the element you wield," Felicity pointed a finger at the vortex in the sky as she continued, " Have you forgotten that coldness is nothing but the absence of heat."

Darkness is merely the absence of light just as coldness is the absence of heat!

"Zed is a fire Elementalist so obviously he can control every aspect related to the fire," Felicity said matter of factly. Her gaze went to a small pool nearby where Zed was about to train before Ryan insulted Jessica. The pool has frozen and the same went for the obstacles inside.

Ryan was shocked into silence. He couldn’t believe the level of control Zed has displayed in the domain.

"Why the hell is he studying here when he has such talent?" Ryan angrily thought. This level of domain control was enough for joining the best academies in the world. Royal Heart Academy was the number one academy in Delta City but there were even better academies outside.

"Jessica, the reason he showed he summoned the domain is to make you realize that opposite always coexists," Felicity said in a serious tone like she was a teacher.


"Yes. People often claim that ice and fire can’t coexist but aren’t you now seeing a wielder of fire freezing the ground?"

Jessica understood what Felicity wanted to say but how was she supposed to use this knowledge for herself?

"Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. He summoned the domain so that you can realize how high your powers can go if you are perfectly able to control your ability," Felicity then turned her face towards Zed and said, " She has seen the peak of power so now is the time for her to learn how to climb from the ground."

Zed nodded his head. He waved his hand and the vortex of fire disappeared in a moment. The dome of fire and the curtain of fire started fading a moment later.

Soon the temperature was normal. The ice started melting albeit slowly...

Everyone looked at Zed in shock. He didn’t destroy anything but what he did was far more terrifying than destruction.


Zed’s face was drenched in sweat. Forming a domain has exhausted him both mentally and physically.

"If I was in my Kiba form then managing a domain would be a piece of cake," Zed thought while wiping the sweat from his face. There was hardly any energy left in his body.

"What I have to do next will be even more taxing but I can’t stop," Zed bitterly thought while glancing at Jessica.

He has felt pity for her when he bumped into her, so he didn’t mind giving her a hand since it didn’t cost him anything. Later on, when they arrived at the training field, she has requested Ryan for help but to disastrous consequences.

Zed knew she asked for help in combat training from Ryan because of what he said to her: "The only person who can help you is yourself." Zed felt he was obliged to help her now that he has created this mess. Mainly he did because he didn’t think it would cost him anything.

"Ryan, you better have a hot wife otherwise I will make you regret being born," Zed’s eyes were radiating with devilish light as he thought of this. He blamed his current predicament on Ryan so obviously, Ryan has to pay!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 49 Domain!