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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 48 Trash Teacher!

Chapter 48 Trash Teacher!

"I hope you never forgot the heroes who have fallen for protecting us. Always remember the freedom you have is all thanks to the sacrifices of our past heroes," Geroge made a concluding remark after the virtual simulation finished. He didn’t turn on the lights as he wanted his students to contemplate on the lesson he has given.

Zed was rather amused by the words George used.


He couldn’t help but remember what Agatha told him not long ago. Just like equality, Freedom was another lie sold by the strong to better control the weak. The only way to have freedom is by becoming the strongest in the world. Even then one would still be under the shackles of death. So even that couldn’t be counted as true freedom!

Only a person with eternal life has true freedom! An eternal life being has no shackles of mortality nor the bindings of the world!

"Eternal life is impossible to achieve. I will rather spend my efforts for seeking the pleasures of life in what time I have," Zed thought resolutely.

"I don’t want to be revered like the Nine Sovereigns nor I want to control the world like the nine aristocratic families. After I helped that woman and others in my Kiba form, I realized what I truly seek in my life is happiness!"

"Is there anything in this world which can give me more happiness than making love with the beauties and stealing others wives? I have known the answer from the very time I started my path to dreams! "

" It doesn’t matter if a beauty I desire is married to a god! I will do anything in order to make love with her even if it means foul play!"

"Because nothing in this world can be more thrilling than turning another man into a cuckold and fucking his wife!"

Zed has a smile on his finished his thoughts. He has always been resolute in his goals and that hasn’t changed even now. He was a true devil who did as his heart pleases! The moral convictions of the world didn’t hinder him nor did he cared how others perceived his dreams! He lived for himself and not for others!


The lights in the classroom were turned on. George was satisfied after seeing the class was still silent.

"I haven’t failed in my duty as a teacher," Geroge thought. He was sure that the students were thinking about the achievements of the Nine Sovereigns and the world government. But if he ever came to know about Zed’s thoughts then he will surely contemplate suicide!

"The class is finished. The homework will be sent to your emails as usual," George moved towards the exit and said, "You can now go to the training field."


Zed, Felicity, and Jessica walked as a group towards the training field along with the other students. The training field was located in the eastern side of Royal Heart Academy’s campus. The training field was an open ground with several types of facilities designed in keeping mind the needs of different types of mutants.

Generally speaking, based on their abilities the mutants are classified into one of the following: agility, strength, transformation, elemental and psychic. There were some special classes such as energy manipulation. Like the mutants with healing abilities are considered as a sub-class of energy manipulation. Obviously, the knowledge about rare classes such as manipulating nature, time, space, etc was not spread to the general population. Any mutant with a rare class ability would be roped in by world government or the mystic organizations after their abilities awaken.

In the center of the field, a man in his forties was standing. He has short hairs and his clothes seemed they will tear at any time due to his tight muscles. His name is Ryan and he is responsible for managing the training field.

"Those rich bastards are sure taking their time," Ryan angrily thought after seeing the relaxed attitude of the students. He has previously worked as a soldier in the World Government’s local army but retired in few years due to the hectic life.

The Royal Heart Academy was impressed by his short but dazzling career in the army and they offered him a job here to train the young students. Ryan hated the job to the core but liked the payment the academy offered so he accepted the proposal.

"True practice of abilities should happen in the presence of danger and not in some children playground like here," Ryan knew the academy couldn’t allow a dangerous environment for training since the students belonged to rich and influential families.

Soon the students gathered in front of Ryan.

"Go to your respective training facility instead of standing here. Only when you need help you can come to me otherwise the trainers at the training facilities would guide you," Ryan said.

The students started moving towards their respective fields.

"I have something I wanted to discuss with Sir Ryan so I will take my leave," Jessica said to Zed and Felicity. She was grateful to them for accompanying her here and she knew they did it for her own benefit. Now the female bullies wouldn’t dare to create problems for her since they would know she is acquainted with Zed and Felicity.

"Sure," Felicity said.

Zed and Felicity arrived at a training facility which was near to the place where Ryan was standing.

The training facility was in the form of a pool filled with various obstacles. The obstacles weren’t life-threatening but dangerous nevertheless.

"I will just rest here while you train yourself," Felicity said. She waved her hand and the grass on the ground started growing at a speed visible to naked eyes. In no time the size of the grass reached Zed’s height.

Felicity flicked her after which the grass started compressing itself and turned into a chair. With another flick of her hand, the chair was covered with flower petals. Feeling satisfied, Felicity made herself comfortable in the chair.

"...You should practice as well," Zed said.

"The training facility here is a joke. I will train myself at your house," Felicity said in a relaxed matter," That reminds me whether Claudia has adjusted the training room as per my requirements?"

"She should have," Zed said.

Felicity would often come to his house to hang out and practice. She has a training room at her house but it wasn’t up to her standards since her parents wouldn’t allow her to practice in a dangerous environment.

Not like the protest of her parents ever worked. She has been going to one danger zone after another all in the hope of satisfying her thrill for danger.

"Good. You can start," Felicity closed her eyes.

Zed was speechless by Felicity’s behavior. With a sigh he arrived at the front of the pool and was about to use his powers but then he suddenly heard a loud shout from behind.

Zed was startled and so was Felicity. They turned their head and saw Ryan shouting at Jessica.

"You have trash abilities but you dare ask me to train you in combat?" Ryan said in ridicule. He couldn’t believe how this useless girl got guts to ask for his help.

Not all abilities could be used for combats and Jessica’s ability was such.

"S-sir, I just wanted to learn combat for self-defense," Jessica said nervously. After Zed helped her free from the bullies, she thought of the words he has spoken. He has told her that only she could herself and not anyone else.

So when she arrived at the training field, she requested Ryan to help her learn combat skills. She never expected Ryan to abuse her instead of helping her.

"Self-defense? This is not a defense facility but a training facility aimed at helping one learn to use their abilities for combat," Ryan said.


"Shut up. You can blame the gods for giving you a useless ability like healing," Ryan was annoyed by this girl. She knew no sign of giving up. He was a trainer specializing in teaching one how to use their abilities for combat and self-perseverance but how was he to teach such skills to someone who has a trash ability.

Many students were gazing at Jessica with scorn. She has a trash ability but she wanted to use that ability for combat? How outlandish!

"Serves that bitch right," A female student said. She was the head of the gang who were bullying Jessica earlier.

"She might have gained the scholarship and entered the academy but she doesn’t belong here. Her ability is the proof," Another girl said.

Most of the students were enjoying Jessica’ predicament. Jessica turned around and saw her classmates expression. She felt her eyes turning moist.

"You should train your trash ability in the medical department instead of wasting my time," Ryan said. His words clearly denoted he was telling her to get lost.

Tears started flowing from Jessica’s eyes. She has asked Ryan for help with great difficulty but now all she got was scorn and discouragement.

Jessica was about to run away but then a hand suddenly appeared on her shoulder. Her eyes were filled with tears but she could make out the hand belonged to Zed.

"Why do you let the words of a trash teacher affect your mood?" Zed asked Jessica with a smile. Ryan was standing next to Jessica so he could hear his words clearly. Even the students gathered around could hear Zed’s words much less Ryan.

"What did you say?" Ryan’s eyes were burning with fury. This kid dared to call him a trash in front of everyone?

Felicity suddenly appeared in front of Ryan sitting in a chair made of grass and flowers. With a nonchalant expression, she said," Zed said that you are a trash. It basically means you should rot in a garbage box instead of stinking here."

Everyone has their mouths wide open. The words she has said were even more insulting then Zed’s remarks!

Ryan felt his blood boiling at Felicity’s words but he didn’t dare say anything! He knew the type of background Felicity has! Not even the principal of the academy would dare create trouble for her much less him! Even without her background, she was the number one student in the academy! How could he dare to manifest his anger on her?

Ryan gritted his teeth in anger and did his best to control his anger. But he found it hard to control after feeling that not only students but even the attention of the assistant trainers were on him!

What respect he would have in the academy from now on?

"Zed, you better apologize otherwise I will make your life a hell," Ryan said. He ignored Felicity’s insults and instead focused on Zed.

"Apologize for what?" Zed asked in a relaxed manner. In his Kiba form, he has killed enemies far more powerful than Ryan with a flick of his hand! So how can he be afraid of angering Ryan or even the academy? Sure his Zed form was weaker than Ryan much less his Kiba form but to him, it didn’t matter!

The thing he least fear was creating troubles! One can even say he has a habit of creating troubles everywhere he goes especially in his Kiba form! Jack, Richard, Hank, Lager, and Daniel would definitely agree on this point!

"You called me a trash teacher!" Ryan said. If the attention of everyone was not on him, he would have killed Zed!

"Sure I did. Don’t tell me I was wrong?" Zed asked in a surprised tone.


"What me? If you have something to say then just say it or otherwise remain silent," Zed ignored Ryan’s threatening gaze and turned his face towards Jessica. He removed her glasses and wiped the tears from her eyes with his hand.

" Always remember that there are no trash abilities in this world but only trash teachers."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 48 Trash Teacher!