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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 47 Winner is the king and loser is the villain

Chapter 47 Winner is the king and loser is the villain

Zed and Jessica were walking to the classroom with hand in hand. Jessica was feeling nervous inside and there was a tinge of red on her face. It was the first time she had made such a close contact with someone from the opposite sex, and that too with someone she has formally met for the first time. She knew Zed took her hand so that she could get the courage to step up for herself and not because he had other intention, but still the act made her feel extremely shy.

"We have arrived," Zed’s words awakened Jessica from her thoughts. Zed let go of her hand now that they have reached the entrance of the classroom. He didn’t think much when he offered her his hand. He was used to making far too close contact with women so he didn’t even consider holding hands as something close.

"Ah yes," Jessica said.

The classroom was actually a large hall and each study desk has a capacity for three students. The study desks were embedded with computers which served as a notepad. In today’s age rarely did students use pen and paper. Even theory exams were carried out using the digital medium with high security so that all forms of cheating can be prevented.

Zed walked towards a study desk where Felicity was.

"You are late," Felicity said sounding a bit annoyed. She was disappointed with Zed after how he shed ’tears of joy’ in the cafeteria earlier. Now he even arrived late.

"My phone call took more time then I thought," Zed said with a smile. He sat next to Felicity and put his right hand on the desk. A green light from the desk scanned his fingerprints, and afterward, a virtual computer screen appeared.

"Attendance registered," a mechanical voice came out from the virtual screen.

"Isn’t she the scholarship girl?" Felicity remarked after seeing Jessica walking towards their desk.

"Hm?" Zed was surprised as well to see Jessica.

"Zed, thank you for helping me," Jessica said. Earlier she was so nervous that she has forgotten to thank him.

Felicity was confused while Zed just smiled. He didn’t consider helping her as any help at all but seeing her serious face he said," You helped yourself and not me."

"Y-yes but..." Jessica wanted to continue but Zed stopped her by waving his hand.

"If you still feel I helped you then you can repay me with a cup of coffee," Zed said.

Jessica readily agreed to the proposal. She didn’t know why but she felt happy by Zed’s way of doing things.

"I will take my leave," Jessica said.

"You can sit next to us. A table is empty," Felicity suddenly said which surprised both Jessica and Zed.

While Felicity didn’t know what help Zed gave Jessica, she could pretty much guess it. She has seen Jessica being given a hard time by fellow classmates so she was sure it was related to that.

Felicity wasn’t someone who will barge in others business but if she made something as her business then she will never back off. She thought she should help Jessica since she is now acquainted with Zed. Zed’s troubles were her troubles!

"N-no, it is fine. I have a seat back," Jessica nervously denied her kind intentions. She has heard rumors that Zed and Felicity were ’close’ and she thought it would be wrong to disturb them. No one in the class has dared to sit next to Felicity besides Zed so how could she dare?

"You have a seat back but surely the seat here isn’t worse than your seat," Felicity said ignoring Jessica’s refusal. She didn’t know about rumors regarding her and Zed but if she knew then she would just laugh them off after beating the person who created them. For her Zed was nothing but an annoying younger brother she has to take care of.

"Of course not but," Jessica said.

"Good. Sit here," Felicity said. This time Jessica didn’t protest and sat next to Felicity. She didn’t want to anger the demon queen of Royal Heart Academy.


Most of the male students cast envious gazes at Zed. How could they not be envious of seeing Zed sitting with not one but two beauties!? Jessica might be from a common background but her beauty was breathtaking. This was the main reason she was bullied by the female students.

Then there was Felicity! The number one beauty of Royal Heart Academy! Not only was she beautiful but she was extremely talented as well! She has been the number one student in both sport and academics!

"That bastard’s luck is only getting better," a young handsome blonde man sitting far behind in the class said.

"Alex, calm down. A star is brightest before its fall and same is with Zed," a fat student next to him said while eating a chocolate.

" Jamie, you are right. That bastard is nothing but a toad lusting after a swan’s flesh," Alex said while gritting his teeth, "Still it’s extremely frustrating to see that slum bastard so close to Felicity."

Jamie gave a sigh seeing his friend’s hate. He knew Alex has always believed he deserved Felicity. While Felicity’s background was super powerful due to her being a daughter of a senator but Alex thought his background was also extraordinary. He was the son of the police chief of Delta City!

Yet Felicity never gave him a single glance! On the other hand, she would always hang out with Zed! Sure Zed was rich but he had no background! He was just a slum insect who got lucky! An insect is an insect no matter how pretty it gets! How can a slum insect dare to snatch what belonged to Alex?

"Alex, let us go for another hunt today," Jamie said.

"You mean hunting those slum insects?" Alex asked.

"Yes! We shall invite Zed as well with us," Jamie said with a smirk.

Alex was surprised by the proposal but then he laughed after understanding what Jamie was planning.

"Good! I can’t wait to see how that bastard will react," Alex has a cruel smile on his face.

The female students on the other hands were jealous of Felicity and Jessica! They couldn’t stand to see the perfect youth sitting with them!


"Sir George is here!" A female student shouted which made everyone to focus their attention on the entrance.

A middle-aged man entered the classroom carrying a tablet in his hands. The students offered their respect by standing up.

"Sit down," George said while pressing few panels on his tablet screen. The lights turned off and a holographic image of Earth appeared.

"In today’s history class, we will revisit our past to remember what our society was back then and what our society is now," George directly started the topic, "Let us remember the sacrifices of our fallen heroes by going back in the past."

"Not interested!" Many students shouted together. The room was dark but George could point out the culprits. He didn’t take any action for he knew what type of students studied here.

With a sigh, he said, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots. So are you still not interested in past?"

Not a single student replied to the question.

"Your silence speaks much more than your words do," George said.

Every single student has a serious expression on their face as they waited for the class to start but there was one student who was scoffing inside!


"History is nothing but a mixture of facts and fiction written by vested interest for the purpose of subtle brainwashing. I will rather be a tree without roots than a slave to the thoughts of others," Zed mused in his heart while outside he pretended to be interested in the history.

George clicked a panel on his tablet and said," Let us begin the class!"

[[Virtual Simulation Activated]] A mechanical voice sounded inside the classroom.

The holographic image of Earth started expanding and in no time it has covered the entire classroom. The students felt as if they were inside the real Earth instead of a hologram.

[[Before the 19th century our planet was divided into countries. The countries were mainly ruled by the dynasties and royal families]]

The students ’saw’ different types of imperial and royal palaces around the world which served as the home to different powers.

[[While the kings and their families lived a pleasant life the condition of the general population was very poor.]]

The students now saw the general populace being harmed by the policies of nobility and royalty. People were starving during famines and other disasters while those of royal blood enjoyed the best delicacies the money has to offer.

[[That was an era full of sufferings and cruelty. That was an era full of oppression.]]

The students saw various political struggles around the world which would lead to wars and ultimately deaths. Even during the wars, it was the general populace who suffered the most since the battles took place throughout the country. The financial burden of the wars would ultimately affect the common people the most.

[[In such chaotic times the Evolution Comet appeared first. It leads to a change which no one could ever expect back then.]]

At the start of 1900, a strange comet passed by Earth. This comet was visible from every corner of the planet and many believed it was an omen of world-altering changes. As soon as the comet disappeared, thousands of mystic meteorites appeared in the solar system as if they have arrived after shattering the void.

Many of these mystic meteorites arrived on Earth. These meteorites contained a wonderous element known as ’Divine Particles’. The divine particles mixed with the earth’s atmosphere and started the large-scale mutation of the world. Various species around the world started developing extraordinary superpowers. Humans, beasts, plants, and other species took their first big step in evolution together all thanks to the Divine Particles!

The meteorites after reaching ground created a miracle of their own. Like in the Bermuda Triangle, the meteorites created spatial cracks and opened Paradox Dimension. In Amazon Rainforest, the meteorites mutated the rainforest to such an extent that it has become an impenetrable wilderness. These meteorites created various phenomenon on Earth making many forbidden regions on Earth.

Not every meteorite created a miracle land though. Some places were turned into a wasteland where millions of people died due to the shockwave created by meteorites.

[[Further destruction was caused by the dynasties around the world. The governments started taking common people for experiments as they tried to study the mutation around the world. Conditions of people got worse now that the entire resources were spent on decoding the secrets of Evolution.]]

The virtual simulation made the students feel as if they were experiencing the tragedy on the first hand. They felt deep hatred for those dynasties who would do such cruel things to the members of their own race.

[[Just when the world was on brink of insanity, the hope arrived!]]

"The Nine Sovereigns!" Almost everyone in the classroom muttered in excitement.

[[Indeed. The Nine Sovereigns became the hope of the world!]]

From different corners of the planet, nine extraordinary mutants acted in defiance against the cruelties of the dynasties. The Nine Sovereigns lead their respective families and together they defeated the cruel tyrants.

[[In the year 1935, the nine aristocratic families met at what today is known as the Holy City. It was there the World Government was established. The nine aristocratic families acted on behalf of Nine Sovereigns and made an impartial government for all.]] 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

The students saw an age of prosperity after the formation of world government. The oppression was stopped and true development started. Rights were given to common citizens regardless if they were mutant or not. The focus was now on developing technology and helping everyone to develop regardless of background. The world government was founded on the principle of democracy with the nine aristocratic families only acting as the permanent members of the World Council.

[[In the year 1971, the king of Atlantis joined World Council! The harmony between humans and sea race showed just how successful the world government was in its aim of peace and development.]]

The sea race occupied most of the resources on this planet since around 71% of the earth’s surface is water covered. Yet the powerful sea race joined the world government founded by the humans! The students marveled at the might of the human race!

"Fools can’t even realize that this class is not focused on history but propaganda," Zed thought with a disappointment. He marveled at the ability of government to fool people by inciting pride, patriotism and racial sentiments.

While Zed didn’t know the true history, he knew enough for him to judge that world government was anything but kind!

Very few people knew that the government has sacrificed millions of people in experiments in their pursuit of strength and eternal life. The government did it in the guise of employment overseas, riots, epidemics or mining incidents which would be used to justify the mass disappearance of people. The weak and poor were forced to live in the slums with next to zero support from the government. Poor and weak were exploited by organ harvesters and brothels but the government did nothing!

"World Government is good in selling itself," Zed thought. He has lived in the slums for most of his life so he knew the extent of development the government has done.

He didn’t judge the government only due to the conditions of the slum but also due to the mining incident four years ago! Castor Damon (a level 9 officer) has forced him and hundreds of other slum dwellers for a suicide mission to find Cosmic Spark! Zed survived after fusing with Cosmic Spark but rest were not so lucky. They died in miserable ways...

"Heck, slavery is continued even in developed placed but no one ever speaks of it," Zed thought of the things he has heard from Eva. She has told him that the nine aristocratic families have the legal rights to take slaves! Yet now world government pretended to be champion of human rights.

The virtual simulation continued with students seeing the various developments the world government has done.

[[In the current era, the biggest enemy of our peaceful civilization is ’Nation of Terror’. The Nine Sovereigns spared the lives of a few people from those evil dynasties but they didn’t appreciate the kindness.]]

The remnants of the past dynasties and tyrants escaped to the southern hemisphere and established a ’nation’. Even after the formation of the World Government this ’nation’ has survived.

[[This nation has carried out various terrorist attacks around the world all in the hope to turn the world into chaos but we would never let them succeed! They call themselves freedom fighters but they are only cowards!]]

"Yes!" The students shouted in unison.

Zed remained silent throughout the simulation. He didn’t know if the Nation of Terror was truly as evil as the news claimed.

He has experienced on first hand as to how the media outlets have been manipulating the news so how could he judge this ’nation’ based on views of others? Most people didn’t even know that the World Government enforced strict guidelines on reporting any matter related to the ’Nation of Terror’.

"The Nine Sovereigns and the world government won the war so they become the heroes everyone rever. The past dynasties lost so they have become the heinous sinner everyone hate. History is nothing but a fiction written by the winner to glorify his deeds while demonizing the loser," Zed thought.

"Winner is the king and the loser is the villain."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 47 Winner is the king and loser is the villain