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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 45 Burden of Responsibility

Chapter 45 Burden of Responsibility

[[I wonder if you will ever feel burdened by your shameless behavior.]] Claudia finished her remarks. She wasn’t fooled by her master’s act for she has witnessed it countless times.

Kiba could do nothing but give a sigh. He has always taken pride in his ability to make others speechless but Claudia has even surpassed him.

[[I created her so it’s no wonder she is so good, " Kiba inwardly told himself as if trying to find some consolation.

[[Sir, the classes are about to start]] Claudia decided to remind her master seeing how comfortably he was lying on the chair.

"Ah!" Kiba was startled. He was so lost in the mood that he has forgotten he was in the academy premises. He has even promised Felicity he would be back before the class started.

"Claudia, you know what you have to do," Kiba hurriedly said. The skin on his face started dissipating and it was replaced with new skin. His golden hairs changed into black and his iris were now pure blue with no sign of gold. He was now in his Zed form!

[[I will find out all information you need on Sarah and Daniel]] Claudia knew she has to collect the necessary information through hacking emails, private messages, bank statements, security footage, etc. Based on this her master could decide the next step.

"Good," Zed said.

[[What about Agatha?]] Claudia asked just as Zed was about to leave the car.

Zed didn’t know how to answer her. It was a question that was hurting him inside even though he didn’t let it appear on his face

He can hide it from everyone but not Claudia because she knew him the best in the entire world. It wasn’t restricted to his secret of dual identities or the secret laboratory she managed.

Claudia knew everything about her master including his personality. She was aware her master was taking revenge for Agatha’s sake when he declared he would cuckold Daniel.

What does a man fear the most?

Is it physical pain? No! Pain is only temporary! 𝚒𝐧𝙣𝘳𝒆𝐚𝘥. com

Is it a financial loss? No! Money can be earned back!

What man fears the most is his losing his position of the alpha wolf in the life of his woman. He would always try to prove that he has all the qualities required to deserve her!

And what is the quality a man took most pride in? Or to be precise, what is the feature he cares most about in himself?

The answer is simple: It was his dick. He likes to believe he has the biggest dick out there which can make other men envious! A man likes to think he has the ability to satisfy his woman in every possible way!

Males always want their female partners to be only theirs especially when it comes to making love. A man can handle physical pain but he couldn’t handle the pain of betrayal by the love of his life!

Can anything be more tortuous for a man other than his wife sleeping with another man?

Claudia knew the answer and she was fully aware her master wanted Daniel to suffer the worst type of pain and humiliation in the world. It wouldn’t have happened had Daniel not run the news about Agatha being pregnant with Kiba’s child.

The news was false and Claudia was very well aware of how it would ruin the life of Agatha. Agatha would be humiliated by various people not only on social media but also in real life. Even her so-called best friends and relatives would call her a slut and a whore. She would become a hot topic for gossip in every circle. Even her child would suffer from the stigma throughout his life. That was the extent of how a single news can ruin the life of a person.

Claudia knew her master blamed himself for this.

"I will find a way to help Agatha," Zed answered after some time.

[[I have a way to control the damage but it would need you to use your powers as Kiba]] Claudia said. She wouldn’t have brought the topic in the first place had she not find a way to help ease the guilt her master felt.

Zed was pleasantly surprised to hear her words. He tried to control his emotions and said, "Tell me what I have to do. I owe Agatha so I will do everything within the scope of my power."

[[Sir, for now, attend the class. As for the matter about Agatha, it would take me at least a day before I can complete the preparations. I will tell you when I need you to take action.]]

Zed nodded his head. He didn’t ask her what type of preparations she was making because he trusted her.

He left the car and started walking towards the main part of the campus.


The Royal Heart Academy’s campus was divided into various zones such as training field, research area, academic zone, etc. Zed was moving towards the academic zone where theory classes were conducted.

On the way, he heard many students discussing the ’breaking news’. Thankfully the students didn’t make any negative remarks about. Instead, most of the remarks were glorifying Kiba!

"Kiba is awesome! He made Jack’s wife pregnant!"

"As expected of great Kiba! He didn’t even spare the family which owns White Angel Corporation!"

"Truly remarkable! I expected nothing less!"

"How can you praise Kiba? He had an affair with a married woman!"

"You are so narrow-minded! Kiba did what he did because he is a true man!"

"True man?"

"Yes! A true man is always out there looking for romance in every beauty regardless if she is single or not!"

"A true man is like a pirate. He is always on the discovery of new islands even if they are already occupied!"

"...but he made a married woman pregnant! Think about the agony Jack would be feeling!"

"You are wrong! If anything Jack would be feeling joy! For years he was plowing the field with no success but when Kiba plowed the have blossomed!"

"Indeed! Jack would get to enjoy the fruits without any cost!"

"You all are insane!"

After listening to the discussion, Zed was stuck on the spot with his mouth wide open. He didn’t know he has such hardcore fans in the academy.

"Maybe I wasn’t lying when I said my shoulders carry a burden as heavy as a mountain!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 45 Burden of Responsibility