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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 44 Responsibility!

Chapter 44 Responsibility!

SBC News Headquarters is located in the inner zone of Delta City. Matching its reputation of number one media corporation in the city, the headquarters occupied a twenty storied building.

The employees working at SBC took great pride in the success of their corporation. In the current age of mutants and technology, working for a top corporate is always beneficial. And who wouldn’t want to work for a news agency so powerful that even the top mutants of the city fear it!

A single news can destroy a hard build reputation! Similarly, a single scandal can ruin a company!

The news was a weapon perhaps more powerful than even the deadliest of mutant abilities! It has to be known in that current age, the mutants couldn’t use their powers as they please since the world was governed by laws! But the nature of news business was different!

On the 18th floor, a group of ten employees was staring at two computer screen. On one screen, the news about Kiba becoming a father was broadcasted. On the other screen, the real-time TRP ratings of the channel were displayed.

This group of employees was high-ranking officers in the channel so the TRP ratings really mattered to them since it directly affected their pay. Currently, their expressions were of delight as they noticed the TRP going higher and higher.

"Sir Daniel and Lady Sarah have outdone themselves once again," a female official said with reverence.

"Indeed, the TRP is soaring high! It has even surpassed entertainment channels!" a male official exclaimed.

"Lady Sarah truly knows what type of news sells," another female official added. The matter about Sarah buying the source of ’breaking news’ was a secret known only to the core members of the channel.

"Sir Daniel is amazing as well. He has prepared the news script himself," another official added. The officials were showering with praise even though both Sarah and Daniel were absent.

It is no easy feat for a news channel to surpass the TRP rating of entertainment channels but now their channel has achieved that! So it was not surprising for the group to praise Sarah and Daniel.

Scandals always sell! Especially if it is a scandal involving a married woman which resulted in pregnancy! But presenting the scandal in an innovative way make it a lifetime product!

"We should be grateful to Kiba for his womanizing habit otherwise we wouldn’t have this scandal," a male officer said. Inside his heart though, the official was cursing the gods for giving Kiba such enviable luck with women.

"Agatha deserves credit as well for being a slut," a female employee said. Her expression denoted how she despised woman like Agatha for having extramarital affair.

"Haha, I am sure Agatha won’t be able to show her face to the public," a male employee said. He wanted to get at the good side of the female employee so he took her side.

"She deserves it!" the female employee from before said with a smile.

"Sir Daniel would be extremely pleased as well with the progress our channel is making," a female employee wearing glasses said. She tried to change the topic since she wasn’t comfortable with negative remarks against Agatha.

"Of course! Sir Daniel would be dancing with joy!"

"True. If I was Sir Daniel then I would be celebrating!"

The group consented to their heads while their gaze unconsciously passed to an office room nearby. It was the office of Daniel.

The male employees were envious of Daniel since he has a beautiful wife in the form of Sarah. Sarah’s beauty rivaled the angels from fairy tales but now she was married! So how couldn’t one be envious of Daniel?

"Sir Daniel is a good husband as well," a female employee said. Women liked the successful man and Daniel has gone a step ahead by being a perfect gentleman.

"I want to have a good husband like Sir Daniel as well," another female said.

Just then a loud bang noise came from Daniel’s office.


The group of employees saw a table thrown out of the office window. The table was thrown with such force that even the wall showing signs of a crack.

"MOTHERFUCKER! I DON’T WANT TO BE A GOOD HUSBAND!!" A loud roar came from Daniel’s office.

The group of employees outside were shocked, to say the least. Just a moment ago they thought Daniel would be celebrating in joy but now... He definitely wasn’t happy!

Just what happened?

What did he mean by not wanting to be a good husband?!

The female employees were even more shocked. Just moments ago they were praising him for his gentleman behavior!


Inside the office room, Daniel was huffing in anger. He just couldn’t control his anger any longer so he removed it on the furniture inside.

He took a deep breath and focused his attention on the virtual screen again where Kiba’s holographic image was projected.

A minute ago Kiba has said: "If you love your wife then don’t bind her in shackle of marriage. Allow her to have the happiness she has always craved for."

Like that wasn’t enough humiliating, Kiba went a notch higher by asking: "You want to be a good husband, right?"

Good husband?!?

Fuck! I don’t want to be a good husband if it means becoming a cuckold! What type of man I would be if I let my wife sleep with another man?!?

He was feeling a type of humiliation he has never suffered in his entire life. He was a respectable media tycoon in Delta City but now this wife hunter was declaring that he would make him cuckold!

The most annoying part was that this wife hunter pretended he was doing everything for his sake! The happiness of his wife lies in him being a cuckold!

This bastard wanted to sleep with his wife so that she can feel the happiness she has always been craving for! Just what type of happiness was that?!?

Sure, I want to be a good husband who keeps his wife happy, but I don’t want to give my wife this type of happiness!

This type of happiness would kill me!

Daniel wanted to retort the words Kiba spoke earlier but he didn’t know how to respond because Kiba’s words technically made sense! He didn’t want to admit it but there was logic in Kiba’s words no matter how outlandish that logic was.

If one gets tired of having the same food and wearing the same clothes then what about having only one lover throughout life?!?

Son of a bitch! Why am I thinking his words make sense!?!

I don’t want to become a cuckold!

If it was possible, he wanted to kill Kiba but he knew the image in front of him was nothing but a virtual projection created by the telecommunication device. This was why he decided to remove his anger on the furniture.

He tried to calm himself but failed after seeing the relaxed attitude of Kiba on the virtual screen. His blood started boiling again thinking of the words Kiba said before.

"I swear I will kill you if you made a single move on my wife," Daniel blurted out a warning.

"How disappointing for you to not appreciate kindness," Kiba said in a disappointed tone.

"Kindness?!?" Daniel was just going crazy thinking about the kindness Kiba wanted to offer.

"You might not want to become a good husband but I will make sure you become a good husband," Kiba said ignoring Daniel’s warning.

A man might want to commit suicide but how can a sage allow that to happen? Similarly, a husband might not want to become a cuckold but how could Kiba allow that?

It was the duty of a sage to save lives, and similarly, Kiba felt he has a duty to make every man (with a beautiful wife) into a cuckold.

It was a sense of responsibility! It was a mission for which a man lives for!

How can Kiba back off from his holy duty because of Daniel’s threats? Kiba was not the type of man to back off from his responsibilities!

"Anyways, I will make sure to send you some good video clips for your entertainment," Kiba said after which the video call ended.

Video clips?!?

Daniel almost coughed up a mouthful of blood thinking about what type of video clips Kiba wanted to send him.


Kiba was lying relaxed on the seat of his car after ending the call. A smile was visible on his face as if he has succeeded in something big.

[[Congratulations, sir.]] Claudia said. As an advanced artificial intelligence, she could understand the psychology of humans and she knew why her master gave a ’courtesy call’ to Daniel.

"Congratulations?" Kiba asked.

[[I mean you have successfully baited Daniel. Just now you succeeded in that so congratulations are in order]] Claudia said.

"Hehe, thanks. To be honest, Daniel was much easier to bait then I thought," Kiba said.

[[That is all thanks to the infamy you have.]] Claudia said without mercy.

"Hey! You are giving the credit to my fame but I have done hard work to achieve it!" Kiba protested.

[[Sir, I used the word infamy and not fame.]] Claudia reminded him.

Kiba’s mouth twitched. He knew she was referring to his reputation of having affairs with married women. It was known to almost everyone in the city that he had affairs with the wives of top executives in the city. People knew he hasn’t spared even the daughters and wives of world government’s officials.

This reputation was infamy and hardly anyone would doubt his skill in seducing a woman married or not.

What others don’t know was that sometimes Kiba used his reputation as a weapon. If an ordinary person told Daniel that he would cuckold him...chances are Daniel wouldn’t believe that person nor give any importance to the threat.

The reason was simple: A marriage was founded on love and he believed not anyone can ruin this holy link.

But what about Kiba? He has a reputation of destroying even the best of marriages! He has affairs with women who were madly in love with their husbands but yet they succumbed to the temptation!

This was why during the conversation, Daniel didn’t say words like "no one could break my marriage", nor words like "my marriage was too strong for it to be destroyed".

The reason was not that he didn’t trust his wife! Instead, it was because he believed Kiba has the ability to have an affair with his wife!

The truth was Kiba could have seduced Sarah even without baiting Daniel. He only baited Daniel in order to make him feel suffocated.

This conclusion would become a demon in his heart and he would always be haunted by it. He would start doubting his wife and become suspicious of her from even normal matters! This, in turn, would create a small spark in the marriage!

[[If conditions are right, a small spark can turn into a mighty flame which could burn everything]] Claudia said.

"I have to make the conditions right for my next step," Kiba said with a sigh. He wasn’t the type of person who would force himself on a woman so he has to make such conditions that the woman would consent.

Making a married woman consent to an affair was a difficult process. It required time and patience.

"Claudia, start finding out which ’category’ Sarah belongs to," Kiba ordered.

[[Understood. It would take some days before I can make my judgment on the category after which you will need to verify.]]

Claudia knew what category her master was talking about: Type of marriage a woman is in.

After years of trial and error, Kiba has made a category classification which would help him in his hunt. He has basically divided the marriage into three categories :

1. Broken marriage - The woman is unhappy with the marriage. It could be due to a variety of reasons such as monetary, dull sex life, etc. Kiba found women in this category easy to seduce.

2. Adventurous marriage - The woman is looking for fun outside the marriage. She might be happy with the marriage but she wants adventure. Kiba believed this category was difficult to handle as the woman looking for fun might have conditions of her own. She wouldn’t have the affair with any tom dick and harry. This category was the reason Kiba decided to become a jack of all trades.

3. Happy marriage - The women in this category have a blissful marriage life. They don’t need any thrill from outside since they were completely satisfied. This type of woman was the most difficult to seduce.

"I truly hope Sarah doesn’t belong to the third category otherwise I would have a headache," Kiba mumbled.


"How can the world know the amount of hard work I do for weeks and months just for a day of pleasure," Kiba said in a complaining tone. Only he knew how difficult his job was.

[[Sir, you are shameless.]] Claudia remarked. She has a free thought process and she wasn’t restricted in many ways. So she would often make brutal but honest remarks.

Kiba was startled. How can anyone call him shameless? That too by someone who knew him the best!

"Claudia, your words have hurt me," Kiba said in a sorrowful voice.

[[Sir, you are going to cuckold someone but yet your behavior is like you are doing the poor cuckold a favor. You are now even complaining about your ’job’.]]

"Ah wouldn’t understand since you are not a human," Kiba replied in a serious voice.

[[Understand what ?]] Claudia was surprised. Since she manages an advanced research lab, she has studied every book about human psychology. Not only that but she has studied other research materials based on live experiments on humans. So she was confident in her ability to understand human psychological behavior.

"Responsibility!" Kiba said in a solemn tone.

[[Responsibility? ]] Claudia couldn’t understand how the shameless behavior of her master and the word ’responsibility’ were connected.

"Yes, I feel a sense of responsibility in what I do. A human must take pride in what he does no matter the job because it involves responsibility! And feeling burdened by responsibility is a natural response of human! " Kiba said with a straight face.

Claudia was silent for she was analyzing his words.

"Do you now understand?" Kiba asked her.

[[Yes, sir. I have understood that you are more shameless than I ever thought.]]


[[I wonder if you will ever feel burdened by your shameless behavior.]]


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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 44 Responsibility!