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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 42 Get Ready

Chapter 42 Get Ready

Death is painful for only a moment but having a baby is a torture which lasts for years if not decades. Taking care of the baby while losing all the sleep is not something Zed wanted to have.

He believes the life becomes a hell after having a child since the parent has to make the child as the center of his world. A parent can no longer give priority to his own dreams as all the priority is reserved for ’the bundle of joy’. He could never understand why parents would sacrifice and suffer so much for the sake of their child.

Perhaps living as an orphan, even after having parents, has made it difficult for him to understand how a parent-child relationship worked. While he hated his own parents for what they did, he has never let his hate turned into a bias.

Otherwise, he would not have been touched by the actions of the woman in the slum. She has distributed the food among her children while she slept empty stomach.

When he helped the woman and saw the look of joy on her face, he felt happy.

While he is fascinated by the love a parent can have for the child, that didn’t mean he wanted to experience the love of becoming a father. The only love he truly wanted was the love of a woman’s pussy. At least that was what he thought...


Zed wiped his tears with a tissue paper and regained his composure.

"Can we resume the breakfast if your tears of joy have stopped?" Felicity asked in a cold voice. Her expression showed how displeased she was with the behavior of Zed.

"Yeah," Zed said with a forced laughter.

They resumed their breakfast but other students’ attention were still on the TV screen. The female anchor and Erone haven’t stopped the discussion on the ’breaking news’.

"Sir Kiba knocked out Jack in a single slap," Erone has the expression of a devotee as he continued, "I hope the slap has opened Jack’s eyes and he would no longer get in between a father and a child."

"I am hoping for the same but I am afraid it is no longer possible," the female anchor said.

"What do you mean?" Erone asked.

"Our sources have reported that Jack’s father-Hank- has a falling out with Kiba yesterday," the female anchor said.

"Sir Kiba and Hank has a professional relationship from years but now it is broken?" Erone has a shocked expression on his face.

"From what our sources have gathered, Kiba and Hank had an ugly fight. Reportedly Kiba told Hank that Agatha should be with him since she is pregnant with his child," the female anchor said.

Zed was drinking a glass of juice but his attention was still on the news. He couldn’t believe just to what extent the media were lying.

The fight between him and Hank was for a totally different reason and the media should have known it. But yet again they manipulated the facts to their own advantage.

"Felicity, I have a few calls to make," Zed said as he excused himself from the table.

"Sure but don’t forget we have a history class at 9 am and a battle training session at 10 am," Felicity reminded him about the class schedule. There were around fifteen minutes before the classes started.

"I will join you in the class," Zed reassured her before leaving.


Zed walked towards the parking space of the academy campus. The door of the red hovercraft automatically opened after the sensors detected his presence.

Zed sat on the driving seat after which he transformed into Kiba. The design of hovercraft and its management by Claudia made sure this secret would never be leaked.

"Claudia, call Agatha," Kiba commanded.


A minute later, a virtual screen appeared in front of him denoting the video call has started.

"Agatha," Kiba slowly said. He could see from the video feed that she was exhausted.

"Kiba, why have you called?" Agatha asked.

She could pretty much guess why he has called but nevertheless, she didn’t really want to talk about it. From the last twenty minutes, her life has turned into a hell with all the calls from media, her friends, and family. She was tired of explaining that the child inside her was Jack’s and not Kiba’s.

"I have called to apologize," Kiba said with a guilty expression.

Agatha has been far too good to him but he has turned her life into a hell. Yesterday, when he told her about his past, she has hugged him to tell him that he was no longer alone. That gesture was something that touched his heart.

Even before the affair and yesterday’s event, he has known her far too well. She has only done good things for him so how could he not feel guilty for harming her?

"You don’t need to apologize," Agatha continued with a sigh," In the end, it was my decision to have an affair with you. I have no right to blame you for something I did out of my own free will, much less ask you to apologize."

"You already know the media talk is not due to the affair. It is due to the stupid act I pulled yesterday," Kiba said.

When Jack informed him that Agatha was pregnant, Kiba has said some things in public to Jack such as ’No one told me I was going to become a father’, ’Are you sure the child is not mine?’, ’ I remember Agatha telling me that I have reached a spot no man has ever reached!’

Kiba has a great time taking pleasure in Jack’s reactions but now he knew his actions have also costed Agatha. He didn’t regret what he did to Jack but he regretted harming Agatha.

"I know but you don’t need to apologize for that either since you have already apologized yesterday," Agatha said thinking about the conversation she had with Kiba at the balcony. Kiba has even promised to help her one time as a form of apology.

"Agatha, if there is anything I can do please tell me...anything you want!" Kiba said in a serious voice.

He knew the media news today would result in a stigma on Agatha for forever. Perhaps even her child would suffer due to the mistake of Kiba.

There would always be people in society who would open the old wounds for their pleasure. The men are rarely scrutinized for having an affair but for women it is different.

Agatha could tell from Zed’s expression and voice how guilty he felt. She knew about the life he has lived and the dreams he pursued.

"If I ever need help I will ask you," Agatha said trying to force a smile on her face. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

The current situation made it impossible for her to smile but she knew she has to try. She was already suffering and she didn’t want to see Kiba suffer due to her. There was no need for more sufferers in this world.

"Thanks. I have an urgent call to make so please excuse me," Kiba ended the video conference.

He could pretty much guess how hard it has been for Agatha to take his call and speak with him nicely. Dragging the conversation any longer would have only made it difficult for Agatha so he decided to end it.

He was sitting inside the car with his eyes closed as he contemplated about Agatha and the news regarding him. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes.

"I don’t like being used much less when it harms someone I care about," Kiba’s eyes were cold. It was the first time in his life that he felt true guilt.

"Claudia, find me the details of a news---"

[[I have already collected the details. Just waiting for you to ask.]] Claudia didn’t allow Kiba to complete his words.

"You really know me well," Kiba said. He was sure she has found out details the moment the news came out.

[[That’s my duty, sir. Anyways, here is what you need to know: SBC News is owned by Daniel Enfiled. From the elementary data I have hacked through SBC News server, it is evident that Daniel is the main culprit for your trouble today."

"Is he married?" Kiba asked.

[[Yes. His wife name is Sarah and she is very hot.]]

The virtual screen showed a few images of Sarah from a public outing.

"Good," With a smile he continued," Now call that Daniel."

A minute later, the video conference started with the virtual screen acting as the interface.

Daniel has a smile on his face as he took the first step in conversation," I am honored that a great man like you called me."

"Has anyone told you that your face looks like shit?" Kiba asked in a casual voice.

The smile on Daniel’s face faded. He has heard that Kiba was someone who would take revenge at the slightest offense but he wasn’t worried.

In the end, the power of a single mutant couldn’t rival an organization. Not unless they were Divine rank mutants like from the government, nine aristocratic families or mysterious heritage.

Daniel was sure Kiba wasn’t a Divine rank mutant from the information he has gathered. He believed Kiba was among the top three strongest mutants of the city based on the recent activities, so he was powerful but not as powerful to eradicate SBC News.

While he knew Kiba would get offended by the news but he never thought Kiba would use insulting remark from the very start.

"Kiba, I am aware you might be angry due to the news but please know I have no hand in it. I don’t manage the daily activities of my channel," Daniel said. He didn’t show his anger for he knew anger makes a man vulnerable.

"Of course, you have no hand in it," Kiba waved his hands in a motion as if it was something obvious," In fact, my call is for a totally different reason."

"Different reason?"

"Yeap. And it isn’t about your face resembling shit. I am sure you hear about that all the time so I don’t need to call you for that."

"Tell me what you want," Daniel said trying to control the anger inside him.

"I want nothing. Just wanted to tell you to get ready," Kiba said.

"Ready for what?" Daniel asked.

"Becoming a cuckold."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 42 Get Ready