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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 40 The Breaking News!

Chapter 40 The Breaking News!

Zed felt his cheeks twitching. He couldn’t even refute her because he actually planned to do some of the stuff Claudia mentioned. Otherwise, why would he agree to Lager Kestone’s request for judging the pageant?

"Claudia, I am getting late so ready a hovercar," Zed decided to change the topic. He was regretting giving her free thought process.


Zed arrived at the garage containing dozens of vehicles. There were bikes, normal cars, racing cars, and hovering cars.

Zed made himself comfortable in a red hovercar and quickly left the community area. He chose a road reserved for the rich which reduced the traveling time.


The campus of Royal Heart Academy was established over some 9,000 acres of land in the inner circle of Delta City. It went without saying that the academy has the best infrastructure the money could offer since it is where the children of rich and powerful study.

There were various buildings on the campus suiting the different needs of students such as genetic lab, business management, training center, tournament hall, etc.

In the present age, the education of mutant wasn’t limited to just teaching them how to control their abilities or use them in combat. Just being strong wouldn’t result in the success for the society was run by a government.

There were wars but of small scales mainly between various mysterious factions, mafia, corporates, and World Government. Obviously, there were criminals abusing their abilities but they would be quickly hunted down.

There was two large exception in situations where the rules of the government were totally ignored. One was ’Nation of Terrorist’ and other was mysterious lands like Amazon Rainforest, Paradox Dimension, and other such places where the power of government wasn’t able to infiltrate.

At least, that’s how the public knowledge went.

The Royal Heart Academy promised to make the allover progression of their students no matter whether it was their abilities or intelligence.

Zed drove his car to the parking area after verifying his identity at the entrance.


It has been three years since Zed has joined the academy. While he gained Cosmic Spark four years ago and his first appearance as Kiba was three and half years ago but he joined academy later so as to make sure there was enough interval between each event just in worst case scenarios.

This was also why he has propagated various rumors regarding how ’Zed’ gained his fortune. How he gained the fortune and took admission in the academy is a story for another day.

Zed entered the canteen area for breakfast. Most people’s attention was on the holographic TV projector which was displaying news. News regarding the missile test in the wasteland, slaughter in the slum, chemical bombing in Sakura City, etc.

He moved towards a table where a female in her early twenties was sitting. The female was absolutely gorgeous with her fair complexion and black hairs, but there was no lust inside Zed’s heart when he saw her.

Who could be such a female if not Felicity?

"You look weak," Felicity placed her right hand on his forehead before continuing, "Your body is fine but yet you look so exhausted. This is why I always tell you to engage in thrill games where your body can get perfect exercise!"

Zed made himself comfortable in a chair opposite to her and said," I didn’t have enough sleep otherwise I am fine."

Felicity gave a cold snort and said, "I could never understand why you don’t get enough sleep even though you are at your home most of the times."

Felicity then ordered food for two keeping in mind Zed’s ’poor’ health.

Zed was afraid she will lecture him again so he decided to divert the topic, "What did you do yesterday?"

"I have to hang out in a boring party at White Angel Corporation," With a deep sigh she continued," God, my father thinks I will find a boyfriend if I go to such events."

Zed smiled at her predicament. No one knew it better than him for what she wanted in her life. She only cared for the thrill in her life...the thrill of beating death. It was a different matter that she liked to force her thrill adventures on him as well much to his displeasure.

"I did meet that Kiba guy," Felicity said after thinking of yesterday’s events.

"Oh? What was your impression of him?" Zed asked while not letting any sign of discomfort appear on his face.

"Well, he is a fine guy," Felicity thought for a moment before continuing," The thing I liked about him is his thrill-seeking habit. He would always have affairs with the wives and daughters of rich and powerful people! That’s how a true man should be!"

"I am sure he doesn’t think like that," Zed said.

"You are wrong! Always courting death is the perfect way to spend life!"

Zed wiped the sweat on his face and said, "I guess your impression of him is good."

"I don’t really care about him but since he agreed to a request of mine, I have no choice but to think he is a good guy," Felicity said in a nonchalant manner.

Zed didn’t want to think about the request. Just the thought of the request made him have a headache.

How is supposed to do an impossible task like ’Kiba having a man-to-man conversation with Zed’ in front of her?

"What request?" Zed asked so that she doesn’t become suspicious.

"It is a personal request so I can’t share details. Let me just say that I will be able to die without any worries if Kiba fulfills my request," Felicity said while not bothering to explain the request.

Zed became silent for a moment. He knew how much Felicity cared for him which was why he agreed to her impossible request in Kiba form.

The relationship between him and Felicity wasn’t of romantic love or lust but of a friendship. A friendship which has turned into a familial love...

He was the type of person who wouldn’t risk his life for anyone, but he knew if Felicity was in danger, he would help her even if it cost him his life.

Felicity has given him something which no one ever could: a sense of belonging. For her, Zed was an annoying younger brother she has to protect till her last breath. This attitude made her the most precious part of his life.

"I hope Kiba fulfill your request," Zed said. He knew he has to find a way to fulfill her request while also making sure she doesn’t visit Paradox Dimension and risk her life.

"He should for his own good otherwise I will cut his balls," Felicity said in a serious voice.

"I should worry about my protection instead of hers!" Zed bitterly thought.


The waiter placed the food on the table.

Zed and Felicity were eating the food when they suddenly felt pin drop silence. They noticed everyone was staring at the TV.

"You heard it right! And we are not kidding since this news is regarding one of the strongest mutants in Delta City!" The female anchor on the TV excitedly continued, "Kiba is about to become a father!"

Zed choked up with the food he was eating.

"Why are you choking with emotions instead of Kiba?" Felicity asked after giving him a glass of water.

"I-I..." Zed didn’t know how to reply and he once again focused his attention on the TV.

"Soon we will have a special guest who would share the exciting details regarding the love affair between Kiba and the mother of his unborn child! Everything after a short commercial break!"

Zed: ".........."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 40 The Breaking News!