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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 37 Welcome Home

Chapter 37 Welcome Home

The Dream Rise House is a two-storied modern villa occupying an area of some 50,000 sq. foot. Partly built up over a waterfall it has a feeling of being one with nature.

The house was anything but conservative in terms of grandeur and expenditure. The villa’s reflecting pool is large enough to provide a swimming ground for dozens of people.

For the most part, the house followed the large sliding window theme. The house is specifically designed keeping in mind the abilities of mutants with the glasses and walls strong enough to handle the attack of both mutants and modern weapons. The house has around twenty rooms with separate space for garage, cinema, dining, bar and other miscellaneous activities. The safety and cleaning activities are managed by artificial intelligence system installed in the house.

You can say each section of the house smelled of extravagance. It is hard to believe but only a single person lives in it.

The above features are what the people from the surrounding community know. What they don’t know is that there is more to the villa then they think to know.

There are two underground floors below the villa so designed that the thermal or any other scan could not detect their presence including the abilities of mutants. Even the power system for underground floors is self-sustained with no reliance on the villa’s power source. Such design requires not only money but influence as well.

In the topmost underground floor lies a high-tech modern lab. The lab is divided into four sections with each section serving different needs.

Section 1 of the lab has an area of some 200 sq.m. It has cryogenic chambers along with advanced body scanners and all types of equipment required for treating a mutant. One can say the lab has enough capacity to save the life of a man about to die.

Suddenly, rays of white light started converging at the center of section 1.

The security system in the lab didn’t do anything to stop the rays of white light from converging into a man. It was as if the security system was well adapted to such occurrences.

[[Welcome back, sir.]] The artificial intelligence (AI) system said in a feminine voice.

Kiba gazed at the virtual screen in the lab where the AI prompt was displaying the stats of the villa. He was surprised to check that it was 4 am.

"Claudia, thank you for the hard work as always," Kiba said after seeing the log screen.

[[Sir, it is my duty. If I may say, the sensors are detecting the scent of multiple women from your body. You must have enjoyed yourself.]] The AI system named Claudia said.

"Ah well. It was quite fun," Kiba said with a bashful smile. He moved towards a body scanning device and said, "Claudia, run the usual tests on my body."


The body scanner released multiple lights which wrapped Kiba.

In reality, Kiba wasn’t as carefree as he let others think. Ever since Zed became Kiba after fusing with Cosmic Spark, he gave special care to his body. He was afraid there might be some side effects on him given Cosmic Spark used to be the power source of an entire world.

How can a human fuse with it no side effect?

He knew that he wasn’t using even one percent of Cosmic Spark’s powers in his ultimate form so the chances of any harmful effect were close to zero, but he wanted to be better safe than sorry.

This is why he built the underground advanced laboratory capable of dealing with any worst case scenario. As for the lab equipment, some were smuggled to him by Eva while others he himself ’borrowed’ from World Government and corporate.

For gaining the required knowledge to operate and manage such an advanced lab, he used his Cosmic Manipulation ability. Theoretically speaking, a user of this ability can create, shape and manipulate cosmic energies to produce nearly any effect they desire, including the molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, the manipulation of matter across space and time, the creation of force fields, the creation of inter-dimensional portals and vortices, telekinesis, and cosmic awareness.

While Kiba was nowhere near enough to use his ability in such an omnipotent way, he has gained enough proficiency to use it for things he needs. All the abilities he displayed so far were in fact just the minor use of Cosmic Manipulation. He could simply learn anything in this world without many efforts.

[[Sir, everything is normal. Your body is as normal as any mutant.]] Claudia said. The holographic projection showed his body structure along with his DNA and other components. There was no trace of Cosmic Spark or the power released by it on the stats shown by Claudia!

Kiba gave a sigh. He knew even the best lab couldn’t detect Cosmic Spark inside of him. Even the blood samples he would take were similar to normal mutants with no unusual signs denoting his extraordinary powers. In fact, his blood or sperm sample, or any other scan would only denote that he has teleportation and high physical enhancement as his abilities. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

He didn’t know the reason as to why such things would happen. Perhaps it was because he has actually wished as such when he fused with it, or perhaps the Cosmic Spark wanted to mask his presence.

The most strange thing was regarding his reproduction ability. He knew the chances of him impregnating any normal mutant in Kiba form were very low. The fertility of mutants have increased but that was only if they mated among themselves. The mutation of normal mutants was created by Divine Particles but his mutation in Kiba form was created by Cosmic Spark.

The breeding of two different energy beings is always difficult. This was why he didn’t care when he came inside Eva or any of his partners. He wasn’t worried someone would get pregnant and knock on his door saying "Fucker, congrats. You are a father now."

Of course, Zed form was normal and he has to be extra careful.

Kiba gave a smile as he thought of this. His body started transforming back into Zed form.

Soon, his hairs were black and his iris fully blue.

"Claudia, now you should say I am back," Zed said with his voice containing exhaustion.

[[Does it makes any difference, sir?]] Claudia asked.

"Nevermind. Just run the scans," Zed sighed and said.

The lights once again wrapped around his body for the scanning process. The holographic projection started showing the details of his body as the search progressed.

After a minute or two, Claudia reported: [[There are signs of heavy fatigue on your body otherwise everything else is normal. Even the fatigue can be considered as normal since your body is always affected by the deeds of your other form.]]

Zed’s mouth twitched when Claudia said ’deeds’. He knew she was referring to his sexual activities. The strain of his bodies is always shared in both forms so he wasn’t surprised by the fatigue.

"Good night, Claudia," Zed said after which he moved towards the elevator outside section 1 of the laboratory. The elevator has the capacity for two people. The virtual screen inside showed the route to different sections of the villa.

He pressed ’Floor: +2’ on the virtual screen after which the elevator closed and started moving upwards. A minute later, the elevator left him inside a small hidden compartment containing nothing but a library shelf. He moved out of the elevator and removed a book from the library shelf. The book has no pages but just a fingerprint scanner. Kiba pressed his right hand on the scanner.


The library shelf opened up revealing a luxurious bedroom.

"Finally sleep," Zed said with him barely able to open his eyes any longer.

[[Sir, I hope you remember that you have a class in the morning. You have only 3 hours for rest.]] Claudia’s sudden reminder jolted Zed when he just lied on the bed.

"FUCK!" Zed loudly cursed before falling asleep.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 37 Welcome Home