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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 36 The Perfect Youth

Chapter 36 The Perfect Youth

"Living the final moments of my life with you would be joyous enough. Perhaps more enjoyable than anything else in my life," Kiba said after which rays of white light surrounded him and he teleported away.

In the room, Eva entered into a trance-like state after hearing his words. It took her a few minutes before she could collect her thoughts together.

"What a cheeky rascal," Eva said with a smile. She didn’t think much of his words even though they made her daze.

She knew his style of working when he court girls, and she was very well aware of how he liked to make women never forget him.

It was not like she didn’t have any feelings for him. She, too, has felt that there was more than lust in her relationship with Kiba. But she didn’t dare ask for more.

She has her own dreams far different from Kiba. In the world, there was no freedom unless one has enough power and influence. She wanted to gain enough power and influence so that she could become a master of her own fate.

Her father has ignored her existence in the company just because she was a woman even though she has shown far more talent than her brother. Very early on in her life, she has realized one can’t gain what one wants just because of talent. Sometimes, working hard is not enough and in those times you have to play dirty and unfair.

In her journey so far, she has masked her personality and dreams with a fake image. An image of a kind and shy woman radiating kindness. The world believed her be an ideal conservative woman who only desired the well being of her family. She fooled her family and her fiance while she took steps for gaining power in secret.

She never felt guilty for using underhanded tactics because as far as she was concerned, the entire society was build of scums including her.

There were times when she was tired of the society she so desired to rule. In such times, she would wish to leave society and spend the rest of her life with Kiba in a place far away from the corruption of the world. But then she would remember that Kiba didn’t want to settle down, and the same applies for her. They know what each of them wanted from their life and thus didn’t want to be hindered down by the shackles of love.

"That rascal might make me fall for him if he continued with his cheeky attitude," Eva thought as she entered her sleep. Deep in her heart, though she wanted Kiba to stay true to the words he promised.

Unknown to her, Kiba actually meant what he said though he himself was unaware of it for now...


Nature’s Harmony Neighborhood is located in the eastern area of Delta City. The neighborhood is more like a small town residing in various costly houses. Living up to its name, the area is full of greenery and free from pollution. The houses in this community mostly belong to the rich and powerful of Delta City.

There is one exception though: The Dream Rise House. The Dream Rise House occupies an area of some 50,000 sq. foot; sufficient enough to look like a mansion but it was more of a modern villa. It is partly built over a waterfall giving it a unique attraction.

The house is known as an exception because as per as the rumors it is owned by a youngster with no powerful background!

If the gossips are to be believed, the youngster used to live in a slum before he moved in here! Some rumors say the youngster earned a lottery while some say he made big in a gambling. Then some bizarre rumors claim that he was gifted this house by a wealthy businessman for rescuing his daughter’s life; while other claims that the youngster is a love child of a powerful government official.

While not everyone agrees on the origin of the youth, there are two things everyone in this area agrees on. Firstly, the youngster is a well-mannered, and secondly, the youngster is an enemy to all men!

The first was confirmed when the people of the community learned that the youngster is a student of Royal Heart Academy. It is common knowledge that most of the academy students are anything but well cultured. Yet in such an environment the youngster didn’t give in to the temptation of drugs, prostitutes, and power.

The youngster wasn’t naive as well seeing how he would show no mercy to his enemies. This trait only increased his reputation among the community because being a kind-hearted and naive is something that would result in early death.

The ex-girlfriends of the youngster have claimed the youngster is good in bed as well. All his breakups have been amicable with his ex-girlfriends saying the fault was theirs for not being good enough for him! Such a perfect guy but yet not lecherous nor arrogant!

The ladies in the area believed the youngster is a perfect ideal husband material. The married women envied young females for they now have the opportunity to court such a perfect guy.

The young males, on the other hand, hated the youngster to the core. The parents would bombard them with lectures by saying how they should learn from the youngster. If that wasn’t enough, the youngster was popular among female students! How can the young males not hate such a person? He was their natural enemy!

The name of this perfect youngster is Zed!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 36 The Perfect Youth