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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 35 Spending The Final Moments of Life

Chapter 35 Spending The Final Moments of Life

White Angel Corporation took pride in their anti-trespassing technology. The corporation believed it has the ability to stop all forms of trespassing including teleportation. Hank Webley, in his role as the chairman, has bragged about this technology many times to the government and corporate officials.

The same technology was used in the transparent barrier surrounding the hundred floor building of White Angel Corporation. The building not only hosted the laboratories and work office but it also has dozens of floor specifically reserved for the stay of Webley family.

Hank believed the building was the safest place for his family. There was no risk of intrusion and everything can be under his control! He was sure that not even the woman thief Kiba can enter the building without his permission!

Alas, the reality was far too different. On the 74th floor’s penthouse, Eva was lying naked in Kiba’s arms!

If Hank came to know his engaged daughter is making out with the mutant who almost killed him, he would vomit blood. But if he came to know Kiba has been trespassing the barrier from years and making love with his daughter, then he would die of shock.


Kiba and Eva were lying naked with nothing but a blanket covering them. Both of them were exhausted especially Kiba.

Eva gave a teasing smile after seeing his exhausted look.

"Tell me something," Eva said after some time.


"You told me that you want to enjoy every phase of your life no matter which phase it is including the phase of an old man waiting for his death."

"What about it? Anyways, that reminds me of how shocked Agatha was when I shared my dreams with her." Kiba said remembering his conversation with Agatha.

He has told her he wanted simple pleasures of life and nothing grand. Those simple pleasures shocked Agatha because he wanted to taste the best delicacies, drink every fine liquor, and make love with the most beautiful women out there! He wanted to enjoy the vanity which only the rich could afford. And lastly, he dreamt of stealing others wife for an affair while their husbands die of envy and shame!

Much less Agatha, even Eva was shocked when she learned about his dreams a few years ago.

"Aha- You won’t even leave a pregnant lady?" Eva couldn’t help but laugh when she thought the way he would have shared his dreams with Agatha. She was sure he would only share the dreams inside the bed!

"Hey! I didn’t cross my boundaries! Anyways, what is that you want me to tell you?"

"You said you wanted to enjoy the phase of an old man waiting for his death. How can someone who is waiting for death enjoy that phase?" Eva asked with curiosity.

Kiba closed his eyes to think about how to reply. To be honest he has actually thought of this question himself. There were times when he thought he would be making love with a beauty till his final moments but he thought that would be too much to ask. He has heard how the sexual potential of men dwindles at old age. When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but tremble!

"FUCK! My dreams!" Kiba shouted suddenly much to Eva’s shock.

"What happened?" Eva asked.

"Nothing much. As for your question, I will answer it sometime later when I have the answer myself," Kiba said in embarrassment.

He knew he has just started on his journey to achieve his dreams. So far he was only in Delta City but Earth was vast. There were too many states forget about the cities. There were many lands and islands isolated from the world like the Amazon Rainforest with zero technology advancement but a good population!

Then there were the underwater cities including Atlantis where the sea race lived! The mermaids from the sea race were known for their breathtaking beauties! Let’s not forget the hidden lands where mysterious heritages lived!

The world has countless beauties but so far he hasn’t even conquered every beauty from Delta City! Delta City might be gigantic but compared to Earth as a whole it was nothing!

"Thankfully my lifespan is far too long otherwise I would have no chance in achieving my dreams," Kiba comforted himself. He closed his eyes and placed his hand on the center of his chest to feel the existence of his power and life source: Cosmic Spark!


The Cosmic Spark was in the shape of an amethyst crystal: A six-sided prism at the center and pyramids on both the ends. It was as long and as thick as a baby’s fist.

The cosmic spark was pitch black in color but yet from time to time, there would be golden particles and grey particles sparkling inside this cosmic object.

The golden particles looked like galaxies but yet they were different. The grey particles looked like the primal chaos at the birth of the universe but yet again different. It was as if the pitch black darkness in the Cosmic Spark was mutating the golden particles and grey particles into something sinister.

The cosmic spark looked more like an evil entity instead of a holy object!

Yet this cosmic object seemed to have a defect! There were several thin cracks on it! It was as if some thread-like shards were missing from the Cosmic Spark, which resulted in what looked like cracks.

The Cosmic Spark was inside the center of Kiba’s chest but it seemed as if it existed in different space and time. It has fused but yet separated.

Currently, one of the golden particles inside Cosmic Spark was continuously releasing a golden lightning which would travel to every part of Kiba’s body. This lightning was invisible and couldn’t be felt by anyone but Kiba.

This lightning was the very source of power and life for his Kiba form. In fact, the moment Cosmic Spark stopped releasing golden lightning, he would no longer be Kiba but Zed!

During the battle in the wasteland, Lisa used the ability nullifying energy waves, those waves temporarily interfered with the flow of the golden lightning from Cosmic Spark and thus making Kiba transform back into Zed.

To be precise, those energy waves wouldn’t have affected Kiba if he has used the true forms of his powers from the beginning.

But the true forms of his powers would give rise to the dark clouds and golden lightning in the sky which was one of the reasons he didn’t like to use the true form.

When he is in his Zed’s form, all his abilities of Kiba’s form disappear. As Zed, he can only use the natural abilities he was born with!

The difference between the powers of Kiba and Zed was similar to the difference between the power of Lisa and Kiba. There was no comparison!

"Well, I did found a way to use Kiba’s powers in my Zed form though that might be considered as cheating," Kiba thought with a smile.


Eva couldn’t understand why Kiba would become silent suddenly and place his hand on his chest after closing his eyes. She then noticed him smiling which startled her somewhat.

"He only smiles like that when he plans to play with someone’s feelings just like when he thrashed Jack!" Eva was curious as to what could make him give such a smile.

She gave a light cough to wake him from his thoughts. Kiba opened his eyes and gave an awkward smile.


"Would you like some drink?" Eva asked.

She moved towards the mini bar cabinet inside the room. Kiba didn’t reply as he was busy staring at her naked body. No matter how many times he sees her or makes love with her, he was never tired of her.

"Is this because I like her? Or is this my lust?" Kiba wondered in his heart.

He knew the feeling he has for her was more than lust but he didn’t know what was this feeling. He didn’t dare think it was love because deep in his heart he thought neither of them wants to be tied down!

Kiba and Eva started their physical relationship because there were no restrictions! They did it out of their own free will with no pressure from any one of them!

They have a secret business relationship with each other, like how she help him in managing his finances, but the physical relationship wasn’t a part of the deal. It was something they did because both of them want to!

"Hey! Wake up! Just how many times will you daydream tonight?" Eva asked with a teasing smile. She placed a glass of whiskey on his hand and sat next to him on the bed.

"I am too dazed today," Kiba said with an awkward laughter.

Eva sipped in the whiskey from her glass while lighting a cigarette and said, "You must have spent too much of your energy in last 12 hours."

"Hehehe. I really went overboard today," Kiba said.

"You might not have to wait for old age to die if you continue like this," Eva said while enjoying a puff of the cigarette.

"I guess I became too greedy, but smoking would result in an early death as well," Kiba took the cigarette from her hand and smoked in before continuing, "I don’t want you to die early!"

"Same here," Eva said taking back the cigarette.


After a few minutes, Eva placed the cigarette butt in the ashtray.

"Kiba, tell me why you are here," She asked in a serious tone. She knew Kiba far too well and was sure he wouldn’t come at such a late time for just making out.

Kiba looked at her and said," I came here to warn you."

"Warn me?" Eva was startled.

"Hank is going on a path which would lead to nothing but destruction and death. I am afraid you will be caught in as well," Kiba said in a serious tone.

"What path has my father taken that you think might lead me to death?" Eva asked with her eyes containing faint traces of worry. She was sure Kiba wouldn’t make such claims as a joke.

"You know the mineral I brought after killing the mutants from Sky Fiend Group?"

"Yes, I remember. You mean that mineral would lead to my father’s and mine demise?"

Kiba nodded and then stated the details he has learned from Hank.

He talked about the faint traces of Divine Particles inside the mineral he brought, and Hank’s obsession with eternal life.

Kiba explained how Hank wanted him to lead a team to steal the technology for retrieving the Divine Particles from Sky Fiend Group.

"I don’t understand. Surely father wouldn’t take the risk unless he has some assurances on the mission," Eva said unsure why would Kiba think it was a sure death mission.

"Most likely he doesn’t know the true power of Sky Fiend Group," Kiba paused in between before continuing," But I can assure you of one thing. The Sky Fiend Group is powerful enough to eradicate White Angel Corporation."

Kiba didn’t know about the powers of Sky Fiend Group himself but he was sure in his claim. When Hank explained the mission to him, he felt a grave sense of crisis.

This sense of danger and crisis was an ability he was born with. Even though the ability belongs to Zed, it was active in the body of Kiba as well.

Ever since he gained the Cosmic Spark, he has never felt his instinct going crazy. They have never warned him even when he was Zed for his instincts know about his powers as Kiba.

But yet his instincts started going crazy after hearing about the mission. He felt a mental pain so unbearable which he has only felt once before! That was during the mining incident four years ago, when Castor Damon and his team forced him and hundreds of others to participate in the mining expedition.

At that time he was only Zed with no Cosmic Spark so it was understandable for his instincts to go crazy seeing the danger involved.

He barely survived the expedition and became Kiba after fusing with Cosmic Spark. Everyone else on the expedition died with Castor Damon being killed by him.

Now though he has gained such great powers thanks to Cosmic Spark, and his instincts knew the true extent of his abilities. But yet they warned him in such a manner, that could only mean something or someone in the Sky Fiend Group has the power to pose as a danger to him!

Kiba didn’t underestimate his powers but he knew he couldn’t look down on all the factions of the world.

In fact, he was confident enough to destroy many factions of this world, much less the city, if he goes all out. This was why he didn’t really care when he made so many enemies in the city with his habits of having affairs with the wives and daughters of powerful people.

Yet he was wise enough to know that he wasn’t omnipotent. In the mining expedition, he has heard Castor Damon theorizing that the meteorites, which changed the very structure of Earth, were the pieces of a supreme world which used Cosmic Spark as its power source.

Even such a supreme world was destroyed so how can Kiba think he has the strength to do anything as he pleases in the entire world?

"I think Sky Fiend Group is powerful enough to not only destroy your corporation but even pose as a threat to World Government and other top factions," Kiba explained his guess," Most likely Sky Fiend Group was hiding its true power from the start."

Eva nodded her head. Even though he didn’t tell her what was the danger or how he knows of the danger, she knew he wouldn’t make such claims unless he was absolutely confident of.

"The greatest enemy of the human race is their lust," Eva said with a deep sigh.

Lust can be of many forms not only sexual. In the current era of mutants and technology, almost everyone lusted eternal life and power. No matter how rich you are, it is useless if you are going to die.

The fear of death and losing everything is what made the lust for eternal life so strong in everyone’s mind. Now, this same lust was going to ruin her family.

"Lust makes life worth living through," Kiba said with a smile. He kissed her on the lips after which he started wearing his clothes.

"Thank you," Eva said.

She knew given the old-fashioned nature of her father, he wouldn’t share the details of Divine Particles with her. Even if he did, she wouldn’t be able to realize the hidden danger waiting for her. Now, at the least, she could make some worst-case plans for herself.

"I don’t want my favorite girl to die so soon after all," Kiba looked at her for some time before continuing, "You asked me how I plan to enjoy my moments when I become an old man waiting for his death. I think I now have the answer."

"You realized the answer so soon?"

"Yes, I realized the answer just now."

"So how is it you want to enjoy the final moments of your life?"

"Living the final moments of my life with you would be joyous enough. Perhaps more enjoyable than anything else in my life," Kiba said after which rays of white light surrounded him.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 35 Spending The Final Moments of Life