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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 34 True Paradise

Chapter 34 True Paradise

74th floor of White Angel Corporation. It was almost 2:30 am but the lights of the penthouse were on.

Eva was sitting on the bed staring at the two mini virtual screens in front of her. She was no longer the ’shy, reserved, and kind’ woman the world assumed.

"Ma’am, every single Overlord in Western Slum is dead. Our sources have confirmed there was not a single survivor in the Overlord group funded by White Angel Corporation. Same could be said of other overlords group," A woman’s voice came from the first virtual screen. The screen showed the corpses of overlords and their subordinates surrounded by debris and shells of guns and rockets. Every single corpse was split into two from the torso as if a sword has sliced them apart.

Eva has killed her fair shares of people secretly and she was anything but faint-hearted. But after seeing the mutilated corpses she felt a chill down her spine.

"According to slum dwellers, they saw a red light in the form of a sword slicing apart the overlords and their subordinates. Their mutant abilities and advanced weapons were useless in front of the red light. Not a single person associated with the overlords was spared. So far 1500+ deaths have been confirmed in the slum. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it wasn’t a war but one-sided slaughter," The woman in the screen said with her voice containing traces of fear.

"I see," Eva said after which she focused on the other screen and asked, "Any new information on the dark clouds and the golden lightning in the wasteland?"

"Ma’am, no new information besides what we know from four years ago. As you know a similar phenomenon took place in the mining area of the city but there were no survivors..." A man’s voice came from the virtual screen.

"No survivors... maybe there were survivors four years ago but we don’t know them. Anyways, has the World Government taken any action?" Eva asked.

"World Government’s local forces entered the wasteland. From what I know they were under the orders of Sylvan," The man on the virtual screen said.

"Sylvan?" Eva’s eyes were cold when she muttered the name.

Sylvan was the chief supervisor of Delta City acting on the behalf of World Government. In theory, the city is controlled by the mayor of the city and the chief supervisor from World Government. The mayor is elected every four years, but the chief supervisor is decided by the Holy City! People of the city or the corporates have no say in the selection of the chief supervisor!

"Ma’am, I think all hell is going to break loose for Sylvan," The man said trying to impress Eva.

"What do you mean?" Eva asked without any emotions.

"It is not confirmed but from what I know at least half of the forces, which have entered the wasteland, are dead!" The man replied.

"WHAT?!" Eva has a shocked expression on her face. She wasn’t this shocked when she heard the news of carnage in the slum.

The overlords in the city might be powerful but that was just from the perspective of slum dwellers or normal mutants. As far as the corporates and political powers were concerned the overlords were just tools which can be replaced anytime they want.

But the forces of World Government were different. Sure they might be local forces and not the true power of the government but it was hard to be recruited even in the local forces! Even the strongest of overlord from slum would be like an ant in front of a force officer from the government.

"How did they died?" Eva asked.

"I am not aware. We only know their life signals were cut off," The man on the screen answered.

"Contact me when you have more information," She said after which the virtual screens disappeared.


Eva lied down on the bed while contemplating about the two incidents. She also thought of how Kiba almost killed her father a few hours ago.

Eva couldn’t help but smile when she thought of how Kiba shamelessly has asked her to make love with him in front of her fiancé!


Rays of white light started converging on top of Eva in the shape of a man. She was in sleeping posture and the white light was above her in a similar posture though the face was directed towards her.

Slowly, above her, a man was floating with his lips almost touching hers!

"Were you thinking of me?" Kiba asked.

"I will ask dad to upgrade the electromagnetic field otherwise you will give me a heart attack with your teleportation," Eva pushed her head upwards to kiss Kiba.

Their tongues mingled with each other enjoying the taste of each other.

"What brings you here at such a time," Eva asked after their lips separated.

Kiba was still floating above her and staring into her eyes.

"I almost reached my home but then I remembered you haven’t fulfilled your promise. So I have no choice but to come back here," Kiba said with a hurt expression.

"Promise?" Eva asked in a surprise. She didn’t remember promising him anything.

"You even forgot the promise you made! Truly shameless!"

"I don’t remember any promise!"

"Let me remind you what you said when we were in the shower: ’Don’t worry, I will make it up for you later’ This is what you said!"

Eva was shocked into silence. While she was open-minded about sex and her relationship with Kiba was of having fun with no strings attached, even she felt her face getting red in embarrassment after hearing his words.

She remembered that she said those words as Kiba wasn’t satisfied after their session in the shower while Richard was waiting for her outside.

"You have to take responsibility for me!" Kiba said as he removed his shirt and lied above her.

Eva: "..."

After a few seconds, Eva smiled.

"I guess I have to live up to my words!" She said while helping him undress.

Kiba was always impatient when he was with her so he tore her clothes like a beast again.

Kiba turned his body around and made Eva lie on top of him. Their lips touched once again while their hands stimulated each other.

Her tongue ravaged his mouth while her right hand stroked his cock. He also attacked with his tongue and their tongue fused with each other. His fingers were rubbing the clits of her vagina.

Eva freed her lips from his, and she moved downwards on his body.

Soon, her face was above his cock. She stroked his cock with her hand while her lips teased the head of his cock. She would bring her lips close to his cock but at the last moment would move away.

"You are getting impatient," Eva playfully said as her lips finally touched his cock. She followed with her tongue licking the head of his cock.

Eva then moved her hips above his face while her mouth on his cock bringing them to her favorite 69 position.

He licked her pussy lips while she sucked off his cock. They were both in the ecstasy after which they proceeded towards the greatest pleasure.

She climbed on top of him. His cock entered her pussy while his tongue licked her nipples. His strokes inside her became faster and stronger with every second. They controlled their rhythm to climax together.

Kiba’s lips moved from her nipples to her lips as his cock melted inside her while she reached her orgasm.


Kiba and Eva lied on the bed exhausted.

"Tell me the real reason you are here," Eva asked after a minute or two.

Kiba turned his face towards her and said,"Is making love with you, not a real reason?"

"We have made out for last three years so I know more about you then you think," She said with a smile.

"We hardly sleep together for 10-12 days a month though so you don’t know me much," Kiba said in a complaining voice.

"Are you blaming me? Most of your days are spent in your other persona so why blame me? " Eva asked while she left the bed to find some night-clothes.

Eva was one of the few people in this world who knew he has dual identity. In truth, the only living person. Other people who realized his secret was long dead just like Lisa and her group. She didn’t know the full details of his other identity though like his occupation or name.

"Then again Royal Heart Academy is a good place to spend your time, especially seeing the quality of the female students there. The academy would have many virgins as well so the academy is a paradise for you," Eva said with a smile.

Kiba was startled after hearing her words. He has never mentioned to her that he was a student at Royal Heart Academy.

"Aha~ I guess you realized due to the fiasco with Felicity?" Kiba asked unfazed by Eva’s new knowledge about his other identity. He knew her real personality and her goals but he also trusted her enough otherwise how could she stay alive after knowing his secrets. Their relationship was time-tested which is why they didn’t need to be pretentious.

"Not really. I always knew you were a student, and knowing your personality, you would choose the best academy in the city. I was able to confirm my guess after I learned how you behaved with Felicity," Eva answered after putting a nightdress.

"Aren’t you afraid I will kill you?" Kiba asked.

"If you were that type, then you will never have asked me to manage your finances or allowed me to learn about your other identity, to begin with. While you never revealed me the details, nor did I ever tried to find them on my own, I was able to judge a lot of things, especially when you told me how I have to transfer the funds from your current identity to the other one without arousing suspicion. You even asked me to smuggle lab and security equipment for your villa. So you would have known I can find more about your identity but yet you trusted me enough, so I doubt you will kill me now," Eva said with a wink.

After a minute or two Kiba replied with a smile, "I thought you knew me better but it seems you don’t."

"What do you mean?" Eva was curious.

"You have made some wrong assumptions," Kiba explained.

"Hm? Wrong assumptions on what?" Eva asked.

"About Royal Heart Academy," Kiba answered.

"You mean you don’t study there?" Eva was startled.

"Nope. I do study there," Kiba corrected her.

"Then how I am wrong?" Eva asked not understanding Kiba’s words.

"My purpose in studying there is not related to my dreams of sex and vanity," Kiba said.

" I guess it does make sense for a person with multiple identities to have different behavior and attitude, otherwise the purpose of having different identities is lost," Eva said after analyzing Kiba’s words.

From the female models in the party earlier, she has learned the details of a conversation between Kiba and Felicity; now she thought of how Felicity has complained about her ’friend’ for not being adventurous enough. She was sure the friend was Kiba’s other identity.

Eva was the only person in this world who could connect the dots between Kiba and Felicity’s ’friend’ as she already has guesses about Kiba’s other identity.

"Your other persona is well mannered, unlike your present self?" Eva asked after thinking of Felicity’s complaint.

"What do you think?" Kiba said with a smirk.

"You might be able to hide your pervert side but I doubt you can be well mannered," Eva said.

"Well, you will be surprised at how innocent my other self is. Also, let’s not divert the topic."

"Which topic? Your true purpose for being here?"

"Nope! I am talking about how you don’t know me much seeing the wrong assumptions you made!"

"There are more wrong assumptions?" Eva was shocked.

"You were wrong about the academy being a paradise for me just because it has many virgin girls," Kiba said as he left the bed and started moving towards Eva.


"I don’t discriminate among beauties, no matter if they are virgin or not. So why would you think I will give special treatment to the academy girls? How could you accuse me of being biased !?" Kiba asked after arriving in front of her.

Eva was shocked in silence. She couldn’t believe how Kiba can say such things with a straight face.

He put his hands on her nightdress and started undressing her much to her disbelief.

"Aren’t you exhausted today?" Eva asked in a surprised voice after feeling his hard-on.

She knew he has made love with her, Olivia, Katey, and probably even Lisa. All of that in less than 12 hours! Yet he was still hard as ever.

"I am exhausted, but I can’t stop now that you are having a wrong assumption about my definition of paradise," Kiba said.

"Another wrong assumption?" She has thought knowing Kiba’s personality he would find the academy a paradise for himself.

"Have you forgotten what I said about paradise?" Kiba asked.

"It seems I am forgetting many things. First about that promise and now something again. So remind me what I have forgotten about the paradise," Eva said with a smile as she helped Kiba in undressing herself.

"The true paradise is your body!"

The two lovers lost themselves in the arms of one another while the world remained oblivious...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 34 True Paradise