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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 32 Embrace of a Mother

Chapter 32 Embrace of a Mother

The golden lightning in the sky continued to roar like a dragon trying to free from shackles.

On the ground, the ashes scattered in every direction. Every trace of Lisa’s existence was wiped out from existence.

"What a waste!" Kiba said with a smile. His words showed regret but his expression was of amusement.

The members of Lisa’s team felt chill down their spines after witnessing the horrifying way Lisa died. Their fear only increased when they heard Kiba’s words and saw his amused expression.

He didn’t fit the image he has created!

"Is he really the playboy from a few moments ago?"

Earlier, he acted as if he worshipped women’s body but now he tortured a beauty to death without any sign of discomfort! They couldn’t understand how a person can change so quickly in personality!

One moment he was talking about sex but the next moment he brutally killed someone with whom he had a passionate sex!

"Is this the side effect of having multiple identities? Or because he has summoned his full powers he has gone crazy? Or maybe he was born insane?" The man in black thought with fear evident in his eyes. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Kiba turned his face towards the man in black. It was as if he could feel the man in black’s thoughts.

"I planned to kill you all from the start. The moment you interfered with my have sealed your fate," Kiba arrived in front of the man before continuing, "I never forgive anyone who tries to harm me even if she is the most beautiful person on this planet."

"Why will you..." The man in black stopped thinking of his future. He was ready for his death or at least he thought he was.

"Why will I let Lisa think she has a chance of survival?" Kiba completed the question.

"Yes," the man in black grudgingly asked.

"Because it is much more fun compared to killing someone who doesn’t have any hope of living. My words on my philosophy ignited the hope of spark inside her," Kiba patiently explained his thought process with a smile, "Lisa thought she has chances to live given my love for beauties. Isn’t it exciting to kill someone after shattering all their hopes? Letting my enemy experience both hope and despair is what makes killing exciting for me. It gives me happiness."

"You are insane..." The man in black tried to strengthen his heart for his upcoming cruel death. He knew his fate would be same as Lisa so he didn’t tried to beg.

"Maybe I am insane," Kiba waved his hand and a black vortex appeared in the sky, "But I don’t understand why you all are pretending to be the victims here."

The vortex released a sucking force on the man in black targeting his blood.

The man in black released horrible screams as the veins inside his body shattered due to the pressure from his own blood. Every single drop of his blood wanted to merge with the black vortex in the sky.

The blood inside of him shattered every inch of his skin and flesh as it flew towards the black vortex. Even his eye socket was filled with countless holes as the blood left his body.

Soon, there was nothing but the skeleton of the man left. Afterward, the skeleton was also devoured by the vortex.

Kiba then moved towards the man-woman duo. They were the ones who launched missiles on him after he teleported here.

"Sir Kiba, please don’t kill us," The man begged.

His eyes were red with tears and he has prostrated himself on ground begging. He didn’t think it was shameful as long as he could live!

"Give us a clean death please," The woman didn’t request to be spared.

She knew surviving was impossible as they have seen Kiba’s other identity and realized the secret of Cosmic Spark. All she begged was for a painless death.

"You guys interfered with my teleportation and brought me to the wasteland. Then you attacked me so that you can use me as your lab rat," Kiba made a grasping motion towards the vortex to before continuing, " You wanted to give me a life worse than death. But yet you are asking for a clean death?"

"We are sorry--"

"I am already being magnanimous for not torturing you for eternity but yet you dare ask for more?"

"Plea---" The man-woman duo didn’t get to complete their words as the black vortex started sucking their blood. A minute later, they were dead with all traces of their existence removed.

"I never forgive my enemies. There are no exceptions."

The black vortex then sucked in the eight corpses of mutants who have died a long time before Kiba has summoned his full powers.

In reality, Kiba could have killed Lisa and others easily without summoning his full powers. But he had no choice to use his full powers in order to overpower the ability nullifying energy waves as those waves have made him transform to his other form.

The technology of world government wasn’t for a show after all. These ability nullifying waves was one of the government’s trump card against the hidden heritage.


Kiba turned his face towards the sky which was filled with golden lightning. It was his second time seeing the golden lighting. The first time was when he fused with the Cosmic Spark four years ago. Even now, the golden lightning was still in shackles, just like the first time, as if the entire strength of this world was stopping it.

Kiba felt a strong kinship towards the golden lightning. It was as if his very source of existence and the golden lightning were same. Kiba knew this feeling was created by the cosmic spark inside him but yet the feeling never felt artificial to him.

The lightning created a terrifying pressure on this world but for him, the lightning was the most attractive and pleasant thing he has seen or felt in his life. It was like the embrace of a mother.

"Embrace of a mother..." When Kiba thought of this he started laughing.

He thought of his childhood when he was just Zed. He remembered his slum life, and the words spoken by his ’caretaker’ when he once failed to collect enough money from begging in the street. His ’caretaker’ didn’t allow him to eat for two days straight.

"You are an unwanted bastard. Your mother discarded you in my care by promising me a lot of wealth but she gave me nothing! Instead, I lost my mutant powers while protecting you! So don’t blame me for being cruel to you. Blame your mother for abandoning you!" The ’caretaker’ has said these words when Zed was four years old. Zed has seen multiple expression on ’caretaker’ face when he spoke of Zed’s mother: anger, longing, greed, and even lust.

Zed didn’t know if his ’caretaker’ was lying or was biased, but there was one thing for sure: his mother has left him in the hands of ’caretaker’. A ’caretaker’ who made his life a hell in the slums...

After a minute, Kiba stopped laughing as he once again focused his attention on the golden lightning. The golden lightning was still shackled but it never stopped its struggle against the world. It wanted to enter the world and embrace Kiba.

"Perhaps we will embrace each other someday but not today," Kiba said after some time.

His golden hairs, which reached the end of his back, now started getting shorter. His eye iris were originally golden but now a small trace of blue appeared inside them.

The dark clouds and golden lightning in the sky started dissipating the moment the hint of blue appeared in his iris.

Soon, his golden hairs shortened so much that they now only reached his shoulders. His iris has an equal combination of golden and blue. He was still in his Kiba form but it was Kiba form known to everyone in the city.

The night sky was now clear with the moon back in its glory...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 32 Embrace of a Mother