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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 31 What A Waste

Chapter 31 What A Waste

"What I pursue is the true happiness! If pursuing happiness is a sin then I don’t mind being a sinner!" Kiba concluded with a heavy expression. Even the golden lightning and the dark clouds in the sky didn’t make any sound as if their silence denoted their belief in Kiba’s words.

Lisa was shocked by Kiba’s words. His philosophy sounded genuine to her especially the reasoning he used to justify his pursuit of the opposite sex.

She couldn’t help but think of his words on how things like world domination, gaining strength, and pursuing immortality were nothing but pipe dreams.

"He might be correct, " Lisa mumbled but then she gaped her mouth open. She shook off her head as if trying to become sober.

"Am I being brainwashed?" Lisa felt a chill down her spine when she thought of this. She then thought of how she has tried to brainwash him earlier by enticing him with fame and reverence by the world if he agreed to become her experiment specimen.

Lisa couldn’t help but think Kiba was toying with her just like how she has tried.

Kiba noticed the change of expressions on Lisa’s face. With a sigh, he said, "Seems like you are not qualified for the holy path. I didn’t want to kill you if possible but you left me with no choice."

"N-no! I believe in you!

Kiba just smiled in response as he crouched in front of kneeling Lisa.

"If you kill me the world government will surely find out and kill--" Lisa stopped in between. She thought of Kiba’s personality and knew the threat was useless.

"What a disappointment. You are same as others whom I have killed," Kiba gave a sigh as he continued," Even Castor Damon threatened me in a similar fashion before I killed him. I guess you scientists think too much of your life."

Lisa was shocked. She was a Level III scientist so how can she not know of someone like Castor Damon?!

He was a Level IX scientist who has disappeared four years ago! She has heard rumors about him working on a secret project amidst which he disappeared in Delta City!

Hang on!

Kiba’s first public sighting was three and a half years ago! Could Castor Damon be related to how Zed gained Cosmic Spark and became Kiba?

No! I can’t think of this things now! Survival is more important!

"Don’t...please," Lisa begged as blood continued to leak from her orifices. Her powers were already erased by the pressure from golden lightning a few minutes ago. All the military tech she had were also erased. She couldn’t defend against even an ordinary mutant much less someone like Kiba.

"You are making me look like the bad guy here. It was you who attacked me so surely you can’t blame me," Kiba said as he placed his right hand on her cheek.

"I-I was wrong," Lisa didn’t dare use any more cursing or warning. She regretted trying to capture Kiba for her experiments but now it was too late for regrets.

Kiba’s right hand moved from her cheek to her lips. His fingers wiped the blood from her lips.

"I have to give you credit for putting a better front. Almost every opponent I have killed tried to scare me off by saying their families or their organization would give me a painful death if I kill them. They actually think that would change my mind. But you realized that threats won’t save you so you started apologizing," Kiba said as his right hand moved from her lips to her neck.

"I will become your slave! You can have my body any time you want! I will be your loyal slave till my death!" Lisa was trembling in fear as she used the last bargaining chip. 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

"An enticing offer," Kiba said with a smile while his right hand moved from her neck to her cleavage.

"T-thank you! I will do everything to satisfy you," Lisa said. Her eyes were full of tears as she thought of how she has survived this disaster.

"I only said the offer was enticing. Didn’t say I am going for the deal," Kiba’s smile didn’t waver while his right hand slowly moved down her cleavage.

"Wh---please. Don’t kill me. Not only my body but you can also have my knowledge. I might be not as resourceful as Castor Damon but I am definitely useful," Lisa’s voice was filled with fright as she tried to prove her usefulness," I will be soon promoted to Level IV! I can help you in many ways!"

The tears in her eyes continue to fall mingled with her blood. Her condition was such it can invoke pity from even the cruelest of man but Kiba’s smiling expression remained the same.

His fingers moved from center of her cleavage to her left breast. Lisa’s body was trembling but she didn’t dare resist his touch.

"I will have made you my slave but sadly your heart is far too black for my taste," Kiba poked his index finger on her left breast where her heart lied.

A golden spark went out from his finger to her heart.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" The blood inside Lisa’s body started burning. It was like as if her heart has turned into a volcano which was releasing lava!

She has never felt such pain in her life. All her organs were suffering from the lava blood inside her. Blood is the source of life but now it has turned into a poison!

Kiba continued to smile even after hearing Lisa’s scream. Soon she wasn’t even able to beg as the blood inside her corroded her vocal cords.

But the pain didn’t subsidize! It only increased even though her pain sensors were destroyed by her lava blood.

Internally she was begging and screaming while staring at Kiba. But even her vision didn’t remain for long as the blood burned her eyes.

The man in black and the man-woman duo vomitted when they saw the condition of their leader. Their bodies trembled beyond their control as they saw Lisa turning into ashes.

"It can’t be!" The man in black screamed in horror.

Kiba waved his right hand and the ashes disappeared into the wasteland.

"She has a beautiful physique but her heart... Sighs. What a waste!"

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 31 What A Waste