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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 30 True Happiness

Chapter 30 True Happiness

Entire wasteland was covered by dark clouds full of golden lightning. The lightning seemed to be shackled as if to prevent the world from destruction.

Far away in Delta City, people had their mouths wide open witnessing the dark clouds outside the city. Every mutant felt fear like never before.

In the center of Delta City lied a hundred storied building operated by World Government officials. The 70th floor had an emergency room full of computer screens and hologram projectors.

There were around ten officers staring at a hologram projecting the wasteland outside Delta City. The projection was only able to showcase the general feature of wasted and the dark clouds with golden lightning.

"Just what is going in the wasteland?"

"The sensors are not able to read anything!"

"Is there some EMP device?!"

"The satellites can’t collect any data as well!"

"We have lost contact with the fighter jets in the wasteland area as well!"

"Is this the work of that freedom fighte-- terrorist?"

"Unlikely. We had no Intel or instructions from the Holy City of World Government!"

"Then who can create such a scene here?"

A middle-aged man with brown hairs witnessed the discussion between his subordinates.

"Is it necessary that a mutant is responsible for this?" The middle-aged man asked.

"Sir Sylvan, what do you mean?"

"Isn’t it obvious? There is some phenomenon created by Divine Particles or those strange meteorites," Sylvan said.


"You wouldn’t know as most of you are new here but four years ago a similar scene occurred! The only difference was it occurred in the mining area of BSE79 meteorite instead of wasteland!" Sylvan said in an excited voice.

"Four years ago? Don’t tell me....! "

"Th-that was when Castor Damon disappeared!"

"He was last seen in Delta City on a personal mission!"

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Castor Damon! Level IX scientist from World Government! One of the most reputable scientists in the entire world. Four years ago he has disappeared but his last known location was Delta City! The world government and many hidden organizations have tried to find him but failed.

"A-are you saying it is related to the disappearance of Castor Damon?"

"Hehe. A year ago, Holy City concluded that Castor Damon was working on a secret project. He hid it from everyone including the World Government! Whatever he was trying to do led to his arrival in Delta City!" Sylvian’s eyes were filled with greed as he continued," I don’t know much but one thing I know for sure is that all his life signals disappeared four years ago! It happened moments after the arrival of golden lightning and dark clouds! Now the same phenomenon has arrived again!"

The officers nodded their head in understanding. It was evident this phenomenon was extraordinary seeing the involvement of a Level IX scientist.

"It would be great if I could find what Castor Damon was seeking for!" Sylvan thought with a smirk, "But I have to be careful. Even World Government isn’t sure Castor Damon is dead or not. He could have found a mean to destroy the chip inside him releasing his life signals! Perhaps he is alive or he might be dead. In both cases, it would be dangerous for me!"

"Sir, what should we do?" A subordinate asked when he saw Sylvan lost in his thoughts. The subordinate didn’t know how to tackle the current situation.

"Send 20 of our S class armored vehicles along with Spirit rank mutants! Investigate the wasteland carefully," Sylvan said in a serious voice.


Meanwhile, at the wasteland. The barrier surrounding the battlefield was erased from very existence! Earlier it has encompassed some 100 restricting all forms of communication! Now, all the machines creating the barrier were erased just like the barrier itself.

The pressure from golden lightning and dark clouds were destroying everything in the wasteland. Plateau started dissipating from very existence!

At the center of wasteland, the pressure from golden lightning was nullified due to Kiba’s command earlier as he didn’t wish his opponents to die so easily!

Eight mutilated corpses were lying on the ground. Few meters away, Lisa was kneeling on the ground with blood leaking from her orifices. The golden lightning wasn’t releasing the pressure on her now, but she has already lost suffered serious injuries before Kiba stopped the pressure.

Next to her was a man in black. He was in the same condition as her! Some distance away, the man-woman duo was in even worse condition. Earlier they thought they have escaped the disaster when Kiba diverted his attention to Lisa but now they were regretting celebrating too soon.

Kiba was standing in front of Lisa. The iris in his eyes was as golden as the golden lightning in the sky.

"I plan to sacrifice my body and sleep only for the sake of Holy Mission!" Kiba said.

Lisa coughed up blood after hearing his words. She couldn’t believe he would bring up the ’Holy Mission’ matter again.

Lisa already knew he has scammed her into sex when she tried to hypnotize him in White Angel Corporation. She has tried to brainwash him so that he would volunteer to be used as an experiment specimen! The brainwashing and hypnosis obviously failed with Kiba declaring having sex with every beauty as his Holy Mission!

Just a few seconds ago, he was talking about how people in slums were suffering! Now, in the middle of such a serious debate, he has brought a topic like Holy Mission? This guy didn’t make any sense!

"Y-you have no shame!" Lisa angrily said.

"Shame? Holy Mission is my calling in life so why will I be ashamed?" Kiba asked with a nonchalant expression.

It seemed as if he has forgotten his anger on the conditions of the slums where he has lived most of his life. His entire focus was now on Holy Mission.

Lisa wanted nothing more than strangling Kiba, but she knew it was impossible. She knew she might not even survive the current crisis.

"Calling in your life? Is this all you want from life? You truly are petty-minded! Every human being should have high goals but you lack goals! " Lisa said trying to remove her frustration.

"Petty-minded? High Goals? " Kiba was amused.

He could pretty much guess what she wanted to say, but he didn’t mind. Kiba wanted to toy with her before killing which was why he brought Holy Mission matter.

"Yes! You have fused with Cosmic Spark! The greatest treasure from those meteorites! You could use its power to rule the world, become the strongest in the universe, pursue immortality, change the order of the world, and so many other things," Kiba angrily continued," But what are you doing now? You are using the great powers of Cosmic Spark to seek the pleasure of flesh! Isn’t this being petty-minded?"

She has a hard time believing that a man with such great powers has such lowly goals. If she has this power then she would definitely change the world.

Kiba started laughing after she completed her words.

" I pursue true happiness instead of the pleasure of the flesh. All I want is to live a life on my own terms by enjoying every phase of my life," Kiba answered in an amused tone," I use my powers for anything that give me happiness! It just so happened making love with the beauties and indulging myself in vanity give me the ultimate happiness. So let me ask you... is pursuing happiness a sign of being petty-minded?"

"Y-you!" Lisa has never seen such a shameless person in her life. She couldn’t believe how he countered everything in such a shameless manner!

How can a man give such a perverted meaning to happiness?

"I do have high goals though," Kiba said.


"My vision is not limited to Delta City or this state! Someday, I will romance beauties from the nine aristocratic families so that they can feel the passion I have for them! There would come a day when I will set my foot on Atlantis, and meet the beauties from sea race so that they can know the might of human race! I would make sure to share my warmth with the women in Beauty Island so that they can experience the passion they have been missing all their lives! I am doing so much for the pride of human race and helping women but yet you say I don’t have any high goals?" Kiba has a sad expression as he said his words.

How can the world understand the burden he was carrying?

"YOU! " Lisa has never seen a man so perfectly justifying his lust!

"According to you, I should pursue things like world domination, strength, immortality, etc because I have such great powers. But they don’t give me the same happiness as my Holy Mission! As far as I am concerned, they have zero importance in my life. Heck, I consider people pursuing such things as small-minded!" Kiba said.

Lisa: "..." She was too tired to even curse him.

Kiba once again started speaking, "If you rule the world then you are always afraid someone might dethrone you. You have to be always on guard against rebellion and schemes of even your closed ones! There is not a single moment of peace! Becoming strongest in the universe? One will find there is no peak of strength. No matter how powerful you become, you will always find someone or something stronger than you! Why waste life in pursuing strength when you can enjoy it. Immortality? Even the world from where Cosmic Spark and the meteorites originated is no more! That world was far more advanced than ours but yet it was destroyed! Nothing is immortal in the universe! Everything you spoke of is an illusion! People like you are wasting their life pursuing pipe dreams which would bring you nothing but disappointment at the end of your life!"

This time Lisa was shocked by his words. His words sounded like a sermon on the way of life.

"Everything is an illusion?" Lisa mumbled.

"Yes. When you are at on deathbed, you will regret why you wasted your life for such illusions! You will regret not pursuing true happiness! The six desires are the only source of true happiness! Everything else is a lie!" Kiba said in a serious voice.

"Lie? It can’t be! From time immemorial, everyone has tried to rule the world, gain strength, and achieve how can they be lies?" Lisa’s voice was faint for she wasn’t confident of her own claims.

"From the time immemorial, the world has been brainwashed by the heretics who don’t want the world to experience true happiness! People of this world are pursuing sweet sounding lies created by those heretics! This is not what nature wanted for us! Nature wanted us to be happy and indulge in love which is why it blessed us with sensual pleasures!" Kiba explained.

Lisa couldn’t help but think the words made sense. From immemorial countless people have pursued eternal life and strength but no one ever succeeded.

Perhaps this was not what nature wanted from us so we failed? Can it be that nature gave us sensual love in order to make us happy?

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 30 True Happiness