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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 14 Out On The Road Lies The Frozen Bones Of The Poor

Chapter 14 Out On The Road Lies The Frozen Bones Of The Poor

After an hour or so, Carole entered the lounge area with a set of man’s clothes on her hands. The area was a mess with clothes spilled around the places. Judging from the torn clothes, she could judge that Kiba really had some nice refreshments. 𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮

She wondered how could she agree for a date with a playboy like Kiba. She knew he wasn’t a boyfriend material much less a husband, but she agreed for she thought he was at least honest. He didn’t try to pretend someone he wasn’t just so that he can get in her pants.

"Carole, you are here," Kiba’s faint sound came from a coach nearby. Kiba’s head was lying on Olivia’s breasts while his legs were placed on Katey’s belly.

"You look refreshed," Carole said in a plain voice without any emotion.

"Indeed," Kiba said as he stood up. He gave a final glance to the perfect bodies of Olivia and Katey before moving to Carole. He was fully naked and Carole couldn’t help but admit that he has a perfect body which can make any woman go crazy.

From Olivia’s and Katey’s expressions she could see that they have enjoyed the time as well instead of them only giving pleasure to Kiba.

Satisfying a woman and not just oneself can be counted as his only positive trait, Carole thought.

"Thank you for the clothes but I hope you can step out. I feel uncomfortable with a beauty like you staring at my naked body," Kiba said with a smile as he took clothes from her.

"Really? I thought you want me to stare at you otherwise you wouldn’t have left the coach but waited for me to leave after placing the clothes," Carole said with a smile. She wasn’t some eighteen-year virgin who would get embarrassed or muddleheaded by flirtations.

Kiba gave a light cough. He started wearing the clothes Carole brought. For the first time, he felt he actually lost a conversation.

In reality, he wasn’t as shameless as he displayed during his speech on ’Beauty Not Appreciated Is A Sin’. He gave that speech because he got a kick out of slapping Jack and Richard.

He was rather straightforward when it came to his sexual desires or at least that’s what every woman felt. Even Carole and Eva agreed on that when he gave the monologue on appreciating beauties.

Carole actually enjoyed the feeling of triumphing Kiba with her words.

"Perhaps the date idea is not that bad," Carole thought. She helped Kiba by getting his cell phone and some miscellaneous item from his discarded clothes.

Carole and Kiba left the lounge area shortly leaving behind two naked beauties.


The party hosted by Chairman Hanks was taking place on the 89th floor. A floor below the current location of Kiba and Carole.

Kiba and Hank have a meeting in a plan after the end of the party. For now, Kiba has to indulge himself to the vanity of the rich society.

Kiba and Carole arrived at the 89th floor where the party has already started. The floor was filled with guests comprising couples and singles alike. On the stage, Bella Advins was singing. She was one of the most famous singers on Earth with her having patrons even among senior officials of World Government.

The guests enjoyed Bella Advins’s voice while losing themselves in the extravagant food on their tables. There was every type of food available with the best of drinks the Delta City has to offer.

The meat dishes were from mutant beasts while the vegetarian cuisines were made from mutated crops. The food was not only tasty but highly nutritious even for strong mutants who are in dire need for powerful nutrients as they get stronger.

Carole left to carry out her other duties. Kiba, on the other hand, took a glass of whiskey from a waiter and went to the balcony. He took a sip of the whiskey in the presence of night winds.

He was alone with nothing but winds and whiskey accompanying him as he gazed at the city.

Kiba’s gaze passed through the electromagnetic field and then a hundred buildings in the city. Finally, his vision stopped in the slum area of the city.

He saw the ruined buildings in which the poor families took shelter. He saw the corpses of children who have starved to death or died of cold. Kiba’s vision saw a beggar killing a woman for a piece of bread.

And finally, he saw a mother splitting the little food she has into two for her children while she slept starved.

On the balcony, Kiba gave a deep sigh. He drank the entire drink in one go as if trying to forget the things he has just seen.

On one side there was this party with the rich and influential enjoying themselves in the extravagant food but on another side, there were people starving to death.

"Behind the red doors of rich, the meat and wine go to waste; while out on the road lie the frozen bones of the poor."

"When I was a kid, all I wanted was to become someone who can indulge in the vanity only rich can afford. Now that I have achieved it, I feel sad for those who are suffering what I have suffered," Kiba thought.

He laughed thinking perhaps his current mood was an after effect of sex, though his eyes were filled with sadness.


"In all the parties I have seen you, you always look in the west direction of the city with a melancholic expression," A feminine voice said. A woman has appeared beside him.

"Agatha..." Kiba said while still gazing in the direction of slums. Agatha was Jack’s wife with whom he had a short affair a few months ago.

"Men always have a melancholic expression when they think about their past, or so I have heard," Agatha said.

"You want to know about my past?" Kiba asked as he turned his face towards her.

"You have never revealed it to anyone including Hanks so I doubt you will tell me," Agatha said.

"That’s because I hate talking about myself in front of a man. If a beautiful woman like you is asking, I don’t mind," Kiba said while he eyes feasted on her body. Agatha has a slight bulge on her belly denoting her pregnancy but her beauty was breathtaking.

"You are back in your character," Agatha said with a smile.

"What can I say. Beauties like you can bring me from the clutches of death much less some temporary emotion instability," Kiba said as he gave her a tight hug.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 14 Out On The Road Lies The Frozen Bones Of The Poor