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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 119 The Revolutionary!

Chapter 119 The Revolutionary!

"Only naive maidens would fall for your words," Eva took her dress from the desk, "Or women who are hypnotized by your charm."

"I wasn’t lying," Kiba ran his hand on her hairs.

Eva let him go on as she dressed up.

"There is something I wanted to ask," Kiba’s expression turned solemn, "Do you know about Dharma Chakra?"

"What?" Eva was startled.

"Dharma Chakra," Kiba repeated again. He was sure she knew something given her reaction.

"I heard you the first time," Eva’s expression turned normal, "Just surprised you would be interested in it given your dreams."

"I am forced to have some interest," Kiba gave a sigh as he briefly explained her about the attack of Psychic Hunter.

"Dharma Chakra is an organization with very strict requirements for enrollment," Eva explained what she knew, "Technically, it is similar to religious sect of the past in some ways. Anyone who joins it has to respect the Cause of Dharma Chakra."

"How powerful is it?" Kiba didn’t care about the belief of the organizations.

The vision and objectives of organizations were just to fool lower rank members. The true belief of any organization was always profit and power for the top echelons.

"I don’t know," Eva shook off her head, "But it has the support from the nine families and other factions."

"Why would the nine families support an independent organization when they have the world government?" Kiba asked surprised.

"No idea," Eva answered, "Maybe due to internal rivalry lead to this or perhaps it has something to the Cause of Dharma Chakra."

"I see," Kiba sighed in disappointment. He hasn’t learned anything substantial.

"Most likely that monk is a member for Dharma Chakra which would explain his reverence and fear," Eva said in a concluding tone."

"Yeah," Kiba could only let go of Dharma Chakra for now, "Time to prevent another trouble before it bites me."


Dream Rise House.

"Never thought the ’borrowing’ we did would be used in such a fashion," Kiba’s attention was on a virtual screen as he made some arrangements, "This should be enough to make sure nothing goes wrong."

[[I feel bad for both sides]]

"The choice is between them and us," Kiba said as a droid cut his hairs short and then dyed them black, "Would you prefer to use our other arrangements just for their sake?"

Kiba further wore brown eye lens while taking on a black jacket and covering his hands with dark gloves.

[[Of course not.]]

"Then just let go with this," Kiba put a heavily modified Guy Fawkes mask on his face, "I have always wanted to do some role-playing."


Delta Police Headquarters.

Fifth Floor.

Three main investigators, two junior investigators, and ten local police members came out of a forensic room.

In the corridor, dozens of police staff were going on for their duty. There were even civilians on the floor who were mainly the spouses of the investigators and local officers. They were here to meet them during the lunchtime since normally they wouldn’t get time due to the busy investigation.

"Davis, could we really get something useful from the brain of that slum insect," A woman named Tamara asked. She was the wife of Davis and they were both parts of the main investigation team.

"I don’t know," Davis answered, "But we have to reinvestigate everything."

"But with a fresh perspective," A man named Allan added. He was a junior investigator.

"Yeap," A woman in thirties named Ellen agreed. She was a civilian but could be here since she was a fiancee of Allan.

"Let’s wait for the result," Davis glanced back at the forensic room, "Doctor would retrieve the memories in few hours."


The entire floor shook heavily while the ceiling started cracking apart. Dust and debris filled the air as the rumbling increased further.

Everyone on the floor lost their balance and they either collided to the wall or fell on the floor.

"What’s going on?" Allan was horrified as he tried to stand.

"Are we under attack?" Ellen took the support of a chair nearby.

"It shouldn’t be," An officer name Jason said, "There are multiple layers of force field outside. We would long before if an attack happened on the building."

"Y-yeah but how would you explain this?" Tamara cleaned the dust from her clothes.

The entire floor was in chaos while the emergency measures activated. The alarms were going in full force and the officers regained their composure to find out the truth.

"Here is a gift," A loud voice came from the end of the floor, "Please enjoy."

"What?!" Allan looked with eyes wide open as he saw fifteen grenades rushing towards them. He was sure the grenades were more powerful than they could handle even with their abilities.

He gritted his teeth and lied down on the floor. His body was absorbed by the floor as if he has become one with it.

Tamara’s body became a mirage of light as she dodged the grenades. Davis’ outer body transformed into a rock shell while others similarly used their abilities to save themselves.


Green flames of explosion engulfed the entrance of the forensic room. The glass doors melted like wax and the walls burned like they were made of oil.

Inside, a sixty-year-old doctor has stood up from the floor. Some distance away, an old man was strapped on a chair.

The doctor’s eyes bulged in shock as he saw rays of white light covering the old man. The next moment, the old man disappeared as if he was a phantom.

"No!" The doctor rushed to the chair but then he sensed something. He turned around in complete horror to see green flames engulfing him.

"AHHHHH!" The doctor released heart-wrenching screams as his body incinerated into ashes...

Outside, Allan, Tamara, Davis, and others were startled to see themselves completely safe. They looked back and saw the green flames wreaking havoc in the forensic room.

"Doctor!" Allan shouted.

"The aim was the forensic room!" Jason muttered in realization.

"Hey, don’t be so jealous," The voice from before reverberated on the floor, "We have gifts for you as well. "

The survivors turned around and saw a man with Guy Fawkes mask walking forward along with twelve droids. Every single droid was having a laser gun pointed at the people on the floor.

"We have to give gifts in order of seniority," The masked man said, "The doctor was the oldest so we have to entertain him the first."

"Who the heck are you?" Davis gritted his teeth in anger at the loss of doctor and the forensic facility along with the memories of the slum dweller.

"We’re the foot soldiers of the revolution," the masked man answered, "The ones who would gift you all death for the atrocities you have committed."

"You are a terrorist?!" Allan asked in shock.

"No," the masked man shook off his head, "We are revolutionaries."

"Don’t give yourself a fancy name," Davis’ hand bulged as it transformed into a rock hammer, "Everyone from The Nation of Terror is a terrorist."

"That’s a funny thing to say," the masked man said as he stepped forward, "You government have committed the worst crimes on humanity and yet you call us terrorists when we are trying to free this world?"

"Save your speech for the afterlife," Davis and others were ready for the battle, "You are not going to survive."

"We live and die for the revolution," The masked man took out another grenade from his jacket, "What about you?"

Davis and others flinched and rushed back.

"Such corrupt hearted men," The masked man removed the firing pin from the grenade, "Only a corrupted heart fears death."

"Fuck! He is truly a fanatic just like those in the explosion at Sakura City!" Allan covered his vitals with his ability. (Chapter 41).

"It is not working?" The masked man muttered seeing the grenade in his hand didn’t explode, "I apologize."

"Motherfucker!" Jason was sure the masked man was toying with them.

"Die!" Davis rushed forward with his fist targetting the masked man. From the other end, Tamara became a mirage of light as she dashed along.

The others similarly attacked with some aiming at the masked man while others at the droids.

A local police officer collided his fist and yellow waves originated from the point of contact. The waves flew towards the masked man.


The floor shook and the tiles shattered while dust and smoke engulfed the entire floor.

"Impossible!" Davis’ eyes almost left the socket as the smoke cleared, "How can this be?!"

He has believed his rock fist would land on the masked man. The attack has indeed successfully launched but it was stopped by a single finger!

The masked man was standing in a relaxed attitude with his right hand slightly forward. A single finger has collided with the fist!

The outcome?

The rock hand was shattering as a powerful force originated from the finger and invaded Davis’ hand.

"URGHH!" Davis’ entire hand broke in fragments of rock.

Meanwhile, Tamara who has rushed at the masked man with a speed of light was in mid-air. Her face was devoid of any color as she struggled to breath.

She looked below and saw a hand clenching her neck.

"H-how can he counterattack at my speed?" Tamara thought as she struggled to grasp air.

The yellow waves of destruction were repelled back at the officer who created them.

"NOOOO!" The officer cried as his body suffered from his own ability. His body bulged like a balloon and he exploded.

The others were slightly better with droids not killing them. They were only overpowered.


"The power of revolution would not be stopped by the might of corruption," The masked man said as he released his grip on Tamara.

He snapped his fingers and a gale of air pushed all his enemies on the floor.

"You son of a bitch," Jason cursed loudly, "We are not corrupted!"

"Yes," Davis chimed in suppressing the pain, "We live an honest life with our families!"

"My husband is right!" Tamara said her fave gained color.

"Is that so?" The masked man then looked around the room where both civilians and officers were lying on the floor, "This entire room is filled with greed and corruption but you say otherwise."

"We have done no wrong!" Davis disagreed.

"Really?" The masked man crouched in front of him, "You are having a beautiful wife but so many men out there are single without ever tasting the sweetness of a woman."

"What are you talking about?" Davis couldn’t understand how his marital status has anything to do with revolution,

"Isn’t this greed to keep your wife with yourself when other men have never enjoyed a fine woman as yours?" The masked man asked.

"YOU!" Davis’ looked at him with tongue-tied and hate.

"Then there is you," The masked man gazed at Tamara, "There are so many men with better personality and appearance but yet you only cling with him. Isn’t this sign of a corrupt heart to discriminate?"

Tamana’s heart beat rapidly as the words set in her mind.

How can the selection of her husband be a discrimination against other men?

No! Just what type of corruption and greed this man was even talking about?!

Just what sort of revolutionary he was?!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 119 The Revolutionary!