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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 118 Favourite Girl

Chapter 118 Favourite Girl

The basic element of seduction was to understand the target. The entire seduction depended on this understanding. Whether to take it slow or fast entirely depends on the type of target.

The other basic element was the surprise factor. The target must never be perfectly able to perfectly judge the next move.

Kiba has a pretty much good understanding of Emily. He knew she wasn’t a fast target mainly due to her upbringing where she cares more about the opinions of the society than herself.

Of course, he has made enough base work to overcome this difficulty during the entire day and dinner.

"There is no need to hurry," Kiba mused as he sat inside the car, "I will have what I want sooner or later."

It wasn’t blind confidence but trust on his own skills and the weakness of his targets. He believed as long as desires exist in living beings they could be entrapped sooner or later.

Seduction was always about manipulating desires whether it was a male or a female. Desires have always been the greatest weakness of every living creature.

There were no unapproachable targets as long as one has skills to back it up. Everything depended on the efforts.


Next Day.

Royal Heart Academy.

Zed stepped on the staircase to the first floor. As he walked, he thought about the recent events especially about the attack of the monk and the deaths of investigators.

"Then there is the investigation in the slum massacre," Zed contemplated as he took another step, "Hopefully that woman and her children are safe."

He has given her high-grade food cans along with a good amount of cash. That should be enough to improve her condition and make it easy for her to leave the slum in due time.

"Why am I suddenly thinking about her?" Zed was startled for he hasn’t thought about her after helping in the slum, "Is this due to my innate ability?"

Zed was in some serious contemplation as he walked on the staircase. Suddenly, a dark pool of shadow appeared on the steps.

A dark hand rose from the pool and caught Zed’s leg.

"This is?" Zed was struck from below. Before he could think further, the dark hand absorbed his body in the pool of shadow.


The dark pool of shadow disappeared from the staircase just as quickly as it has appeared. The staircase was empty without any sign of Zed.


Claudia has tapped into the security system of the academy so she knew pretty much everything. Just a moment ago, the security footage was struck and when the live feed activated, Zed has disappeared.

[[The bracelet is still sending the signal but other devices have been deactivated.]]



When Zed opened his eyes, he found himself on a chair. In front of him was a teacher’s desk where a woman was sitting with her eyes on him.

Zed’s eyes turned wide in shock and disbelief as he looked at the woman.

She was a Caucasian beauty with dark brown hairs. Her expression was of deep amusement as she savored the look of shock on his face.

"Why are you staring at me like I’m some ghost?" The woman has a teasing smile, "Now do you understand what I feel when you teleport on top of me without any warning?"

"I..." Zed regained his composure, "I was just caught off guard."

Who could this woman be if not for Eva?

The only living person to know his secret of dual identities.

"That’s a good excuse," Eva said as she left the desk, "But I wonder if you will use the same excuse if I catch you again in the future."

"That would never happen," Zed said with a smile, "I always thought I would meet you in this form but never like this."

"Aren’t surprises the best?" Eva asked after she arrived in front of him.

"Yes, they are amazing," Zed looked around the room. It was a classroom but with dark shadows stretching all over the walls, "Surely you didn’t use the domain to only surprise me."

"What if I say that was exactly my intention?" Eva sat on his lap with her lips dangerously close to his, "I also wanted to see how father-to-be is doing in his studies."

Zed’s smile turned stiff at the unexpected remark.

"Never thought you were a man with a sense of responsibilities," Eva’s lips brushed with his for a second, "So you could imagine the shock I had when Agatha told me you are trying to become a good father."

"Haha," Zed gave a hollow laugh. Even he was surprised that he didn’t run away from his responsibilities after learning the truth about Hope’s paternity.

"Is Agatha aware the father of her child is a student?" Eva asked while one of her hands moved towards his pant.

"No," Zed answered while her hand rubbed on the top of his pant.

"Now that’s not a proper behavior," Eva felt his hardon through the fabric of pant, "And I’m not talking about the behavior of your cock."

Zed’s hardon was growing every second by the teasing of Eva.

"I couldn’t tell her," Zed answered trying to focus his attention away from her hand on his cock.

He knew she wanted to tease him for all the antics he has pulled over the years.

"Why not?" Eva’s another hand opened the zip of his pant.

"Because she is not a master of deception like you," Zed felt her palm covering his cock.

"That was such a mean thing to say," Eva stroked him once before stopping, "Is this your opinion for someone who helped you in becoming a billionaire?"

"Yes," Zed leaned forward to kiss her while his right hand moved on the back of her neck to hold her. He kissed on her soft lips and then his tongue forcefully barged in her mouth to savor her sweet taste.

Eva moved her hands on his back as she reciprocated the kiss with equal passion. Her tongue entangled with his and for a moment they were lost in each other’s taste.

"That was another wrong behavior," Eva said after the kiss broke, "And not suiting the persona of your current form."

"You are right," Zed closed his eyes as he started transforming into his other self, "I even had a moment of an identity crisis due to you."

Eva looked on with a smile as he transformed into Kiba. It was her first time seeing him transforming but she has known about his secret from a month. (Chapter 34).

"Shall we resume?" Kiba asked his hands wrapped around her back.

"Nope," Eva turned into a shadow and she disappeared from his grasp.

The next moment, she was on the desk in her normal self.

"That’s such an evil thing to do," Kiba teleported behind her, "You have to take the responsibility."

Eva turned around and saw his raging hardon pointed towards her. She leaned below and gave the head of his cock a light kiss. She opened her lips to take him inside while her hand lightly rubbed on his balls.

Kiba pushed a hand on the back of her hand as he pushed his cock to the depths of her throat. He has always believed If there was a paradise on Earth then it was in the form of Eva.

He closed his eyes as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her tongue licked over the shaft of his cock even during the moment he was inside her.

"That should be enough for taking over my responsibilities," Eva said as she slide his cock out of her mouth, "Besides you are the one who has no sense of responsibilities."

"Really?" Kiba asked as he brought his hands on the back of her skirt.


Thirty-five minutes later~

Kiba was lying exhausted on Eva’s lap.

"So why are you here?" Kiba asked as he left her lap to dress up. He knew her enough to know she wasn’t here to have fun.

"To make sure my favorite man to die soon so I came here," Eva said with a smile.

Kiba looked at her with surprise as a sense of deja vu came over him. He has used similar words after he warned her about Sky Fiend Group.

"What do you mean?" Kiba asked he wore his clothes.

"The investigators are looking up the incident four years ago," Eva said with her smile fading, "I’m not sure of the details but they are trying to retrieve the memories of a slum dweller."

"What do you mean?" Kiba asked with a frown. 𝐢𝘯𝑛𝓻𝚎𝙖𝑑. ᴄ𝗼m

"The slum dweller was someone who has escaped from Castor Damon’s clutches before the expedition took place," Eva answered with a slight trace of worry on her face, "I’m sure you know what it means for Zed if they found ."

Kiba wasn’t surprised she could connect the dots between the incident and Zed. She has helped him smuggle the lab equipment and help him in many of his money-making schemes.

"You don’t have to worry about me," Kiba said as a smile returned on his face, "I doubt they would have information about Zed in those memories since there were hundreds of slum dwellers along with me. And even if they did, it is fine."

"How is it fine?" Eva was surprised by his relaxed attitude.

She was sure the investigators didn’t give much thought to slum dwellers during the investigation four years ago. Back then, Zed has stayed lowkey for almost a year while he made his entrance as Kiba half a year later after the incident.

But now it was different. Zed was popular in the city with his rags to riches story. If the investigators found even the least bit of sign about him in the memories then they would be suspicious.

While retrieving memories might take time but sooner or later the memories would be with the investigators. Who knows what that slum dweller has seen and recorded in his memories?

"You really think I never planned for this scenario?" Kiba asked her with a smirk.

"You expected this?" Eva was caught off guard by his words.

"No," Kiba shook off his head, "But I planned just in case if anyone learns I was present during the expedition."

Back then he was a survivalist of the sort. He has prepared for worst case scenario so he let his Zed form stay in the slum for an entire year in order to avoid suspicion of investigators.

In that time, not only he has made his entrance as Kiba but also created Claudia. Both him and Claudia has made a plan for any possible situation.

"I came here for nothing," Eva sighed. She has believed she would be able to return the favor she owned him.

"No, I appreciate the warning," Kiba kissed her on the cheeks, "I can now make sure I don’t have to use those stressful preparations."

"You mean?" Eva could understand his intent behind the words.

"Why go through the trouble later on when you can prevent it?" Kiba asked with a smile.

"Haah~ I feel bad for them," Eva sighed.

"Eva," Kiba looked at her in the eyes.

"Hmm?" Eva looked back at him.

"You are truly my favorite girl," Kiba’s eyes were filled with affection.

"Cheeky rascal," Eva knew his style so she wasn’t fooled, "Use this words on a maiden and you would definitely get to sleep with her."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 118 Favourite Girl