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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 117 Dinner Final Par

Chapter 117 Dinner Final Par

"You took too long," Morgan said as he saw Suzane and Olly stepping towards the table, "I was worried."

"I apologize but only now I’m feeling better," Suzane leaned into her husband, "Thank you for caring so much about me."

Suzane’s lips joined her husbands and she gave him a small passionate kiss to make up.

Morgan was startled by the kiss but he reciprocated in delight.

"This is for the love you have for me," Suzane said she broke the kiss, "You are the best husband a woman can ever ask for."

Emily was surprised by the public display of affection.

"You lips taste different," Morgan remarked as Suzane walked towards her seat, "Are you using a new lipstick?"

"Yes, a new flavor oriented one," Suzane’s heart was beating rapidly. She has forgotten she was giving a blowjob to Kiba a few minutes ago, "You like it?"

"It is good," Morgan absentmindedly said without much thinking.

"Thank you," Suzane beamed to him, "I’m addicted to this flavor and I plan to use it more."

"Wise decision," Morgan nodded.

Olly listened to the conversation with a gloomy expression. He wondered how could his father be so ignorant.

"Maybe it is because of me," Olly thought with butterflies wreaking havoc inside his stomach, "Father could never imagine anything like this especially when I was with her."

"A flavored lipstick?" Emily asked surprised, "I want to try it as well."

"Of course," Suzane gave her a light peck on her cheeks, "I’m sure you are going to love it."

"Do give it to me later on," Emily said.

"Sure," Suzane thought Kiba would give Emily the flavor in full taste sooner or later. She was sure of it for she has realized all his actions are well calculated.

She then pointed to the empty chair opposite her, "Where is he?"

"He is having some problem with his car," Morgan said sounding pleased, "I don’t think he will be returning anytime soon."

For the last twenty minutes, he has expressed his views on Kiba to Emily. He believed she would no longer care about him.

"I see," Suzane said in a nonchalant tone but inside, she was startled by the illusion Kiba has cast on everyone. No one suspected anything as if they took everything at face value with no doubts.

"He used Morgan’s dislike for him to manage the entire situation," Suzane contemplated with some reverence, "A man who knows how to use others’ emotions is the most fearful."

Five minutes later~

Kiba entered the diner again with no sign of distress on his face.

"Is your car alright?" Morgan asked with a smirk. 𝒾𝒏n𝗿𝒆а𝑑. 𝘤𝘰m

Recently he was under far too much pressure due to the investigation but today’s events have lit his mood. To see a man like Kiba suffer further pleased him.

"Yes, there was no problem with my car," Kiba answered with a smile, "But the manager asked me to inform you something."

"Inform something?" Morgan asked.

"Yes," Kiba nodded, "Some thieves have stolen your car."

"What?!" Morgan stood up from the chair shock and disbelief.

"I think it was stolen---"

Morgan didn’t wait for Kiba to complete his words as he left the table and dashed towards the exit.

A man cares about three things the most in his life: sex, sports, and vehicles. He wanted to get his hands back on the car as soon as possible so he dashed without any care.

"I was just kidding," Kiba’s voice came from behind, "You didn’t even wait for me to complete my words."

Morgan was struck at the exit of the diner not daring believe he was being played. He turned around and saw Kiba sitting on his chair.

"Bastard!" Morgan cursed inside with venom filled in his eyes. He turned around and noticed many peculiar gazes on him from the nearby tables.

Even Emily was barely controlling her smile but others weren’t so courteous. They were laughing at his reactions and this only incensed him further.

"Calm down," Morgan muttered to himself. He knew if he took this ’joke’ at heart then his reputation would ruin beyond redemption.

People expect others to take a joke in a light heart manner without getting offended otherwise there would be only more ridicule waiting.

"Well played," Morgan tried to smile as he returned to the table, "You have got a nice sense of humor."

"Glad to see you appreciate it," Kiba pointed to the chair next to him, "Please have a seat."

Morgan gritted his teeth and sat next to him. He was now opposite Suzane while Kiba was opposite Emily.

"Please serve the dinner," Kiba asked the waitress, "I’m spent and I need energy."

"Yes, sir," The waitress started serving the dishes.

"You truly are different," Emily said with a faint smile, "I’m glad your car is fine."

"Thanks," Kiba took a glass of wine, "But it would have been better if something has happened to my car."

"Why?" Emily asked surprised. She believed men have a strong fascination with their toys especially cars.

"If my car was broken or stolen," Kiba took a sip from the glass with his eyes on hers, "You would have been forced to give me a ride back."

Emily was startled but then she laughed merrily. She was impressed he could turn even his long disappearance in his favor.

Earlier she was somewhat angered when Kiba left her in the presence of Morgan alone. She was forced to listen to Morgan’s boring words of how Kiba was a bad man with an evil reputation. She was forced to feign interest in her conversation with Morgan all the while blaming Kiba.

But now Kiba has made up for everything by toying with Morgan. She has a good laugh smile inside and she would have laughed loudly if not for the presence of Morgan.

If this wasn’t enough, Kiba has even pleased her by using playful words. They were flirty in nature but she enjoyed them.

"Cocky son of a bitch," Morgan continued to curse inside his heart.

Suzane was impressed by his boldness but she kept quiet afraid of displeasing her husband. Olly, on the other hand, thought how Kiba never liked to be a disadvantage.

"He truly schemed against dad from the start of dinner," Olly thought depressed.


An hour later~

Emily and Kiba were standing opposite Morgan and his family in the parking lot

"That was a lovely evening," Emily said in a polite tone, "Thank you for joining us."

"It was our honor," Morgan quickly said after which he entered his car.

He didn’t have any face left to continue a conversation with Emily after what transpired in the diner.

"Good night," Suzane gave a hug to Emily before leaving.

The family of three soon left.

"That was fun," Emily said as she stepped towards her car, "I can’t believe I initially refused."

"You did change your mind so all is good," Kiba opened the door of her car, "But I do think we need to have a private dinner to laugh on our awkward investigation interview."

Emily looked at him with an amused expression. She has completely forgotten the interview in police headquarters.

"I will think about it," Emily said as she stepped inside the car, "Good night."

"Good night," Kiba repeated as he closed the door of the car. He turned around and walked towards his car.

In the car, Emily was surprised by Kiba’s actions. She believed he would try to make an excuse or two to delay her or request for her mobile number.

"A strange man," Emily thought as she drove the car, "His actions are so hard to determine."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 117 Dinner Final Par