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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 113 Share Details!

Chapter 113 Share Details!

The next day.

Dream Rise House.

[[How are you feeling?]] Claudia enquired after Zed freshened up.

"Good," Zed took out a white shirt from the closet, "A night of peaceful sleep can do wonder."

[[Of course. But you wouldn’t know since you don’t use the night for its intended purpose.]]

"..." Zed gave a deep sigh as he moved on for the breakfast.

He has slept for 14 hours which was truly a record for him. He would at most sleep for 5-6 hours thanks to his busy schedule.

"Anyways, what do we know about Dharma Chakra?" Zed asked after taking a seat in the hall while two droids served him the breakfast.

[[We don’t know much. Only that Hank and many other top corporates are desperately trying to gain the favor of Dharma Chakra.]]

"Favor? Is this an organization of sort?" Zed enquired.

He believed he could get more information about the monk from Dharma Chakra so he wanted to know what he could.

While he was sure the monk would be in no state to create any trouble for him, he still wanted to find why was he targetted in the first place.

[[I’m not sure. What I shared was from the records inside White Angel Corporation and other corporations from whom we regularly ’borrow’.]]

"So we are clueless," Zed said as he took a bite of coffee cake.

[[Yes. There are no details inside the records besides every powerful figure trying to earn the favor of Dharma Chakra. ]]

"Maybe Eva knows something," Zed decided to inquire with her later.

She was the one who has helped him build his financial resources and also the one who helped him smuggle few of the lab equipment.

[[Good idea.]]

Claudia has tried to spy on Eva but rarely would she succeed. Of course, she wouldn’t tell this to him.

"Any new targ---I mean customers?" Zed asked.

[[There are five customers for Wife Pleasuring Service Pvt. Ltd, four for Mistress’ Massage Centre, ten for Maiden’s Love Circle and six for Naughty Bunny Corporation.]]

"So many?" Zed felt far too much burden on his young shoulders, "Just a few days of absence and the workload increases."


[[An urgent message for Kiba.]]

Claudia was planning to retort her master for his earlier comment about workload but the message notification stopped her.

"What is it?" Zed asked intrigued.

[[An interview with the police.]]

"Oho~" Zed wasn’t surprised, "Seems like the time has come."


The headquarters of Delta Police Force was located in the Central District. It was in the form of a seven-storied building fully secured with the latest technology.

Hundreds of battle droids and drones were constantly on guard along with human officers. An invisible barrier surrounded the building to prevent any intrusion or sudden attack.

Inside a room on the sixth floor.

The room was spacious with sofas and couch along with a coffee table. At the corner was a glass cabinet where multiple trophies were placed.

In the center was an office desk opposite to which a woman was sitting on a chair.

She was wearing a black blazer on a white shirt.

"Have you messaged Kiba for an interview," The woman spoke on an intercom.

"Emily, we have emailed Kiba," a voice answered from the intercom.

"Good," Emily said after which she disconnected the call. She took a tablet from the desk and opened a file to recheck the details.

Emily was in her late thirties with a height of 5’9". Blessed with natural caramel blonde hairs, misty blue eyes, and rosy pale skin tone; she was a fantasy to most men.

"He is a playboy," Emily muttered while reading the report on the tablet, "But he is supposed to be the third strongest mutant in the city as well."

"That was in the past," Emily placed the tablet back and closed her eyes, "The city is now full of more powerful mutants from the government."

Emily stood up from the chair and walked around the room to make preparations for the interview.

"Could he be involved in the disappearance of Lisa Rey?" Emily wondered in her heart, "I guess I would find out soon."

An hour later~

Kiba entered the room escorted by a female officer.

"My name is Emily," Emily shook his hand as she introduced herself, "I’m glad you could entertain our request at such a short notice.

"It is the least I could do as a citizen," Kiba said in a polite tone.

"Please have a seat," Emily pointed towards the seat opposite to hers.

"Thank you," Kiba took a seat.

He gave a quick glance to her gorgeous body before bringing his eyes to her hands.

"She is not married or engaged," Kiba thought seeing lack of a ring on her fingers, "Maybe she has a boyfriend but that would hardly be any problem."

Kiba was awestruck by her beauty ever since he entered the room. He didn’t let it show on his face or in his actions but in his heart, he has decided to give her priority over the customers waiting for his service.

"What are you thinking about so deeply?" Emily curiously asked. She has noticed his expression of deep contemplation.

"Nothing much," Kiba answered, "Just trying to think of crimes I might have committed for me to be in the company of a special investigator."

"You have not committed a crime," Emily said in a professional tone, "I just wanted to ask you a few stuff related to an investigation of mine."

"That is a relief," Kiba said, "So what is it you wish to know?"

"Are you acquainted with Lisa?" Emily asked in a calm voice while gazing at the tablet screen.

"Who is she?" Kiba asked with a blank expression.

"You don’t know her?" Emily looked at him in disbelief.

She has checked the security footage from White Angel Corporation and from what she could tell, he and Lisa were together for an hour or so in a private room.

"I never said I don’t know the woman you are talking about," Kiba clarified, "I only asked her identity since Lisa is such a common name."

"Lisa Rey," Emily mentioned her last name with her attention back on the tablet.

On the screen, the heartbeats and blood flow of Kiba were displayed. These parameters usually can tell whether a person is being honest or not.

"No idea," Kiba shook his head, "I rarely give any attention to the last names."

"...." Emily wanted to think he was lying but the readings on the tablet made her sure he was stating the truth.

The sensors in the room were advanced and undetectable. They were almost impossible to deceive and even if they could be deceived, she has a further check waiting for him later on.

"I only remember a person by their deeds and not by name," Kiba further explained.

"An image should help you remember," Emily clicked a panel on the desk and a virtual screen appeared in front of Kiba. The screen displayed an image of Lisa.

"The M Lisa!" Kiba muttered loudly, "You should have said so."

"The M Lisa?" Emily repeated in confusion, "What is M?"

"Masochistic," Kiba patiently explained the meaning of M.

"...Do you know her?" Emily asked after suppressing her astonishment.

"Yes," Kiba nodded his head, "If I remember it right, she is from the government. We were acquainted at White Angel Corporation."

"I see," Emily then proceeded with the next question, "When and where was the last time you met her?"

"About a month ago at White Angel Corporation," Kiba answered.

"Did you had a private meeting with her?" Emily asked further.

"I’m guessing you already know the answer so I don’t see the need of such pointless question" Kiba continued with a sigh, "I’m assuming something happened to her seeing how you are enquiring me but seriously you are wasting time by asking what you already know."

"You are right," Emily agreed, "I want to know the details of your private meeting with her."

"That I can’t," Kiba shook his head, "I can’t dishonor her by sharing private details."

"You have to answer," Emily said in a deep voice, "She has disappeared and I have to know everything that happened the day she went missing."

"I understand your dilemma," Kiba said with a sigh, "But surely details of the private meeting are no interest to you."

"They are," Emily said in a serious tone, "They might have clues of her disappearance."

"If you say so," Kiba looked at her, "Do you want me to share the full details?"

"Yes," Emily nodded.

"I put my hands on the back of her dress," Kiba started sharing the details, "While she unzipped my jeans."

"WHAT?!" Emily was shocked, "What are you talking about?!"

"About Lisa and my meeting," Kiba answered as if it was obvious, "Didn’t you asked me to share the details?"

"....I," Emily didn’t know how to respond.

"I already told you it was a private meeting," Kiba continued, "But yet you were adamant even after my refusal."


"The word private is called private for a reason," Kiba has a confused expression on his face, "So why are you acting like this after asking me for full private details?"


How am I supposed to know a private meeting would be so private?!

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 113 Share Details!