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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 110 Finishing Strike

Chapter 110 Finishing Strike

In his life, Akshobhya has met many people but none as foul-mouthed as Kiba. Even during the worst psychic attack, none of the victims have used as many varieties of curses as Kiba.

When Kiba called him Shitfaced dimwit, Cocksucker, Asslicker, Dickless scum, Bastard, and Asshole; Akshobhhya could still handle the curses.

He believed the kid was from a generation which was uncultured and lacked moral sensibility. So as a monk he tried to be broad-minded and didn’t take any offense.

But now Pedophile?!

He has strictly followed celibacy in his entire life and yet he was blamed for such abominable crime?! He truly felt offended by this word and swore to torture the kid.

Like this wasn’t enough, the kid went a step beyond by calling him a disgrace to men who couldn’t even last for few seconds!

Akshobhya has read memories of many male victims so he understood the hidden meaning of this insult! This hurt him more than being addressed as a pedophile.

"Kid, even death couldn’t clear your sins," Akshobhya’s last bit of consciousness has merged with those of the young monks, "You would regret using such words."

"I don’t know about me but you sure are going to regret your choice of words," Kiba’s eyes were filled with viciousness, "Time to end this play."

Kiba clenched his fist and the cyclones in the area started creating havoc as they moved towards the remaining eleven survivors.

"I didn’t want to resort to slaughter," Kiba leaped towards the sky, "But now I can’t have any loose ends here."

"Please, sir!"

"We won’t reveal anything!"


Kiba ignored their state and dashed high in the sky. He didn’t even glance back to see their fate for it was pretty much sealed.

If it was his normal cosmic form even then they would have died much less now. As he dashed towards the sky, the struggle of golden lightning in the dark clouds reduced.

Turbulent air currents greeted his face as he passed stratosphere. From the ground, he looked like a thunderbolt striking the vault of heaven.

Golden sparks covered his legs like wings and his speed increased. In less than a minute, he has covered a distance of five thousand kilometers.

"Ugh," Kiba felt headache returning, "Is this the best you could do even after defiling the children?"

"Kid, your foul language knows no end," Akshobhya was annoyed, "The young monks are my disciples and I would never commit such a grave sin."

"Fool the world with those lies," Kiba increased his speed, "By merging with their consciousness, you are making them mentally handicapped for life."

He pretty much understood Akshobhya increased his psyche power by merging with children who have telepathic or psychic ability.

The younger one is, the less complex the consciousness is. This also means low chances of backlash if one tries to merge with the young consciousness.

Akshobhya might defuse with their consciousness later on but how can the children bear the strain of merging with a powerful psychic? The strain is always shared by the weaker party and Akshobhya knew what awaited for the children.

"Argh," Kiba stopped after arriving ten thousand kilometers from the ground. He hovered in mid-air with his hands on his head trying to fight the mental pain.

The psychic attacks were invisible and formless. Even with the increase in his powers, his consciousness was still his weakest part.

Akshobhya, on the other hand, didn’t believe Kiba’s consciousness was weak. The blood-red crystal cubes in the monastery were cracking at a rate visible to the naked eye.

A small crack appeared on the blue platform and Akshobhya felt worried about the aftereffects.

"I would definitely win but the price would be far too high," Akshobhya didn’t want to lose the technology the ancestors of the monastery has retrieved from the meteorites, "I should stop now and make more arrangments before I take it to the final step."

Akshobhya decided to retrieve his consciousness back but suddenly his real body started trembling.

"Impossible!" Akshobhya muttered, "You have formed a reverse link?!"

Kiba was in no state to answer as his consciousness invaded his enemy. The pain was increasing with him feeling thousands of needles piercing his mind.

"How can this be?" Akshobhya was sure his opponent didn’t have psychic ability before, "Don’t tell me that you have copied my ability?!"

"Think what you want," Kiba gritted his teeth and once again resumed his journey to Earth’s orbit.

A golden column of light wrapped around him and his speed further accelerated.

"You were bidding for the time by distracting me with those curses!" Akshobhya felt more aggregated.

He was sure Kiba tried to distract him while he studied his mental attack to strike back.

"Actually no," Kiba said after crossing some twenty thousand kilometers, "I just love cursing."

"You bastard!" Akshobhya cursed for the first time in decades.

He understood there was no chance of stepping back now. If he tried to back away then the backlash would be far too much for him to handle due to the reverse link.

Kiba continued to dash high while golden waves rippled around him. The air in the surrounding ripped apart with sonic explosions as he cut through layers of the world.

Inside his consciousness, Akshobhya’s consciousness opened his third eye. His third pupil looked like a vortex of nightmares.

"ARGHH!" Kiba stopped as the mental pain increased.

"Live your worst time," Akshobhya muttered. He didn’t dare bring the memories from mining expedition so he tortured Kiba with his earlier nightmares.

"Damn," Kiba cursed as his consciousness was engulfed by a rotating pupil.

In the real world, his eyes closed shut as the past struck him. His willpower was strong but the attack of Akshobhya was far too stronger this time.

He lost focus and his body started rapidly falling from twenty thousand kilometers above the ground while he relived his worst times.


The days of hunger and cold. The unbearable pain of starvation while he trembled from weakness.

The times of punishment by the caretaker and later on by the overlords.

"You want this piece of bacon?" An overlord threw the bacon in a cage filled with two dogs, "Then take it from those wild dogs."

The pain of flesh being ripped apart by hungry dogs. The jeers of the spectators.

"Slum insects, want the biscuits?" A man with a camera asked a group of slum dwellers, "Behave properly and you might get one."

The humiliation of treated like animals. The realization that life was nothing but an enjoyment for others.

The moments when he wished to end his life to rid of the sufferings. The hope that the next life would be better than this one.

"Everyone in this world should die."

The times of envy and hate at the unfairness of the world. The days when resentment turned into a curse against the people of the world. A wish for the world to be exterminated...


Meanwhile, inside his chest.

The Cosmic Spark was in the shape of a pitch black amethyst crystal filled with golden and gray particles.

There were few thin cracks on Cosmic Spark and one could make out that they were the sign of missing parts. The cracks were, in fact, negligible in the fist-size Cosmic Spark but nevertheless present.

As the nightmares brought out the resentment and hate inside him, one of the gray particles slowly jumped out from the thin cracks and merged with his bloodstream.


In the real world, Kiba fell towards the ground like a meteorite engulfed by flames.

"I’m not my past self," Kiba fiercely opened his eyes, "Nor I’m a victim so stop trying to make me believe otherwise."

His body stopped a few thousand kilometers above the ground. Like a bolt of thunder, he once again dashed towards the orbit.

His movement was more fierce than before and so was his determination to end this. A deafening sound of explosion reverberated all around as he broke through the final layers of the atmosphere.

In the monastery.


Two of the three blood-red cubes exploded in fragments.

"Cough!" Akshobhya coughed up blood. The backlash of his technique being nullified affected both his body and consciousness.

"If that kid hasn’t copied my ability then I would have won," Akshobhya cursed the luck of his enemy.

Some distance away, Kurtis was terrified by the sudden destruction of the cubes. He refused to believe what the destruction signified.

In the other part of the world, Kiba arrived above the Earth’s orbit. Despite the protection of the golden column of light, he felt a bone-numbing chill.

He ignored the chill in the space and turned his head above. Some ten thousand kilometers ahead was the satellite covered with a blue crystalline layer.

"You wanted to dissect me and my daughter to get my power, right?" Kiba’s cold voice ringed inside the consciousness of Akshobhya, "Let me gift you this power." 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

"What do you mean?" Akshobhya was confident Kiba couldn’t reach the satellite. Ten thousand kilometers in space and Earth were different concepts.

Akshobhya has felt the great power Kiba carried but he was sure he couldn’t harm him physically. They were on the opposite sides of the globe connected with nothing but a satellite.

Kiba focused his attention on the satellite. His vision passed inside the satellite and was now on the three blue cubes.


Faint golden ripples of current appeared on the blue cubes.

Veins protruded out of Kiba’s forehead and blood trickled from his eyes but his gaze remained on the satellite.

Back in the monastery, Akshobhya’s body started shuddering as thousands of voltage passed inside him from the crystal platform and blood-red cubes.

Even in his worst nightmares, he has never thought someone can be capable of using the reverse link in such a fashion.

"Take my power if you can," Kiba said as more of his strength continued to flow in the blue cubes.

He was ten thousand kilometers away from the satellite. To transmit his power at such a long distance in the space and making sure it carried his desired effect, it took a very heavy toll on him.

Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth while his body lightly trembled. It was the first time he has felt such exhaustion after using his full powers.


The blue in the crystal cubes was slowly replaced with the gold just like his eyes.

Inside the monastery, the last blood-red cube and crystal platform similarly turned gold.

Chi Chi Chi~

Golden ripples slowly replaced the red and blue ripples connected to Akshobhya.


The golden ripples invaded him and as it did, he sensed a decaying force developing inside. His eyes turned wide in astonishment as he realized what his enemy has planned for him.

"No! !" Akshobhya grabbed his neck to choke himself to death.

"You can’t die yet," Kiba’s faint voice resounded, "Not so easily after the words you spoke."

"Ple...ase," Akshobhya couldn’t even strangle himself under the pressure of golden ripples, "Don’t you want to know---"

"I don’t care," Kiba interjected in between. He made his intention clear as he transmitted last of his energy inside the satellite.

In the monastery, a final golden ripple originated from the platform and cube.


The platform blasted apart and Akshobhya fell on the floor. The connection with the satellite and Kiba was broken but it didn’t give any joy to him.

"Akshobhya!" Kurtis rushed forward to help.

"Save me," Akshobhya started aging rapidly while his organs decayed.

From a middle-aged man, he turned into an old man at the twilight of his life. Every corner of his body was filled with horrible sickness as he further aged from an old man to an ancient man.

"What?!" Kurtis instinctively backed away.

Akshobhya’s face was filled with wrinkles with his eyes turning listless. The teeth from his mouth fell away like rotten shrimps.

He wanted to beg for help but all he could do was flap like a dying fish...

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 110 Finishing Strike