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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 109 Facing Bugs

Chapter 109 Facing Bugs

Section I, Dream Rise House.

Golden ripples clashed with the violet energy waves.


The force field protecting the lab equipment showed signs of faint cracks.

[[Sir! Stop!]]

Claudia knew how serious the state of the lab was. The lab could barely stand the energy waves from Section IV and now even her master was radiating out strong ripples.

Kiba continued to stand with a look of madness. Far high in the sky, the layer of dark clouds has covered the morning sky.

Within the radius of 200 km, every living being felt a suffocating pressure from the sky above. Their breathing turned heavy as they felt themselves under a pressure which felt like crashing of mountains.

In an apartment, Agatha was changing her clothes when suddenly her eyes flickered as pressure arrived. She clenched her fist and her body turned immaterialistic to save her and her child from the pressure.

On the streets, people lost control of the vehicles and they started crashing into each other. Felicity was speeding on a bike when she suddenly lost control.

"Ahh!" The bike crashed on a pole and she fell down on the road bleeding.

[[If you continue then Lady Felicity would die and same would be the fate of Lady Agatha and Lady Eva.]]

Inside the lab, Claudia reminded her master. She brought the body stats of Felicity and Agatha who were wearing the bracelets she has designed for them.

"What?" The words struck Kiba and his anger partly subsidized.

[[The dark clouds have already engulfed a part of the city and if this continues, the golden lighting would manifest. Lady Felicity is near the villa and the other ones who you care about are within the 200 km radius of your power.]]

"I can’t even use my power here," Kiba’s eyes were bloodshot, "Things just keep turning worse."

If the golden lightning manifested then the fate of everyone in its domain would be the same as the team sent by Sylvan during the wasteland incident. They would obliterate out of existence.

"Kid, how is your consciousness turning stronger even now?" Akshobhya’s words rung inside his mind, "Just what secret you found from Castor Damon’s expedition?"


More powerful ripples radiated out from Kiba. His entire being hated the voice of Akshobhya and just his voice brought the madness back.

[[Sir! Think of the consequences if you use your full powers now!]]

"Fuck consequences," Kiba was engulfed by a column of white light and he disappeared from the lab.


Claudia couldn’t understand what has happened for her master to turn insane. She was further worried after his sudden teleportation.

In the sky, the dark clouds disappeared from the city in the blink of an eye. Felicity who was lying on the road could finally breathe again.

"Zed," Felicity muttered before she lost her consciousness. She was alive with no major injuries but just the pressure from dark clouds have exhausted her entire being.


Most of the wasteland was now in the form of a crater.

A team of five high ranking investigators and fifteen junior investigators were in the wasteland. They were accompanied by a hundred local military officers along with the equipment they have brought.

The other high ranking investigators and few junior investigators were in the other parts of the city.

Currently, the team on the wasteland were standing on the only intact landmass in the crater. Other places were ruined but the landmass for few miles was intact.

The team believed the incident originated from this place. They inserted a metallic cylindrical tube inside the ground surface to read the radiation signs.

"Hey!" An investigator named Bruno looked towards the city and said, "Aren’t they similar to the dark clouds during the incident?"

"You are right," A man named Dylan said, "Thankfully Liam, Morgan, and others are there in the city so they would find out."

The main investigators were injected with serums and reinforced with equipment to protect themselves from the effect of lightning and dark clouds so they weren’t afraid. Even the junior investigators were given the serum after the arrival of the main team.

"True---What?" Burno and others looked on as the dark clouds disappeared in few moments.

"They disappeared so soon?" A man named Kacie muttered.


The sky above the wasteland suddenly was filled with an intense sound. The weather turned into dark and stormy as dark clouds engulfed the sky.

Everyone in the wasteland looked above in total astonishment.


An investigator looked at a tablet in his hand in disbelief.

"We have lost signal with outside!" The investigator muttered.

"What is going on here?" Dylan asked.


The land shook heavily as a figure engulfed by rays of white light landed on the ground. As the light disappeared, everyone saw a golden-haired man.

"Kiba?" One of the investigators identified the man. They have checked the basic profile of everyone who has meet Lisa Rey.

Kiba ignored the shocked investigators and looked towards the dark sky. The half-blue in his eyes was now being replaced with gold.


Followed by sounds of explosions, the dark clouds were filled with golden lightning. Deafening thunder reverberated in all directions and the team of investigators felt their chest becoming heavy and tight.

"URGH!" The local military officers cried out blood-wrenching screams. Blood was leaking from all their orifices and in just a second, their bodies started dissipating into dust.

First, the skin was ripped apart followed by the blood and lastly the skeleton.

"Save me!" A hundred officers begged for mercy.

"Stop!" Dylan angrily looked at Kiba. Everyone was now sure Kiba was responsible for the incident in one way or the other.

Kiba ignored Dylan and continued to look towards the sky. After the manifestation of his full powers, his golden hairs extended till the end of his back.

His eye pupils were fully golden and golden sparks radiated around his body.

"What are you?!" Akshobhya’s faint voice resounded in his mind, "How could your power increase even now?!"

Akshobhya could barely maintain the telepathic link. He couldn’t understand how his target’s strength increased thousands of folds.

What truly startle him was the things his consciousness saw in the surrounding. The lightning in the sky made him tremble and he couldn’t help but remember the things he saw in the memory of Zed.

"Think of your answers in the hell," Kiba pointed a finger towards the sky and the pressure of lightning reduced in the area.

He didn’t wish for his connection with Akshobhya to cut off by the pressure from his power.

Kiba turned his head fully towards the sky and his vision passed the dark clouds. The layers of atmosphere didn’t hinder his vision and soon he vision was in the Earth’s orbit.

He saw a satellite covered with blue crystal coating radiating blue waves in his direction. His vision entered the interior of the satellite where three blue crystal cubes were joining the circuits.

"Crystals made from Galinum?" Kiba plainly said without any emotions, "Do you think having the technology of that world gives you the right to be so cocky?"

"You could see the satellite?!" Akshobhya didn’t dare believe the words.

How can a person’s vision pass through a distance of about forty thousand kilometers?!

In the monastery, the three blood-red crystal cubes started showing signs of a crack. Akshobhya felt the situation turning worse by every second. He sent a mental command to a team of monks in other parts of the monastery.

Quickly the monks brought around fifty children to an adjacent hall. These children were the same ones who were earlier playing in the courtyard with happy smiles.

The children sat down in meditation positions and soon blue ripples emanated from their forehead. The ripples passed in the next room and started merging with the blue crystal platform.


In the wasteland.

"Can’t you listen to me?" Dylan was incensed. Almost ninety of the hundred local officers were turned into nothingness.

"Get ready," He looked at others of his team and signaled them to attack Kiba.

Dylan gritted his teeth and his body started bloating and increasing in size. His face deformed while his hands transformed into metallic claws. From his back, metallic tentacles with spikes emerged.

Bruno transformed his hands into chainsaws while on his forehead, three small holes originated releasing purple light.

A woman named Bella opened her mouth and from her throat, sonic waves manifested ready to attack.

Another man named Kazir crouched down and struck his hand onto the ground. From the ground, spears made of stone and earth emerged.

"Now!" Without waiting for the others, the four of them launched their best strikes.

Dylan was the first to arrive at Kiba with his metallic claws aimed at Kiba’s neck while the tentacles with spikes attacked his opponent’s heart and lungs.

From another side, Bella released sonic waves on Kiba. The ground below shook as the spears made from stone and earth moved forward to pierce Kiba.

Bruno attacked from another side with his chainsaw aimed at the torso while the three small opening on the forehead released purple light aimed at Kiba’s chest.

"Guess you could live for a few more moments," Kiba turned his face from the sky to the incoming attackers.

There was no more anger or madness on his face.

His expression was nonchalant without any signs of coldness or malice. It was like he was just a spectator seeing a play without any involvement.

He extended his right hand in the empty air and then clenched it down. The air in the surrounding compressed into multiple folds and then exploded into a turbulent energy storm all around.

The sonic waves dissipated by the turbulent storm and the same happened for the spear from the ground. The three rays of purple light were absorbed by the air particles and the storm turned more chaotic.

"Are you kidding me?"


"Just like that?!"

"So easily?"

Dylan’s eyes were filled with horror as the turbulent air particles struck him when he was just a step away from his opponent.

"No!" The metallic claws and the tentacles were ripped apart in fragments by the turbulent storm. Blood leaked from his entire body after the physical enhancements were sliced away.

"ARGH!" Dylan cried miserably struck in the air helpless.

"You bugs are truly annoying," Kiba flicked a finger on Dylan’s forehead, "Crying at every single instance."


"AAHHH!" Multiple cracks originated from the point of contact and extended around the head. Like a watermelon falling on the ground, Dylan’s head exploded into a mix of white and red liquid.

The headless corpse fell on the ground with a loud thud. The body twitched for a few moments before entering eternal rest.

Kazir, Bella, and Bruno were struck in the air by the turbulent storm. Unlike Dylan, the air particles didn’t attack them.

They didn’t dare celebrate at this small mercy after seeing the condition of their fallen friend.

"There is that insect trying to invade my consciousness and now you all, "Kiba lightly tapped his foot on the ground.


Multiple spears protruded from the ground and struck towards Kazir who was in midair in the shape of X.

Earlier he has launched a similar attack but the turbulent energy storm neutralized the attack.

"AHHHH!" Kazir could do nothing as the spears pierced every part of his body. The spears from the ground were stained with blood and gore.

Kiba took a single step and he was in front of Bella. She was beautiful on her own right with a porcelain skin tone and black hairs.

"You were the loudest one," Kiba wrapped her neck with his right hand.

"Please spare me," Bella whimpered helplessly.

Kiba looked at her without emotions. He increased the force of his grip and as he did, Bella’s face turned pale. Her eyes were completely bloodshot while blood leaked from her orifices.

"Pl...ase..." Bella muttered her final words before Kiba snapped her neck into two.

Bruno and other dozens of investigators were terror struck on the spot. The golden lighting on the sky continued its struggle of trying to enter the Earth.

Kiba took another step and he arrived in front of hovering Bruno.

"No matter what type of enhancements a bug takes," Kiba moved his hand on one of the chainsaws, "A bug would always remain a bug."


"URGHHH!" Bruno helplessly watched a chainsaw snapped from his hand.

"The government send you here depending on these trash enhancements?" Kiba brought the chainsaw on Bruno’s face, "Or perhaps they are more powerful than what their appearance makes them out?"

"Don’t!" Bruno’s eyes turned wide with horror. The chain started rotating and its set of teeth stuck below his eyes

"AHHHHHH!" Flesh filled with blood fell on the ground as the chainsaw further moved inside. Bruno’s shrieks stopped a moment later after the chainsaw has struck till the end of his head.

Half of his face fell on the ground followed by the remaining part of the body.

"Not bad for a bug," Kiba turned his body around towards the remaining eleven investigators, "I have to agree that you bugs truly have a powerful reproduction system."

"There is just no end to you all," Kiba said with contempt in his voice.

The rocks continued to shatter into fragments and soar high to turn into nothingness. The group of eleven backed with fear evident in their eyes.

"He is not a human! He is a monster!"

"How can such a monster even exist?"

"The government never warned us of such an existence!"

"They sent us on a suicide mission!"

"Fucking bastards! We have to run!"


"Stop being so noisy," Kiba made a grasping motion and the team of eleven crashed down on the ground.



Kiba waved his hand and ten cyclones appeared in the area. He clenched his fist and the cyclones started moving towards the group of eleven.

Suddenly, Kiba released his fist as a look of struggle appeared on his face.

"Damn," Kiba’s eyes were filled with rationale after releasing anger and frustration, "I’m giving in to my instincts instead of carrying my true objective."

"Time to focus," Kiba then looked in the sky, "Why so silent, old man?"

The cyclones continued to exist as a wall to prevent the eleven from leaving.

"Kid, don’t become so arrogant," Akshobhya’s faint voice ringed inside his mind, "Your fate would remain same."

"I’m waiting," Kiba has a faint smile on his face, "Why don’t you start if you have completed your preparations, pedophile?"

"What did you say?" Akshobhya was shocked by the address and words.

"You think I didn’t felt your psyche slowly accumulating with young and naive psyches?" Kiba asked with his smile expanding, "Now it explains why you were so against my joy with the women. You were a pedophile all along."

"YOU!" Akshobhya was incensed.

He was someone who strictly followed celibacy but yet he was blamed for such a heinous crime?

"No need to be so angry," Kiba continued with a smile, "A man with a small dick like you can only feel big with innocent children."

"Kid, just wait for few seconds and I would be done with preparations," Akshobhya swore to torture Kiba after he has completed merging with the consciousness of the children monks in few seconds.

"Few seconds?" Kiba’s smile turned into a smirk, "Truly you are a disgrace to all men if you could only last for few seconds."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 109 Facing Bugs