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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 108 It Has Started Part II of II

Chapter 108 It Has Started Part II of II

"That child’s blood source matches your current transformation but not the previous one," Akshobhya said with deep interest. " I’m sure I could find many interesting things after dissecting that child as well."

"Dissecting Hope?" Kiba muttered, his body shaking.

Just two days ago, he has made a commitment to balance his dreams and his responsibilities as a father.

The family portrait he took with Agatha flashed inside his mind: His hands wrapped around her belly from behind.

He remembered the sensation he felt from the child inside Agatha’s womb. The feeling of her life being a part of him.

He recalled the promise he has made to himself: To be a far better parent than his own parents who discarded him as a child.

He has sworn to protect his daughter till his final breath. This was a promise to his very soul and not just to Agatha.

But now...

"You want to dissect my daughter?!"

Kiba’s pupils dilated to the size of a needle as the gravity of Akshobhya’s words struck his soul. His heart skipped a beat while the emotions he was barely suppressing erupted like a volcano.


Golden ripples radiated out from Kiba. They clashed with the violet waves from Section IV.


The entire lab shook as the clash of two energy resulted in an explosion.

Kiba was in no mood to care about the damage or the plans he has set for facing Akshobhya. His mind was only filled with the fate of his child.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" Kiba’s expression twisted into that of a demon. In his eyes, there was nothing but a strong desire to slaughter.

Far high above in the sky, the morning sky was slowly replaced with dark clouds...


Let us rewind the time by five minutes and see the happenings at Atlantis where an important event was taking place. An event that will have terrifying consequences to the workings of the world in the near future.

The crystal temple.

Rhea was resting on the crystal throne, thinking about the future which she believed would happen around ten months from now.


Rhea’s eyes trembled with shock as she looked at her naked body with terror. The gray matter suppressed inside her has suddenly turned hostile.

"ARGHH!" Rhea released a blood-wrenching scream.

The gray matter was multiplying itself and in the span of milliseconds, her entire body turned into gray.

The gray matter was like a termite maliciously eating through her blood.

"W-what’s going on?!" Rhea felt hatred as deep as the ocean from the gray matter.

Ever since Rhea gave the memory crystal to Poseidon, she was not attacked by the gray matter again.

She believed as long as she didn’t share the secret of the future with anyone, the gray matter wouldn’t harm her. At least, she didn’t think it would attack her with such viciousness.

"URGHHH!" The gray matter moved inside the sclera of her eyes and soon covered her pupils...


At the same time in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle was home to the most dangerous life forbidden region on Earth.

Paradox Dimension!

Created in 1900 by the strange meteorites, Paradox Dimension has been an object of attraction to everyone on the planet.

It was a life forbidden zone for no one has ever come alive after going in the interior zones of the Paradox Dimension. Yet every year, countless people risk their lives and enter the dimension seeking a chance for power and longevity.

The entire Bermuda Triangle was filled with spatial and temporal cracks. Most people on Earth consider this region as the end of the world due to the spatial and time vortex.

The outer layer of the Bermuda Triangle was thousands of kilometers away from the interior zones. It was in the form of a black sea.

Currently, hundreds of battleships were sailing on the sea. More than half the ships belonged to the world government while the others belonged to revolutionaries and other factions.

In ordinary times, the government and revolutionaries would fight against each other but currently, they were battling for resources against alien creatures from spatial cracks.

If one can get their hands on a spatial crack in the outer layer of the Paradox Dimension, then one can get countless rare resources. Almost every spatial crack was joined with a resource-rich land.

Mutant fruits, herbs, minerals, etc. Nothing was rare here as long as one can survive the expedition.

From the battleships, giant robots leaped up to fight alien beasts while the ships proceed ahead to collect the bounties.

"If the outer layer is so rich imagine the interior zones," A Buddhist monk sitting inside a cabin said. He was watching the battle outside through a screen projection.

"Lord Kakusandha, surely our government would conquer the interior zone someday," The commanding officer said.

Lord Kakusandha! One of the councilmen from the world council!

"My heart has being been blinded by greed just like Ice Queen said," Lord Kakusandha gave a sigh, "But I truly wonder what is there inside the core zone of Paradox Dimension."

Ten thousand kilometers away from this ship was the inside zone of Paradox Dimension. The inside zone almost seemed infinite with no definite end.

The laws of the world flew in reverse and opposite to what was deemed possible. There were hundreds of thousands of creatures inside: Giants, Titans, Hydra, Angels, Chimera, Griffin, etc.

They each had their own area of influence in the zone and most times there would be a struggle against each other’s territory.

Wars were a common occurrence.

Yet there was one part of the zone where there was only peace and serenity. No creature ever dare step in there much less create trouble.

It was in the middle of the dimension in the form of a white castle!

The castle was enormous and made from elements unknown to both men and god. Strange blood-soaked chains bound the castle to the ground.

Somewhere inside the castle was a giant hall. The entrance of the hall was filled with skeletons of various races.

If Rhea was here, then she would easily identify them as the ruling races of her homeworld! i𝑛n𝓻ℯ𝘢𝒅. Com

The bones of the skeletons were shattered and decomposed, yet there was powerful aura radiating from them!

If one looks carefully, it was possible to see faint traces of life inside the skeletons! The skulls of these broken skeletons were silently gazing at the end of the hall!

A giant throne was placed at the end! The throne was strange for it was made from nothing but pure pitch darkness!

On the throne, a man was sitting with his head resting on his hand. It was impossible to see his facial features or even the color of hair or skin thanks to the darkness.

"Hmm?" The man seemed to be disturbed from his rest. He slowly opened his eyes and as he did, his vision passed through everything.


Suddenly, the interior zone was filled with mayhem. The land trembled and the sky twisted as if the doomsday has arrived.

The living beings from various races screamed in pain and agony as a powerful force passed through them.


Some of the weaker ones exploded into blood and gore.

In the outer layer, the battleships and giant robots suddenly stopped in their path. Even the alien beasts and humans were struck in midair t as a horrifying force came over them.


The metallic layers of the battleships and robots ripped apart. The weapons of mass destruction inside the ships lost their terrifying power and exploded like firecrackers.

Inside one of the ship, Lord Kakusandha coughed up blood while his internal organs dislocated from their original positions.

Blood was leaking from all his orifices and the blood flow inside him turned chaotic.

The commanding officer next to him exploded into pieces but Lord Kakusandha was in no mind to care about his death.

He suppressed the injuries inside him forcefully for he felt he was on verge of exploding.

A crack appeared on his forehead and it extended till his torso. Lord Kakusandha gritted his teeth and used all his power to stop the crack from expanding any further.

The chaotic force inside him disappeared and he breathed in relief knowing he has avoided death.

"W-what happened?" Lord Kakusandha rushed out of the sinking battleship.

His eyes were filled with terror as he saw the scene outside. All battleships were ripped into two and sinking in the sea.

As far as he could sense, there was no trace of any living being in the sea except for him.

Some creatures have exploded into blood and gore while the rest turned into a mist of blood.

"What is going on?" Lord Kakusandha felt himself under a vision which could destroy the entire world if it pleased.

He concluded, with great horror, that the deaths and destruction so far weren’t intentional. If the master of the vision truly willed it, he would have died as well.

"W-who is this supreme being?!" Lord Kakusandha’s entire body was soaked with cold sweat. For the first time in his life, he felt he was nothing more than an insect.

All the power and status he has gained with so many efforts proved futile under the gaze of some entity!

He didn’t dare contemplate just how strong the entity would be if the vision alone could create such destruction.

"Thank you for letting me live," Lord Kakunsandha lowered his head and muttered with deep reverence.

The vision, on the other hand, has a complete disregard for him like he was an ant not worthy of its attention.

The vision passed away from this region and instead, it went far away at a speed faster than that of light.

In no time the vision arrived inside the crystal temple at Atlantis.

Rhea’s entire body was engulfed with gray matter. She was like a gray statue struck on a crystal throne incapable of doing anything as the gray matter sucked on her bloodline.

"Don’t interfere where you are not needed," The man on the throne of darkness slowly said, "Remember your objective."


The next moment, the gray matter retraced from Rhea’s body. Her body regained its color while the gray matter once again lied dormant inside her.

"Ah!" Rhea sighed in relief.

Her body was pale and soaked with cold sweat after the close encounter with death. The energy from the blood crystals inside the temple moved to supplement her exhausted body.

"Why did the gray matter retraced? No! Why did it attack me so suddenly!?"

Rhea now completely believed her earlier conjecture of the future being more complex than she saw.

She thought of the golden-haired man who faced a giant existence due to some deep hatred, and then the final part where everything was gray.

She further recalled the gray man whose presence has made that giant existence ran for its life. Every single step of the gray man has carried out carnage in the city.

"What role does that existence have for me?" Rhea dreaded the future.

She has a premonition the gray matter would attack her again and the next time there would be no mercy.

The vision of the man on the throne moved away from her. It arrived at Delta City where dark clouds were slowly converging.

The vision passed by a cylindrical glass pod filled with blue liquid. The vision then briefly paused on on a large stasis capsule somewhere in the city.

The next moment, the vision moved on a woman speeding toward a villa. And finally, the vision arrived at an underground lab below the villa.

Inside the lab, a golden-haired man was standing in the midst of explosions with absolute madness in his eyes.

"Haah," The man on the throne of darkness deeply sighed, "It has started."

"The onslaught of reality."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 108 It Has Started Part II of II