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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 106 Psychic Hunter Part 3

Chapter 106 Psychic Hunter Part 3

Meanwhile, in the real world.

While Zed’s consciousness felt like years have passed during the attack of memories but in real life, only five minutes have passed since he fell on the floor.

Felicity sprinkled water on Zed’s face but there was no change. His eyes were still half open like he was conscious but not conscious.

She touched his forehead and the body temperature was far too high beyond normal body conditions.

"Just what is going on?" Felicity wiped the sweat from his face and looked at Jessica and Loren, "How long before the ambulance arrives?"

"Ten minutes," Jessica said, "But the academy doctors would be here in a minute or two."


"Watch out!"

The students scattered away as a red hovercraft rushed towards the cafeteria at a high speed.

The hovercraft arrived in front of Felicity in no time.

[[Lady Felicity, please put master inside the car]]

Claudia’s voice came from the car.

Felicity nodded her head and from the floor, vines sprouted which pushed Zed’s body on the back seat.

"I will come along---" Felicity didn’t even get time to complete her sentence as the car dashed away without waiting for her.

"Damn!" Felicity looked around and noticed a bike far away, "That bike better be as fast as the car."

The hovercraft ran at its top speed ignoring all rules. Claudia couldn’t understand how things turned so worse in such a short time.

The main investigation team has arrived in the city some ten hours ago, and now this state of her master. She wondered if the team was responsible for her master’s condition.


In the world of blue, Zed’s consciousness entered another memory fragment.

Eighteen years old.

"You all are getting a chance to be recorded in the history," A white-haired man with glasses loudly said, "So join me in a journey which would change the destiny of the world."

The white-haired man was standing in front of a gathering of slum dwellers. At the corner of the gathering, there were twenty men with laser guns in their hands aimed at slum dwellers.

"The entire order of the world would change after our exploration completes," The white-haired man continued, " Every single of you would be remembered as heroes who changed the world for better."

"Castor Damon?!" Akshobhya was startled. So far he has never commented during the memory play but this time he was shocked.

He has heard about the disappearance of Castor Damon while seeking something special. Then he remembered the recent activities by the government and other organizations. He further recalled the location where the kid was located.

"Wasn’t it said that every slum dweller who worked for Castor Damon died?!" Akshobhya’s consciousness was contemplating when the world of the blue started trembling.

"WHAT?!" Akshobhya was shocked. The memory fragments started dissipating and a new memory fragment came in the picture, "What is going on?!"

"Hey, cocksucker," Zed’s consciousness muttered, "Wanna see something truly horrifying?"

"How did you changed the memory?!" Akshobhya’s voice ringed inside the world of blue.

"Isn’t that easy?" Zed asked, "You are using my consciousness to bring out my memories. So how hard could it be to change the order of memories?"

"That should be impossible!" Akshobhya said, "The pain would kill you."

"Asslicker, what you have made me feel wasn’t even 1% of the pain I felt back then," Zed’s consciousness was laughing, "It is just that the last four years have made me too soft."

"What are you talking about?" Akshobhya was in no mood to care about the foul language of the kid.

"Why don’t you see for yourself, dickless scum?"

The new memory fragment started playing in the world of blue. When Akshobhya saw the scenes, his entire consciousness started trembling.

"What is that?!" Akshobhya saw a world in which there was nothing but menacing darkness. From time to time there would be golden and gray particles glittering inside.

The golden particles looked like galaxies but there was something eerie about them. The gray particles looked like the primal chaos at the birth of the universe, but there was something dreadful about them.

Even though this was just a memory, Akshobhya felt a chill down his spine in his body back at the monastery. Without even realizing it, his entire body was soaked with cold sweat.

The darkness was like an ominous existence corrupting everything. Akshobhya felt his consciousness would be ripped apart if this scene continued for another second.

"Don’t chicken out just yet," Zed’s voice was faint for the pain he felt was far too worse, "This scene pales in comparison to what you are about to see."

Akshobhya couldn’t fathom what type of existence could create such dreadness just from memories. Judging from the kid’s words there were even worse scenes.

He didn’t dare watch any longer so he forcefully severed the connection with the memory fragment.

"Now!" Zed’s consciousness took advantage of the temporary disturbance in the world of blue to return to his body.

Zed opened his eyes fully in the back seat of the car.


"AARGH!" Zed started screaming away the next moment. Akshobhya was a powerful psychic and he was able to regain control in no moment.

"Claudia...i....can’t....concentrate," Zed muttered the words forcefully before his consciousness returned to the world of blue.

"Kid, you tricked me for a moment but it is useless," Akshobhya felt insulted to be tricked by a child.

He was a reputed Psychic Hunter revered around the world but yet a child made him feel afraid?!

"Maybe not," Zed’s consciousness’ replied.



In the real world.


Claudia realized her master’s predicament. From the body signals and the words Zed muttered just now, she understood he was being attacked by a Psychic Hunter.

[[There are two ways for the master to transform into his other form. One is to send out his Will inside the Cosmic Spark but this requires focus. It is impossible for now.]]

[[The other way is his instincts to replace the Will when he is in danger. But now this half-consciousness state and the mental attack has stopped his instincts from taking control over.]]

The instincts of the body could be overpowered by the conscious state. Like how instincts act when one shoves their hand inside the fire. The instinct would make one drag away their hand back. But if one wants, then one can forcefully overpower the instinct and continue to push their hand in the fire.

Zed’s survival instincts were suppressed basically due to two reasons. Firstly, he wasn’t completely unconscious and secondly; the psychic attack fooled his body instincts into thinking there was no real danger from the current state of Zed’s brain.

Claudia knew she has to make his instincts take over him. The only way to create such a situation was by creating real life and death crisis.

The moment his survival instincts take over, they would establish a contact with Cosmic Spark inside him.

[[Activating Level III EMP waves]]

The car was dashing on the highway filled with security cameras. The highway was reserved for the rich so the traffic was very low but there were still people around.

To avoid future troubles, Claudia released EMP waves from the car. All security cameras, cell phones, and any other recording device in 2 km radius started malfunctioning.

[[Now activating self-destruction of the car]]

The engine of the car started heating beyond its safety limit while sparks were artificially created in the fuel tank. The hidden weapons inside the car also started malfunctioning.


A loud explosion reverberated throughout the highway. Far away, Felicity was speeding in a bike when she suddenly saw a car bouncing in air engulfed by flame.

"Zed!" Felicity gritted her teeth and increased the speed of the bike

The hovercar was shredded apart as it fell on the road. At the backseat, there was a mutilated body engulfed by the flame of the explosion.

"Urgh!" Suddenly the disfigured body opened its eyes. Inside the blue pupils, a tinge of gold was replacing the blue.


A large column of fire shot in the sky with unbelievably high speed. The destroyed car ripped apart in fragments after the column of fire left from the backseat.

Some distance away, Felicity saw a column of fire dashing away in the sky like a beam of light.

"He is alive!" Felicity sighed in relief but she didn’t lower the speed of the bike.

Inside the large column of fire dashing high in the sky, a new skin was formed on the disfigured body. The tinge of gold has completely replaced half the blue in both pupils.


The column of fire ripped apart in all directions to reveal a man with golden hairs.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 106 Psychic Hunter Part 3