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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter 100 Going Back on Words Part III

Chapter 100 Going Back on Words Part III

Zed was standing in front of his car with a look of regret on his face. A few steps from him, Finlay was lying on the road unconscious.

Finlay’s body was scorched black with smoke coming out of his flesh. He was a tragic sight to behold especially when one looks over at the lower part of his body.

"Truly people don’t appreciate kindness in today’s age," Zed said with a deep sigh.

Some distance away, Finlay’s five friends were struck on the track. None of them wanted to take a single step ahead and face Zed.

What truly horrified them more than Zed’s action was his words. He was acting as if he has actually shown kindness!

"He ruined Finlay and now is saying that he tried to show kindness?" Sieur asked. He believed he has made a wise decision by refusing the orders of going ahead to face such a monster.

"Poor Finlay can’t father any children in his life! Yet that man is pretending he was being kind!" Another of the five muttered.

"How despicable!" Said a man named Rony who was the vice leader of the gang. He was the one who tried to order Sieur to face Zed but failed.

"Hmm?" Zed heard their voice so he turned towards them and said," Despicable?"

"Yes!" Rony gritted his teeth and said, "You didn’t have to be so cruel to Finlay."

"That’s a funny thing to say," Zed said with a slight laugh, "He was aiming at my face with stone hammers, and now you are saying I was being cruel?"

"You crippled him for life!" Rony reminded. Face injuries can be cured and so can limb injuries with cloning but the jewels were different!

The more sensitive and complex are the organs the more is the difficulty of cloning them. Not to mention the cost involved would be something impossible for a gang like them to afford.

"You can attack but when the opponent injures you, you cry foul," Zed stepped towards the five men as he continued, "The funny part is that almost everyone shares this logic."

Rony gripped his fists and they were covered with green light.

"Oh? You wish to fight?" Zed was amused. He didn’t really need to rely on his other form to handle such opponents.

In the last four years after gaining Cosmic Spark, he has trained his innate fire ability to the limits of his age.

He was able to understand the concept of Domain and other skills easily thanks to his Kiba form’s cosmic powers. He used the knowledge from his cosmic form and applied it in his Zed form.

Plus he also had access to the best nutritious food out in the market. This made sure he was in the best condition to master his innate ability. All these factors combined made him very powerful for his age.

In this world, there were people who were more powerful than him at the same age but that was due to using of supplements and genetic experiments. Zed could use the same things to achieve more strength but he didn’t.

It wasn’t due to side effects suffered by the experiments and drugs. He has enough skills in genetics to make sure he doesn’t suffer from negative consequences.

The reason was Cosmic Spark inside him. Every time he uses Cosmic Spark, the cosmic power would transform his body into Kiba form.

During the transformation process, all forms of injuries suffered by Zed would be healed along with the recovery of stamina as long as they were within the limits of Kiba.

Not only this, the cosmic power would remove the presence of foreign agents from the body. This foreign sources included infectious virus, supplementary drugs and even the power from genetic experiments.

To be precise, this was done by the immune system of the body which has the role of resisting foreign sources in the body.

The immune system of Zed could be tricked or overpowered in accepting foreign sources. But the same didn’t apply to the enhanced immune system of Kiba.

As far as Zed was concerned, this was a double-edged sword. He couldn’t rely on genetic or dugs for a permanent increase in power.

On the other hand, this ensured he doesn’t have to worry if he was affected by a virus or poison as long as it was within the limits of his cosmic form.


A large vertical column of fire wrapped Zed’s body.

"Shall we start?" Zed asked. Even without him doing anything, the radiation of heat waves was spreading all around.


Rony covered his face with a hand. The ripples of heatwaves were making it hard for him to open the eyes.

"Dammit," Rony was feeling the situation was unfair.

"His aura is more powerful than before," Suir muttered in disbelief, "He didn’t use his full powers during the fight with the boss!?"

"Fuck! This kid is a monster!" The others joined in to curse.

"Like being rich wasn’t enough he is even powerful!"

"There is no fairness in this world!"

Far away, the four fools shouted in horror. Their legs were severed and they were in no condition to move.

"Urgh!" The raging heatwaves were burning their skin.


"Eh?" Percy opened his eyes after feeling the heatwaves reducing. He was sure someone has come to rescue him but then he looked around and there was no one.

He then looked far away and saw Zed smiling at their direction.

"Apologies," Zed loudly said, "I wasn’t able to handle my power properly earlier so accept my apologies."


The fools cursed in their hearts. They could see Loren and Jessica were completely fine even though they were closer to Zed.

Even there was no damage to the car!

So how can the ripples affect them this far away?!

It was intentional!

"Are you going to join as well?" Zed asked Kaden who has barely recovered from the earlier attack. The help of four gang members has cleared the fire from his body but he was in no condition to battle.

Kaden’s veins were popping out by the attitude of Zed. He was told Zed was strong but not to this extent.

"I guess not," Zed then turned his face towards Rony, "Sorry for the wait."

The vertical column of the fire around Zed started opening up like a folded paper. From a column, it was changing to a curtain surrounding the entire area.

Rony and the other four despaired as the entire area was wrapped up in a curtain of fire. Whether it was the sky or the surrounding, there was only fire!

Even the road surface was covered with fire! No sign of vegetation or the night sky!

A world of fire!

"Domain!" Sieur’s eyes were wide open in disbelief.


The air was trembling by the heat waves. Even the breathing turned rugged as the domain completed its manifestation.

Rony’s legs were covered by green light as he jumped high from the ground. Inside his heart, he complained of hardship.

Only five of them were inside the domain while others of their gang were not! He felt it was wrong! All of them should suffer together!

"Break the domain otherwise we all are dead!" Rony shouted clearing his thoughts.

"Dead?" Zed’s voice entered his ears, "You can rest assured you will live."

Rony felt a chill down his spine. He turned around and saw an arc of fire coming towards him in the mid-air.

Rony brought his fists together and then punched towards the arc of fire.


His punch carried a green energy ripple powerful to destroy a building block but against the arc of fire, it proved useless.

The green ripple was destroyed and the arc of fire moved forward towards Rony.

"It is due to the domain!" Rony cursed. Small green steps formed in the mid-air and he jumped on them to avoid the arc of fire.


"No way!" Rony looked at the fire wrapped dome. From the dome, rain of fire started dripping down on him.

Rony collided his fists and a green barrier surrounded him.

"Well done," Zed said, "Shall we increase a level?"

"He is playing with me!" Rony gritted his teeth in annoyance. He was using all his energy to stay in the air to save himself from the fire below and above.


Rony was startled by a sudden shriek. He looked below and saw two of his friends impaled by dozens of fire spears.

The fire on the ground didn’t burn them, as if intentional, but the fire spears were corroding their body like acid. 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

"He has avoided their vitals to make sure they survive but the pain!" Rony muttered.

"Rony!" Sieur shouted from the ground. He has wrapped himself with hundreds of bones to prevent the attack of fire but even the bones were showing sign of worn out.

"Sieur! Join me!" Rony suggested loudly, "We can destroy this domain!"

"You are scaring me by using such terrifying words," Zed said with a smile.

Followed by Zed’s voice, large spears of fire started manifesting from the ground and dome aimed at Rony and Sieur.

"Son of a bitch!" Rony cursed as the barrier around him came under the onslaught of fire spears.


Jessica and Loren were standing next to the car. Some steps away was the curtain of fire.

"Is it a domain?" Loren asked.

"Yes," Jessica nodded. She couldn’t see what was going inside the curtain, but she knew Zed was safe as long as the domain was intact.

"Fuck!" Kaden was raging some hundred meters away. He felt helpless to see his subordinates inside the domain and not knowing their situation.

"Boss, we should capture those girls," One of the four subordinates suggested.

"Good idea!" Kaden’s eyes lightened up, "We can use those them as hostages!"

The next moment, the five of them dashed towards Jessica and Loren.

"Leaving two beautiful girls alone? " Kaden said with a smirk, "Your boyfriend is truly foolish."

Jessica and Loren ignored his words and readied themselves to fight.

"Haha!" Kaden was just fifty meters away and he was delighted because he was sure the girls couldn’t be as devilish as Zed.

"Jessica, get ready!" Loren muttered.

"Yes!" Jessica was ready to use her new ability for the first time in real life combat.

"Don’t fight and you can save yourself from some pain!" Kaden and others were just twenty meters away.


"Eh?" Jessica, Loren, Kaden, and others were startled by the sound of the engine.

The car activated and without any warning, it rushed off towards incoming Kaden and team.

"What?" Kaden was shocked by the speed of the car.

There is another person?!

"Ahhh!" They didn’t even get time to dodge as the car’s bumper collided against them.

Kaden and the others bounced back a few meters coughing up blood. The car stopped at the same place which gave them some hope.

"I will rip apart the bastard running the car," One of Kaden’s subordinates said as he stood up from the ground.


The car dashed again and with a much greater speed.

"N-Noo!" The subordinate cried in horror as the car collided against him while ignoring the rest. All his bones were shattered by the collision.

Behind, Jessica and Loren looked at each other in blank dismay.

"Who is running the car?" Loren asked.

"I don’t know," Jessica answered, "But whoever it is sure doesn’t like to be insulted."

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 100 Going Back on Words Part III