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The Sinful Life of The Emperor
Chapter -1 Glossary - Characters

Chapter -1 Glossary - Characters



Kiba/Zed : The protagonist of the series. He is one of the most powerful characters in the storyline so far. He firmly believes in enjoying life to fullest instead of wasting it on seeking immortality and strength.

His greatest dream is to turn every man (with a beautiful wife) into a cuckold...

For ensuring every gorgeous woman is appreciated and happy, and also to reduce the burden of men, Kiba spent a fortune to found philanthropical organizations like Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd, Maiden Love Circle, Mistress’ Massage Center, and more.

Sadly, his noble intentions to please women and help men are often misunderstood by orthodox society. As such, the world calls him shameless, sadist, evil villain and so on. Thankfully, this doesn’t stop him from pursuing Holy Mission.

Claudia : An Artifical Intelligence who manages Dream Rise House 2 and the underground facilities including a high-tech genetic lab.

Hank Webley : Owner of White Angel Corporation. He is fascinated with eternal life. On his request, Kiba steals minerals containing Divine Particles from a team working for Sky Fiend Group. After studying the particles, Hank concludes Sky Fiend Group has the technology to retrieve the particles in a free state. He tries to recruit Kiba for a planned heist on Sky Fiend Group, and when Kiba refuses, the two have a fallout.

Evangelina "Eva" Webley : Daughter of Hank Webley and sister of Jack. Eva works in the family run White Angel Corporation. She comes as soft, well-spoken. naive and innocent woman. Unknown to the world, this is just a facade to hide her sly personality. She has a secret relationship with Kiba.

Jack Webley : Son of Hank. The heir to the corporation.

Richard : A high-ranking member of White Angel Corporation. The ex-fiance of Eva. He believes she is a very conservative woman.

Carole : Secteray to Hanks and a very influential member of the corporation. She had promised Kiba a date but was forced to postpone due to preparations for an upcoming mission.

Agatha : As a child, she came in contact with a cosmic particle due to which she carries a trace of cosmic power. She had a brief relationship with Kiba (before the start of the novel) by which she became pregnant with his daughter.

Felicity : The top student of Royal Heart Academy. She is the only daughter of Senator Patrick Weisz and Kyla and the younger sister of Cleo.

Felicity is the best friend of Zed. She treats him as an annoying younger brother. As a responsible sister, she ensures he has plenty of thrills in his life. She has asked "Kiba" to teach "Zed" about the right way to live i.e. by seeking danger. She wishes to visit the Paradox Dimension as soon as her brother grows up. Her bloodline has a connection with Everlasting Crown.

Jessica : A scholarship student from a humble background. She believed her healing ability was useless until she met Zed and Felicity. She has a crush on Zed.

Loren : A transfer student. Daughter of Suzane and Morgan. Sister of Olly.

Olly : The Good Son of Suzane and Morgan. Brother of Loren.

Suzane : The good wife of Morgan. She loves her husband but has to rely on Kiba to satisfy her body needs.

Morgan: A high-ranking investigator sent by World Government to Delta City to investigate a phenomenon. He is married to Suzane and unaware of her affair thanks to his good son.

Ryan : Instructor at Royal Heart Academy. A frequent customer of famous Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd.

Emily : An investigator sent by World Government to Delta City. While investigating the missing Lisa Ray, she meets Kiba and has a brief fling with him. She leaves the city soon after nanite explosions.

Daniel: The owner of SBC News. He is fully devoted to his wife and their two children. To increase TRP, he runs a piece of news on the affair between Kiba and Agatha. As a reward, Kiba makes him a Good Husband .

Sarah : Daniel’s wife. It was her who acquired the story on Kiba’s affair with Agatha. Ultimately, she is Manipulated by Kiba into stepping out of the marriage and have a relationship with him. Shortly, she reconciled with Daniel but she continued to be a good wife in secret, unknown to her lucky husband.

Natalie : CEO of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd. She is also the host in the holographic projection stored in business cards.

Chole: A cousin of Natalie who works under her.

Rose Windsor : The fictional mother of Kiba whose grave he sometimes uses as a part of seduction.

Erone : A devotee of Lord Kiba. He founds Wife Hunter Society.

Elissa : A slum dweller who was acquainted with Zed when he lived in the slums. She prayed for a world with no inequality. Before being sold by her mistress, she has a meeting with Zed and promises to help him in leaving slums if she becomes successful.

Irina : Leader of Soaring Sky Gang. She ran into a conflict with Zed due to Jessica.

Monto : Younger brother of Irina who offended Zed.

Owain : Temporary principle of Royal Heart Academy. He is fired from the academy due to Zed.

Floyd Preston : Chairman of governing council presiding over Royal Heart Academy. He dreads Zed.

Castor Damon : A rank XI scientist from World Government who researched meteorites responsible for the era of evolution. Years ago, he forced Zed and hundreds of others from the slums to participate in an expedition to BSE79.

Sylvan: The chief supervising officer of Delta City. He reports directly to World Government.


Rhea : The Holy Seer. She arrived on Earth as an egg from Celestial Elysian Plane. Her bloodline originates from Lords of Time. She often uses her abilities to gaze in the future, but her latest use resulted in disastrous consequences as she became infected with mysterious gray matter.

Poseidon : King of Atlantis and a member of the World Council. Husband of Anthea and father of Melina.

Anthea : Queen of Atlantis and mother of Melina.

Melina : The teenage daughter of Poseidon and Anthea. Believed to be the future of Atlantis.

House of Hestia 4

Lord Harley : The current head of the family. He represents the family in the world council.

Rebecca : A high-ranking member of the family. She holds a grudge against the family due to their role in Solitary Snow Island conflict but she is still devoted. From the last two decades, she is searching for her missing son.

Kurtis : Husband of Rebecca. He spends a fortune to hire Akshobhya to kill the bastard of Rebecca.

Steve : The son of Rebecca and Kurtis.

Kirstie : The daughter of Rebecca and Kurtis. Born with serious innate defects, she is under continuous medical care.

House of Parcae

Alice : A teenage girl who discovers a breach in time at Delta City. She finds her fate interlinked with Zed.

Marina : Years ago, when Zed was eleven years old, she met him outside a charity gala. Zed begged her and her brothers for food but her brother (Osiris) kicked him. For amusement purpose, she checked his Strings of Fate and the resulting observation horrified her.

House of Neville

Sophia : An eighteen-year-old girl. During her trip to Desolate Blood Forest, she encounters Kiba in a lake when she was taking a bath. He gives her the nickname of young pervert when she tries to chide him. Offended, she swore to punish the shameless villain. She has shown power to summon false Life & Death Gate.

House of Eleanor

Hana: A middle-aged woman who is a high-ranking member of the family. She promised Patrick (Felicity’s father) many rewards for handing one of the jewels of Everlasting Crown. 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

Lizenea 5

Count Viper: A high-level officer in Lizenea. The nanite blasts in Delta City were carried out under his command.

Alina: A young girl in her early twenties. She is disillusioned from the state of affairs in her country.

Elder Cagres: Member of High Council governing the country.

Elder Japhire: Member of High Council governing the country.

Dharma Chakra (Affiliated Characters)

Akshobhya : A reputed Psychic Hunter who possesses treasures from Celestial Elysian Plane. He runs Mahayana Dhyana Monastery in the State of Avalon; affiliated to Dharma Chakra. As part of his deal with Kurtis, he tries to put Zed into a permanent coma but fails. His body and consciousness have decayed and he now lives a life far worse than death...

Asahi : The second-in-command of Mahayana Dhyana Monastery. He takes command of things after Akshobhya enters into a vegetative state.

Desolate Blood Forest (Characters Introduced)

Ruby : A resident of Deles City. She arrived in the forest along with her group for the purpose of human trafficking. Her group split into teams, and the group lead by her encountered Kiba. Much to her horror, the encounter leaves her with no choice but to become his slave. Later on, she regroups with her other team members on Kiba’s orders.

Ashlyn Garcia : The breath-taking twenty-one years old who is also known as Nutcracking Queen. Despite her silent and cold personality, she always returns the favors. She teams up with Kiba in the forest. She is one of the Cursed Ones - the ones whom the era of evolution didn’t deem worthy.

Hollie / Mirage Thief : Thanks to her super speed, she is uncatchable. A few years ago, she stole an ancient scroll from World Heritage Museum. She teased Kiba with her soft, tempting pillows before stealing his bracelet.

Pythia: A mutant with powers of time. She has a Legacy Orb related to the secrets of immortality.

Denisa : A member of Cult of Asteria. She has a one night stand with Kiba during their stay in Garrick Angel Inn.

Fiona : A member of an aristocrat family. Her team is eradicated by Kiba when they try to capture a Red Tiger. She doesn’t mind the loss and forms a deal with him. As part of the deal, from shadows, she will entice people in the forest to enter the core region. She has abilities related to light.

Byron : A human trafficker from Deles City. He sees Kiba as a treasure mine thanks to his high genetic potential. He is proud of Ruby for ’seducing’ Kiba and has hopes of overpowering him in the core region of the forest using Pond of Lust.

Cindy : A subordinate of Byron.

Issac Piers : A mercenary.

Shane : A member of an aristocrat family.

Roy : A member of an aristocrat family.

Anya : An adventurist from Landmoire City. Wife of Baird. She is saved by Kiba when he shares his body heat with her.

Baird : Husband of Anya. He first-hand experience what it feels like to have nuts cracked.

Jane : Wife of Morales who was rescued from Iceblood Flower by Kiba. She witnesses the heat transfer process between Kiba and Anya.

Morales : Husband of Jane. He promised to allow her to experience the massage service of famous Mistress’ Massage Center in Delta City.

Five Dark Stars 6

Konnor Gardner

Anamari e: Prehensile Hair

Mendel Stoke

Myiesha Notch : Molecular Manipulation

Harith Notch : The scariest of Five Dark Stars.

World Council 7

Mason Maxwell : President of World Government. Unknown to masses, he is just a figure-head of the supposedly democratic government. The true power is with 15 members of the council.

Lord Elliot

Lord Kakusandha

Lord Lewis

Ice Queen : Ruler of Eden - An island of women. Located somewhere in Eastern Hemisphere. The city serves as the main setting for Volume 1 and a better part of Volume 2. A luxurious villa owned by Zed - the alter ego of Kiba. The power center of the sea race. It has existed long before the era of evolution began The strongest of the Nine Aristocratic Families. Founded by Soverigness Hestia. The main branch of family lives in State of Avalon. The only independent human country - free from the rule of world government. It serves as a home to the revolutionaries who wish to liberate the world. The main organizers of The Fair The highest decision-making body of the World Government consisting of 15 members. Nine members are from nine aristocrat families while the other six members are superpowerful mutants.

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The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter -1 Glossary - Characters