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The rise of the pervert primordial
Chapter 9 Punishment & Hatred (Edited)

While Karla was attending her son, Isaac gritted his teeth and asked to the servants what happened, the servants didn't dare to say anything as they looked towards Alice's direction.

"Was this caused by you?" said Isaac in a profound voice.

Alice then proceeded to tell all the presents her story, as she were progressing Isaac's face turned black.

This son of him was stupid enough to go and provoke the only girl he shouldn't, but on the other hand he was his only "recognized" son, so he had to ask for an explanation.

Karla heard that Alice was the one to hurt her son, so she immediately tried to move and attack her but her way was blocked.

Aster was standing in front of his sister with a sharp look on his eyes.

"Don't you feel ashamed as a senior trying to attack someone from the younger generation you old witch... not only that but the one who you tried to hurt is my dear sister who I treasure more than my life!!!".

Karla didn't pay attention to Aster words as she was lost in his eyes, for a short moment Aster's eyes turned golden and she felt as if her soul was pierced by a sword, she tried with all her might but she couldn't move her body, what she was feeling is the same as when an animal is locked by a predator… an uncontrollable fear deep in her bones.

"This doesn't make sense I'm at the low stage of the star formation realm so why am I afraid of a little kid on the nascent soul realm?" thought Karla while she unconsciously took a few steps back.

Seeing her son standing still in front of her daughter even when he knew he was no match for Karla, Lilia was pleased as she remembered that when she was younger back in her clan there were people that did not hesitate to sacrifice their family members at the slightest sign of danger.

She took a few steps ahead to stand in front of her children.

"Well said darling ?, let mommy take care of this situation", said Lilia with a smile on her beautiful lips.

Then her expression became cold as winter when she turned directly to Isaac while ignoring Karla.

"Isaac, I remember telling you to don't let anyone be near me or my children, so how will you plan to compensate my daughter for this?".

Karla immediately exploded.

"What are you saying!!!, are you crazy, the one that should compensate is that little bit" …

Karla couldn't continue with her tantrum, the whole corridor trembled and she suddenly fell to the ground due to Lilia's spiritual pressure, she felt as if a rock was about to crush her body.

"Shut up you slut", she said.

Isaac saw that everything was going south so he clenched his fists and said in a hurry.

"Valentine will be confined to his room for one year, the resources he usually receives will be cut in a half and they will be handed to your daughter during the period of his punishment, is that enough to you?".

Lilia was too lazy to fight over the resources the Wolfstein family could provide, she only wanted to make one thing clear, "don't mess with my children", she nodded before turning around.

"Alice, Aster lets go back to my room", she said while leaving the corridor followed by them.

When Isaac saw her leaving, he let out a little sigh of relief, he helped Karla to stand and sent her a spiritual transmission that only she could hear.

"Don't believe that I don't know you were the one that told Valentine to approach that girl, what the hell were you thinking, I told you to don't mess with them and you dared to go against my words!!!".

Karla had an aggrieved expression when she answered.

"But husband our son wanted that girl to be his first wife, he never asked me for anything before so how could I deny his only wish, that little bitch should be honored that Valentine showed interest in her".

Seeing that Karla didn't understand that what she did almost cost him his life, he slapped her in the face and with a vein almost bursting on his forehead he said in a ruthless tone.

"Seems like I have spoiled you too much!!! so now you think you can go against me, take Valentine to the infirmary so his wounds get treated and then go to your room we will continue this discussion later".

After everyone left, Isaac was standing there alone with a calm expression but, he had a deep burning hatred in his heart while he thought.

"How dares that woman humiliate me in front of everyone, just you wait Lilia once I get that thing from the Rein family, I would make you scream under me, then I will give that precious daughter of yours to my son as his plaything … as for that boy he is too dangerous to be kept alive he will die by my hands after I let him see me playing with you".

Unfortunately for him, while Aster was walking to Lilia's room his eyes were dead serious, he could read Isaac's intentions towards his mother, so in his eyes that man only had one possible result… death.

"Today I had to depend on mom to defend Alice, but it won't repeat, I will become stronger and protect both of them... I had to die to finally know the warmness of a family, I won't allow anyone take away my precious family from me", he thought.

Without him noticing the golden sword in his mind suddenly lit up, a big amount of golden light was being radiated by it.

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The rise of the pervert primordial Chapter 9 Punishment & Hatred (Edited)