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The Righteous Player(s)
Chapter 587: Overcoming The Dungeon Level With Husky

Chapter 587: Overcoming The Dungeon Level With Husky

“Don’t panic. I’m here to help you.”

It seemed like the two streamers in the nightmare dungeon instance were too irritating, and Benjamin couldn’t help but assisted in the voice of a wise old man, “This nightmare is built with ‘mirrors’ as the core. So you only need to find the symmetrical objects for each layer. Then, you can enter the next level.”

Annan couldn’t help but chuckle, “You make a move in the end.”

Annan wasn’t speaking to Benjamin Pope.

He was talking to “the Man in the Mirror” behind Benjamin Pope through Benjamin.

With the Man in the Mirror and Benjamin staying together, since Benjamin chose to give the answer directly, it meant that the Man in the Mirror decided to make a move.

The Man in the Mirror didn’t destroy this nightmare, nor did He let Benjamin enter the nightmare to fight against Tragedy Writer.

After Annan and the players decrypted the dungeon’s truth to this level, it did not matter if the Man in the Mirror answered in advance. The players would arrive at this step sooner or later.

With the script’s direction established, the Man in the Mirror’s involvement was accelerating the process instead of ruining the dungeon.

However, if the Main in the Mirror did not participate, the players could still overcome the level. Then, why did He decide to make a move at this time?

The answer was straightforward.

That was to make the players more confident.

It was like when faced with a large number of similar questions, the sample questions with answers were first presented.

“I see.” Delicious Wind Goose also reacted, “The purpose of this ritual is to steal the power of the Man in the Mirror, involving deities in this nightmare. Therefore, Tragedy Writer can’t provide help during the construction phase of the nightmare… It’s just like the Man in the Mirror will not attack the nightmare directly.”

Annan added, “Then, He can only rely entirely on the power of the Man in the Mirror to construct the nightmare!”

The rules of this nightmare were different from the “Sporeggar Mill”. It was also different from “the dream within a dream” and “gallery”, which had multiple rules due to real-time interference by high-ranking people.

The nightmare was still very complex though.

However, the rules throughout the nightmare were consistent!

Hearing this, Thirteenth Fragrance breathed a sigh of relief.

He understood his situation now.

“—This is a dungeon instance focused on puzzle-solving entirely.”

As long as he and Husky could find key information and guess the general direction, Benjamin could offer remote assistance.

Then, He would help Thirteenth Fragrance and Husky decrypt the ritual through the bullet text sent by Delicious Wind Goose.

Although Thirteenth Fragrance and Husky had absolutely no ritualist knowledge, it would be fine if they just followed suit.

“Isn’t this the kind of decryption game that can be cleared by blindly clicking on the screen and trying everything one by one?”

Husky raised his doubts.

Thirteenth Fragrance said angrily, “That’s because it’s me who is cracking the head!”

“You aren’t thinking at all. Of course, you think it’s easy!”

“I’m just too lazy to move, and I’m not a fool.”

Huskie said frankly, “Having one person to do the thinking is enough. I’m an energy conservationist.”

“…Sometimes I get the feeling that you’re pretty laid-back. You’ve got a brain, but you don’t use it when you’re out and about. It’s a laid-back feeling.”

“Hey, you can’t say that.”

Facing Thirteenth Fragrance’s ridicule, Husky smiled without changing his face, “I know what you said. However, when I am with you, I can stop using my brain. It shows that I trust you, right? When a person lives alone, he always uses his brain well.”

“Come on, when have you ever lived by yourself?”

Thirteenth Fragrance sneered and explained to the other players, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. This person hired a housekeeper at home.”

“I’m not talking nonsense!”

Husky yelled, “I did live alone!”


Thirteenth Fragrancehehe smiled, “How much is a pound of potatoes?”


“Potatoes. Don’t you buy groceries for your own living? Answer me for celery, tomatoes, eggs, or anything relevant.”

Hearing this, Husky fell silent.

He was silent for a long time, and his voice was much lower, “Isn’t it about 10 dollars per dozen of eggs?”

[TN: 110 Yuan.]

Thirteenth Fragrance was even taken aback.

“What the hell? I thought you could make up a number, but I didn’t think you could make up a number that’s so outrageous.”

Thirteenth Fragrance sighed.

Husky became angry from embarrassment, “I clearly remember that it’s about this number… Oh, it’s so annoying. Let’s get to work! Go to Room 206!”

After finding the correct location and preparing to get to the next level of the nightmare, there was no need to take the rest.

In line with the idea of ??not wasting food, Husky finished the food and drinks. He burped and followed Thirteenth Fragrance to Room 206.

Thirteenth Fragrance’s expression was complicated.

Before he and Husky graduated from college, they often slept together in Internet cafes or e-sports hotels. They even squeezed through the same sofa at work…

However, when he was sleeping outside with that beautiful white-haired girl, he was a little cautious and a little nervous. Even if he knew that his brother was in the shell of the girl, people judged people by their appearance.

Thirteenth Fragrance, who had thin arms and thin legs, felt intimidated in the face of the “Justice” played by Husky.

He was worried about what would happen if he didn’t fall asleep, and then Husky rolled over and crushed him to death while sleeping soundly.

Damn it. Other people, who keep dogs, worry about whether they will crush their huskies when they fall asleep. What I’m worried about is whether Husky will crush me to death if he falls asleep.

Justice’s arm was several times thicker than the thigh. Thirteenth Fragrance even suspected that if he punched Husky and Husky took the hit with the neck, his hand bones might be broken; if Husky stretched out his hand in his sleep, he might punch Thirteenth Fragrance’s head out.

After Thirteenth Fragrance went out, he saw six doors lying quietly on the ground.

Only the door next door was intact.

However, there was a two-meter-high hole broken in the wall next door.

Thirteenth Fragrance gasped, feeling like he had done a great job of contributing to global warming.

“—Live well. Take care!”

“—Thirteenth Fragrance: Sorry to interrupt, I was wrong (enlarged pupil).”

“—This manhole is fucking outrageous.”

“—This is very scary.”

Seeing Thirteenth Fragrance was taken aback, the other players, who were not serious about watching the excitement, burst into laughter.

Thirteenth Fragrance swallowed and said to Husky earnestly, “I remembered these doors.”

“Are you on the same birthday as the master?”

“The Master? Newton?”

When Husky heard this, he thought for a while, “What? I remember you said it before.”

When Husky said this, he turned his head. He smiled and said, “Why? Are you trying to praise me? Is the method of tearing down these doors particular and in line with physics? My physics grades are not bad.”

“No, I just mean your physical attack power is quite high.”

Thirteenth Fragrance said calmly.

Husky smiled suddenly.

“It’s so annoying! Don’t talk about it. Let’s head to the next level of the nightmare!”

Husky grabbed Thirteenth Fragrance’s right arm and dragged Thirteenth Fragrance staggeringly to Room 206 like a jailer.

Fortunately, the “dream murder” that Thirteenth Fragrance worried about did not happen.

The moment they sat on the bed in Room 206, Thirteenth Fragrance felt a trance.

The moment he opened his eyes again, Thirteenth Fragrance felt the bed beneath him turn into a chair. He was sitting by the table.

Is this the second layer of the nightmare?

Thirteenth Fragrance glanced at his mission.

[Main mission: Returning to the real history.]

[Break out of the third dream (Completed).]

[Break out of the second dream.]

[Break out of the first dream.]

So, did we just complete one-third of the dungeon?

That’s it?

It seems like this nightmare is not so terrifying.

Thirteenth Fragrance suddenly gained confidence.

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The Righteous Player(s) Chapter 587: Overcoming The Dungeon Level With Husky