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The Righteous Player(s)
Chapter 586: Sadako Plus

Chapter 586: Sadako Plus

“This nightmare operates like a nestling doll, with one nightmare within the other. It’s a fine and complicated work.”

Husky admired belatedly, “There is a mechanism detecting nightmare purifiers.”

Thirteenth Fragrance was drinking tea, and he almost spat it out.

According to the information given by the players on the forum, the upper echelon of this world did not choose to become a Transcender. It was because of the “nightmare” mechanism that might reveal secrets after their death.

However, the current nightmare was formidable.

An elite predicted in advance that after “someone” died, Cinder Barren’s incident would become a nightmare.

He set up the ritual about [Mirror], [Cycle], and [Sage’s Stone].

“The room was symmetrical on the left and right sides. The two Frederick dreams had formed a symmetrical mirror. This is a ritual about the [Mirror] field. Before the Man in the Mirror became a deity, it was similar to In the [Blade] field. It is generally a ritual in the public domain, so everyone can use it.”

Annan explained to Delicious Wind Goose.

If Delicious Wind Goose could go further on the path of ritualist, it might be beneficial for him and the other players.

“However, in the next step, the ritual disc that foretells the [circle] is formed by the [circular] building. Frederick’s two dreams are like a circle, which is both [symmetrical] and [circular]. Yes. The ritual of this cross-domain timeline can also borrow power across time.”

“He made the ritual disc in the [past] and completed the ritual in the [present]. Then, according to the rules of the cycle, he can borrow the strength of the Man in the Mirror in the [future].

“To do this, he must make sure that in the not-so-distant [future], there will be a deity in charge of the mirror realm. If not, according to the [cycle] rule, this ritual will go for him instead. He had to pay for the curse needed to create this overlapping nightmare himself.”

“However, he might have seen the future, or simply make the right bet. Therefore, according to the [cycle] rule, part of the power of the Man in the Mirror was drawn here.”

“The ‘Sage’s Stone’ is immutable. Its contact with any substance does not generate a mortal ‘power’ but returns it to its perfect form. Therefore, nothing can destroy it. Each time you attack it, it becomes stronger.”

“In other words, this ‘perfection’ is flowing from a higher point to a lower point, from the perfect to the imperfect.”

This nightmare named “Phantom Fever” by Annan was a siphon.

The nightmare was a ritual. As long as the nightmare had not ended, the Man in the Mirror’s power would continue to be depleted.

“The ritual of stealing the power of the deities is not particularly rare, it’s just that you don’t usually use it, so it’s normal if you don’t know about it.”

“All rituals that use ‘Sage’s Stone’ as a symbol and are directly connected to a certain deity borrow power from the subordinate deities.”

Not even just the “Sage’s Stone” concept.

Annan said it before. Almost all rituals were “illegal prayers”, but what they asked for was different.

If believers were compared to acquaintances and priests were compared to relatives and friends, then the ritualist was the kind of person who went to a stranger’s wedding banquet to eat and drink, even though he had never met the brides before.

As long as it was quiet and not too excessive, the deities wouldn’t bother to care. Usually, the ritualist would also make an offering, and pay some “offering” with ritual material as a fee.

However, if the deity was hot-tempered, if the deity happened to be in a bad mood, or if the ritualist had borrowed too much power, the deity might follow the link generated by the ritual and directly attack the ritualist’s soul.

This was the reason why the ritual failed when the process was correct.

Naturally, a ritual of such magnitude as “using the [Sage’s Stone] as a symbol to transfer curses from relatively perfect divine beings to relatively imperfect humans” could be refused or even directly retaliated against by the gods.

If this happened to the false deity, it would become a high-level divine art.

However, Trisino knew the deities too well.

He constructed the ritual from the past and transferred the strength of the deity of the future to the people of the past. The Man in the Mirror hadn’t been born at that time, so naturally, he couldn’t refuse it.

So, Trisino could be regarded as the priest of the Man in the Mirror after the ritual was realized.

This meant that… After the Man in the Mirror became a deity, he must first pay off the overdraft bills that Pope Trisino had used his “credit card” for the past ten years.

“A ritualist can achieve such a feat!”

Seal the Nightmare Purifier from the future, borrow strength from subordinate deities, and even steal power.

Delicious Wind Goose’s eyes sparkled with the light of seeking knowledge.

Annan immediately stopped the Goose’s thoughts of seeking death, “It’s not a question of can you do it but a concern should it be done. ‘Dream Eater’ Trisino Seti was able to maintain autonomy without being killed by the Man in the Mirror because of his other identity, the pope belonging to the Tragedy Writer.”

The person’s [identity] and [position] mattered.

Although Pope Trisino might rebel at any time, it had not happened yet.

Tragedy Writer was powerful, but his personality made him untrustworthy.

For a bystander, who would enjoy watching his house on fire, there was no limit to what he would do. Trisino had been planning to defect for more than ten years, but He had never stopped Trisino.

Annan was sure that if Tragedy Writer threatened Trisino, Trisino would probably give up his plan immediately.

However, it was Tragedy Writer’s acquiescence that made Trisino complete the ritual that cheated the deity’s power long ago, but he dared not take action.

That was why Benjamin Pope came here in person.

Since you dared not act, let the original owner do it himself.

Although the Man in the Mirror used to be the strongest wizard, he was able to produce a top-level curse vessel of the level of [Time Stopper Eye’s gramophone] before the ascendancy ritual. Among the transcenders, it was undoubtedly the apex.

However, as a deity, without the Book of Truth and sacred bone, he still lacked some means after all.

Benjamin’s level had indeed risen, earning attributes and skills. However, the impact of missing one or two talent trees was serious.

Especially toward the “Tragedy Writer”, which was subordinate to the Elegant Elder’s realm. He maintained his autonomy and had not become the top false deity among the Elegant Elder subordinate deities. Even the Man in the Mirror did not want to confront him head-on.

However, the Man in the Mirror didn’t intend to continue to repay the debts Trisino incurred.

“Tell that boy.”

At this moment, Benjamin’s voice suddenly sounded from Delicious Wind Goose, “The exit of the first-level nightmare is in Room 206. Go there with two people, fall asleep in Room 206, and then you can wake up from the first-level nightmare. “

Annan and Delicious Wind Goose were taken aback for a moment.

It was only then that he realized that Benjamin’s voice came from the eyes of Delicious Wind Goose.

Using the “pupil” of Delicious Wind Goose as a mirror, Pope Benjamin was peeping into the eyes of Delicious Wind Goose.

Delicious Wind Goose was shocked.

All players who saw this scene realized that if Benjamin wanted to, he could even get out of anyone’s “eye”!

“Fuck!” Wandering Child blurted out, “Is he the Plus version of Sadako [1]!?”

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The Righteous Player(s) Chapter 586: Sadako Plus